Icon-strength Strength is used in determining the maximum value of HP, increases the maximum weight that can be carried by 0.5s for every point of strength, and adds a 0.1 to melee damage modifier for every 5 points of strength.

Training strength largely relies upon direct combat skills - equipping a very weak weapon (like a paper sword) and attacking an enemy too weak to kill you can train strength. Weight Lifting is also a good way to gain strength slowly over time - you just need to keep yourself in the "Burden" state and you passively gain Strength experience every turn. Eating any kind of corpse trains your strength a little, as does bread/flour.

An increase in Strength triggers the message "Your muscles feel stronger."

A decrease in Strength triggers the message "Your muscles soften."

Skills that train StrengthEdit

Corpses that train StrengthEdit

  • Many corpses raise your strength, such as Hands and Beetles. Find the complete list on the food page.

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