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Stave is a Constitution-based weapon proficiency used when fighting with staves.

Stereotypical "wizarding" weapons, most staves have little to recommend them, having little by way of damage, but they do offer the advantage of both generally being light and having DV bonuses, which can be a little extra help to lightly armored mages who don't use their weapons for melee, anyway. Their main competition are daggers, which are lighter and also grant DV bonuses, but with more focus on attack bonuses.

Staves also have the additional side-benefit of training Constitution, which grants significantly more HP, as well as SP when trained.

Their description says that they are often used for magic, but the overwhelming majority of staves, even <miracle> staves, do not have anything that boosts your magic. There is a very slim chance of having a staff with the "Enhances your spells" equipment attribute (although other equipment may have it, too,) which will serve as a direct multiplier on the damage/duration/effect of your spells.  (A 1.5 multiplier, for example, will make all spells do 50% more damage or buffs/hexes last 50% longer - this does not show up in your spells screen.)  (Also note, this is not the same thing as enhancing casting, which is simply a skill for reducing casting failure.)  Since this is an extremely rare and valuable effect that is one of the only ways to improve the power of spells, any caster should treasure any such item they find. A dedicated caster doesn't care if it is an enchanted glass long staff that only deals 2d4 damage if they never melee, anyway, and that 30% bonus to their Magic Dart is the prime driver of increased damage.

Any such equipment attribute is completely independent of the staff, (it can appear on hats or other equipment, as well,) stave skill has nothing to do with how good your magic is, and casting with a staff does not train the staff skill.

  • +1.5 to hit per level
  • +0.1 damage multipler per 10 levels

Types of Staves[]

Sprite Name Damage Notes
Long staff.png
long staff varies basic weapon
staff varies basic weapon
Precious weapons
I425-Elemental Staff.png
Elemental Staff 1d14+2 reward for worshiping Itzpalt of Element
Staff of Insanity 1d8+2 wielded by <Issizzle> the dark abomination in Crypt of the Damned
Elona+ basic weapons
whip varies grants "Remote attack" action, NPC uses it at random.
shakujo varies basic weapon. Intrinsic attribute: it improves your Faith. Added in 1.88R.
nunchaku varies basic weapon. Intrinsic attribute: it increases the chance of an extra melee attack. Added in 1.88R.
Elona+ precious weapons
I505-Drake Rod.png
Drake Rod 2d12+15 dropped by "drake" enemies
I671-Solar Cane.png
Solar Cane 2d18+10 wielded by <Anubis> the master of death in Valley of Hereafter
Vice Staff 1d40+5 wielded by <Sophia> in the Sacred Library of Irva. Also obtained as an one-time reward from the Mission from Sophia quest.
Vital Flayer 1d10 wielded by <Ulzassil the dead emperor> in Fort of Chaos <Hell>
Zwiebel 3d3+5 randomly wielded by farmers
I928-Ivy Spine.png
Ivy Spine 4d6+20 wielded by <Melget> the informer in Ol-dran
I928-Bloody Tears.png
Bloody Tears 4d4+38 randomly generated
I1013-Blood rod.png
Blood rod 2d10+0 wielded by <Ssil> the undead witch
Engoku 1d36+13 randomly generated
I1144(3)-Power Triangle.png
Power Triangle 3d13+9 randomly generated

Note: Frisia's Tail has a staff sprite but is a scythe.

Trained Skill[]

All characters begin with 4 levels and 120% potential in Stave.


  • None



  • #stav may increase Stave by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Greater Evasion instead.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #tave may increase Stave by 1 level and train its potential, but may raise Greater Evasion instead.