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Icon-strength.gif Strength is used in determining the maximum value of HP, increases the maximum weight that can be carried by 0.5s for every point of strength, and adds a 0.1 to melee damage modifier for every 5 points of strength. As of the latest Elona plus 2.02 about every 30 strength seems to add 0.1 melee damage multiplier. Furthermore every 30 strength seems to add 0.1 ranged damage modifier including to weapons using Marksman.

Training strength largely relies upon direct combat skills - equipping a very weak weapon (like a paper sword) and attacking an enemy too weak to kill you can train strength. Weight Lifting is also a good way to gain strength slowly over time - you just need to keep yourself in the "Burden" state and you passively gain Strength experience every turn. Eating any kind of corpse trains your strength a little, as does bread/flour.

An increase in Strength triggers the message "Your muscles feel stronger."

A decrease in Strength triggers the message "Your muscles soften."

Skills that train Strength[]

Corpses that train Strength[]

  • Many corpses raise your strength, such as Hands and Beetles. Find the complete list on the food page.

Elona Mobile[]

See the Stats (mobile) page.