Elona Wiki

Base cost: 10,000 GP

Maintenance cost: 750 GP/month

Income per rank: n/a

Base rank: n/a

Highest rank: n/a

Maximum number of items: 200

Maximum number of hirelings: n/a

The storage house is a 20x16 property.

A storage house is a building where you can store up to 200 stacks of items (though, like all maps, it can hold up to 400 stacks total if NPCs or events drop the remainder). It has no rank, no income, and no pets or NPCs can be stored in it. Neutral NPCs summoned in it will remain, however. Stairs cannot be used in a storage house.

You can have more than one storage house, which means you can have a place to store stuff on multiple empty, accessible world map tiles and can even create 'roads' of storage houses between cities to safely do high-level escort quests without ambushes. Storage houses are tied with farms for second-cheapest maintenance, only beaten by the wishing-only dungeon and the Elona+ discarded ranch, which both cost nothing in maintenance. On the other-hand, you can't relocate a storage house by reading a second deed as you can with your home. To remove a storage house, like with any other deed-placed building, stand over it on the world map and use the get key.