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I662-Summoning crystal.png

"A beautiful stone" when unidentified.

Weighs 7.5 stone. When used outside of a saved map, elicits: "It glows dully."

The purpose of the summoning crystal is to place in a map with a custom NPC, before you save the map. When the map is visited by others, they can use the crystal obtain the custom NPC for their use. The NPC will spawn as any other random monster in the world, according to the spawn parametres set in its custom NPC file.


If you manually search on another player's user-made map and it has a summoning crystal on it, you will receive a message depending on how far away you are.

"You sense a blue crystal lying somewhere in this area."
17 or more steps away
"Stll[sic], still lying far ahead"
16-10 steps away
"Your heart starts beating in your chest"
9 steps or less
"The air around yous is filled with strained silence"
Occurs along with previous message at 3 or less steps