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Swimming is a speed based skill that is only available in the Elona+ mod. It allows you to move faster when you are wet. This does not apply if mounted. Even if the mount has the skill, they don't get the bonus. The skill trains with every turn passed with the wet status, unless you have a magaqua in your inventory. You do still get the speed bonus if you have a maqaqua, though.

The increase in speed follows this formula:

Speed increase = Swimming / 2

In the original Elona, the swimming skill was a joke, being mentioned in two false fortunes that could be shown when eating a fortune cookie. The fortunes stated that it could only be learnt through wishing, and if trained enough, would allow you to swim to another continent.

Trained skill[]

In North Tyris, you can learn the skill from the trainer in Port Kapul. South Tyris locations need to be added later.



  • None


  • skillswimming or #swimming will increase Swimming by 1 level and train its potential. It is unknown if this could end up training another skill instead, so use at your own risk.