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This page displays several changes to individual spells in the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is posted here rather than the spells page because the available information can't match up with the more complete Spells page. This page has essentially been imported from the Elona+ wiki. Additional localization's have been applied to the list, with the basic translation provided by Google Translate.

For technical information on how spells function in Elona+ (damage, duration, etc.), see this page.

Spellcasting changes[]

Later patches have added huge differences in some of the basics of spellcasting. Some of these are as follows:

  • Casting chance changes:
    • Spell casting chance does not go below 1%.
    • Equipping a claw in a hand slot while dual wielding with 3 or more hands removes the casting penalty for dual wielding. The dual wield skill will not train while this is in use. Also, the bonus does not apply if one of the hands is holding a shield.
    • The warmage's class feat gives them a 5% boost to their spell casting chance.
  • Spell potential and training changes:
    • You can now see spell potential on your spell select screen.
    • Sleeping will now let you gain 20% more spell potential on all spells that you have stocks for.
    • You don't train spells (or get any experience) from casting spells at monsters in a sandbag (as of at least version 1.33R, and perhaps earlier). This also seems to apply to utility spells cast near a sandbagged monster.
    • Monsters summoned by other monsters with spells or special abilities also do not give any experience or training.
  • Spell power changes:
    • Equipment with the "It enchances[sic] your spells" attribute now stacks the effect of multiple pieces of equipment up to a maximum of near 3 times. In normal Elona, the highest single multiplier was used instead.
    • The Magic Equip special action adds an additional 20% (1.2 times) to a spell's power when a spell is cast during it's use. While low on it's own, it is seemingly applied to the spell boost of equipment after the spell is enhanced.
      • For example, the <Scythe of Void> normally multiplies a spell's power by 1.44. When activating a spell with it equipped, the bonus is close to 1.73, rather than the 1.64 that it would be if the bonus was simply added. This is very significant when the multiplier reaches near maximum.
      • The cost of the ability is high, at 30 SP, and only lasts for 15 turns. So while the bonus is useful, it can't be used all the time.
      • The boost also only works when equipped with medium equipment weight, which will cause a minor spell casting penalty in exchange for the boost of the special action. If equipment is changed to a heavy or light weight while the hex is active, spells will not be boosted but the hex will not be cancelled.
    • A character's resistance to elements affects your damage done with elemental spells. Coupled with the fact that the level-based resistance bonus that NPCs get for being a certain level has been lowered, the spells are much more effective. High level (100+) NPC do get a slight bonus to magic resistance, so non-elemental attacks will do less damage to them.
    • The priest's class feat gives them a 25% boost to the amount healed by any healing spell.
    • In version 2.02, Arrow-type spell power increases more easily with Magic attribute. Ball-type spells have their spell power increases more easily with their respective spell levels and the Casting skill level. Bolt-type spells will do more or less the same amount of damage.

Changed spells[]

These spells have been changed from their effects in regular Elona. Any additional information can be found by clicking on the spell name, which is linked to the original spell above.

Magic Change

Icon-perception plus.gif Sense Object

Reveals nearby objects such as stairs, doors, hidden passages, traps, small medals, and walls, for a short duration. Also detect hidden enemies for one turn.

Icon-perception plus.gif Nightmare

Decreases resistance to mind, nerve, nether, poison, chaos, darkness and sound. Decreases by 80, regardless of spell level. Level still applies to hex chance and duration.

Icon-perception plus.gif Mutation

Allows you to reroll your nickname, bringing up the random selection from the character creation. Accordingly, this makes it much more useful for Casting skill training.

Icon-perception plus.gif Incognito

As of patch 1.30, the spell no longer works on unique enemies.

Icon-will plus.gif Holy Light

Applied effect will affect all allies in the view.

Icon-will plus.gif Vanquish Hex

Direction can be chosen for spell effect.

Icon-will plus.gif Holy Shield

Maximum boost of 1000 PV. Spell duration has been increased.

Icon-will plus.gif Regeneration

Enhances HP and stamina recovery. Adds RES+ Chills.

Icon-will plus.gif Speed

Maximum boost of 800 speed. The upper limit of having a higher speed against slow NPCs has been capped to 5 turns.

Icon-will plus.gif Holy Veil

There had been a change that allowed the direction to be specified, but this was removed again in patch 1.22. Adds RES+ Wince

Icon-will plus.gif Resurrection

Revival is limited to once per map for any one NPC. If the player enters another map and returns, the target can be resurrected in that map again.

Icon-will plus.gif Contingency

If Contingency activates and prevents lethal damage, the buff is immediately removed.

Icon-magic Plus.gif Ice Ball

Base damage change to 1d9?. Can cause the chills status effect. Name change to "Freezing Wave" in the Japanese version.

