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The Statue of Kumiromi is found in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is obtained by completing the Demonstration Level 60 quest given by Milis the soldier in Eirel on the South Tyris continent. It weighs 15.0s.

The Statue of Kumiromi can be used every 120 hours to produce 3 seeds. The types of seeds depend on the total number of times it has produced an item.

Use of the item displays the text, A voice echos, "......!?".


Note that the mechanics changed in version 1.92.

Elona+ 1.92+[]

The seeds that are generated are based on how many times you have previously used the Statue of Kumiromi. It will always drop three seeds:

  1. The first seed is always an unknown seed
  2. The second seed is normally a fruit seed. Every three times you use a Statue of Kumiromi, it will be a herb seed instead.
  3. The third seed is normally a vegetable seed. Every five times you use a Statue of Kumiromi, it will be an artifact seed instead.

Note that having multiple Statues of Kumiromi (i.e. from the Little sister level 30 quest) will all use the same counter, so using different statues all count towards the number above. For example, using three different statues one after the other will always yield one herb seed.

Elona+ 1.91-[]

  • If used on days 3, 9, 13, 19, 23, 29, 30, it will generate an unknown seed, artifact seed and herb seed,
  • If used on days 6, 16, 26, it will generate an unknown seed, vegetable seed and herb seed.
  • Otherwise, statue of Kumiromi will generate an unknown seed, fruit seed and vegetable seed


The item sprite ID for the statue is 681 (Row 20, Column 21) using the item sprite zero-based position system. It is a 48x96 pixel item, so any change must cover both of the item's squares.