I764-StatueOfYacatect.png The Statue of Yacatect is in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is obtained by completing the Maid and house Level 70 quest, then just picking it up when you enter the Maid Mansion. The statue is in the small house at the top of the map.

The Statue of Yacatect can be used once a day to produce an effect similar to the Wizard Harvest spell. You get 3 things upon use, either being a moderate amount of gold (5000-10000 + (favor with Yacatect / 10)), a small medal (1/80 chance), or a platinum coin (1/15 chance).

It weighs 15.0s.

Use of the item displays the text, A voice echos, "This is pocket money today. After wasting it must 1gp."


The item sprite ID for the statue is 731 (Row 22, Column 5) using the item sprite zero-based position system. It is a 48x96 pixel item, so any change must cover both of the item's squares.

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