Icon-magic Plus.gif Fire Ball

Base damage change to 1d9?. Can cause the wince status effect. Name change to "Firestorm" in the Japanese version.

Icon-magic Plus.gif Slow

Maximum speed penalty is 50% of the target's speed. The lower limit of having a slower speed against fast NPCs has been capped to 1/5 of their turns.

Icon-magic Plus.gif Mist of Frailness

Halves only PV and decrease it by X number. (X: need research)

Icon-magic Plus.gif Element Scar

Decreases fire, cold and lightning resistance, and prevents health regeneration.

Icon-magic Plus.gif Crystal Spear

Functions as a bolt spell, rather than single target. Significantly more common in Elona+, where you may give it to pets and many new NPCs cast it. Base 1d6 damage at level 1.

Icon-charisma Plus.gif Wizard's Harvest

In Elona+ version 1.10 and later, Wizard's Harvest no longer has a chance of creating a rod of wishing, but may create ancient books and treasure maps. The gold is also piled into one stack to |reduce risk of item destruction due to overpopulation. PP and medals are also much more rare.

New spells[]

The following spells are new in Elona+.

Constitution spells (Elona+)[]

Gem Power[]

Casting cost: 12 MP
In-game description: Increases CON, CHR/RES+ paralyze, blind
Effect: Adds Gem Power hex that increases CON, CHR by 10% + (5+L/30) turns, removes paralysis and blindness, gives immunity to paralysis and blindness.
Duration: (20+L/10) turns
Added in 1.70. Found in spellbooks.

Dexterity spells (Elona+)[]


Casting cost: 8 MP
In-game description: Increase in DV and adds float, negates the Gravity status effect.
Effect: Boosts DV by 10% and (25+L/8). Increases light armor skill by 20%. Adds float and immunity to gravity.
Duration: (20+L/10) turns
The increase in DV is capped at 1000 as of the Elona+ 1.55 patch.

Found in spellbooks.

Perception spells (Elona+)[]


Casting cost: 12 MP
In-game description: Increases PER, WIL/RES+ sleep, confusion
Effect: Adds Concentration hex.
Added in 1.38. Found in spellbooks.

Will spells (Elona+)[]

Attribution Shield[]

Casting cost: 14 MP
In-game description: RES+ fire, cold, lightning, mind, nerve, nether, poison, sound, chaos, darkness
Effect: (82+L/2) resistance to all elemental damage except pure magic.
Duration: (11+L/2) turns
Replaces Elemental Shield.

Magic spells (Elona+)[]

Summon spirit[]

Casting cost: 30 MP
In-game description: Summon spirit
Effect: Summons random neutral War spirit, Gun spirits, Magic spirits, or Pudding spirits
Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls. Levels of the spirits is based on spell level. If cast in a shelter acts like summon monsters.


Casting cost: 41 MP
In-game description: Surround(darkness)
Effect: 6d9
Darkness elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range). Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls, or absorbed from a rod of eclipse if you have the "You are a living mana battery" ether disease.

Thunder Vortex[]

Casting cost: 20 MP
In-game description: Surround(lightning)
Lightning elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range). Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls, or absorbed from a rod of lightning ball if you have the "You are a living mana battery" ether disease.

Nether Wave[]

Casting cost: 20 MP
In-game description: Surround(nether)
Nether elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range). Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls.

Mist of Dazzling[]

Casting cost: 12 MP
In-game description: Create mist
Effect: Generates a sparkling mist on random panels near the caster. Those caught inside get 1/4 chance of cast failure.
Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls.

Poison Storm[]

Casting cost: 25 MP
In-game description: Surround(poison)
Poison elemental attack centered on caster (3 square range). Obtained from dreams/wonder scrolls.

Variable storm[]

Casting cost: ? MP
In-game description: ?
Originally falsely listed as a second "Thunder vortex" spell. Invokes a ball spell centered on the caster which deals elemental damage based on whatever element the caster has the highest resist for. Can be taught to a pet by <Leold>. Seemingly removed as a player spell.

Water Bolt[]

Casting cost: 12 MP
In-game description: Line(water)
Effect: (SpP/70 + 1 + MAG/50) d (SpP/52 + 3) of non-elemental damage
Non-elemental damage. Wets the targets, but damage scaling is terrible. Can extinguish fires.

Bubble Storm[]

Casting cost: 36 MP
In-game description: Surround(water)
Effect: (SpP/70 + 1 + MAG/30) d (SpP/40 + 3) of non-elemental damage
Non-elemental damage. Wets the targets, but damage scaling is terrible. Can only be learned from scrolls of wonder\dreams. Extinguishes fires.