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For a monster of the same name, see Stalker (NPC).

Stalker (ストーカー) is a race of the monster with the same name. All monsters belonging to this race are invisible.

As with all Extra races, you don't get anything special for playing as a Stalker (in other words: no, you don't have the invisibility ability on normal Stalkers).

In Elona+ starting from 1.33, this race is removed and all the members are given the ghost race.


Attribute Bonuses

Icon-strength.gif Strength Not Bad
Icon-constitution.gif Constitution Not Bad
Icon-dexterity.gif Dexterity Little
Icon-perception.gif Perception Good
Icon-learning.gif Learning Normal
Icon-will.gif Will Normal
Icon-magic.gif Magic Not Bad
Icon-charisma.gif Charisma Slight
Speed 100
Life 120
Mana 140

Trained Skills[]

Equipment Slots[]

  • Neck
  • Hand
  • Hand
  • Ring
  • Ring
  • Arm
  • Shoot
  • Ammo