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For special actions, see Special Actions.
For special actions in Omake Overhaul, see Special action (Omake overhaul).

Omake adds several new special actions.

New Special Actions[]

Name Effect Sp Prerequisites Remarks
Devour Targets a unit adjacent to the user, kills target if they are at low health. 20 Automatically gained upon loading a save file. User gains massive amounts of experience similar to eating a corpse of the target.

Also if the target eaten is a magic user, the relevant spell stocks will be gained, equivalent to reading 10 spellbooks.

In addition to this certain characters will give special effects when devoured (partially implemented).

Devouring in showrooms will have no effect.

Also, as the target is eaten, characters killed with "Devour" action will not leave a corpse nor monster parts.

Eating little sisters with this skill will have no effect.

Element Enchant When used, the corresponding elemental buff will be applied. This buff on attacks acts similarly to, and will stack with element enchants on weapons. 20 Warmage When the special action is used by the PC, the corresponding spellstocks will be reduced:
  • Fire - Fire bolt
  • Cold - Ice Bolt
  • Lightning - Lightning bolt
  • Darkness - Darkness arrow
  • Mind - Illusion beam
  • Nether - Nether eye
  • Sound - Raging roar
  • Nerve - Nerve eye
  • Chaos - Chaos eye
  • Magic - Magic laser

This does not consume MP.

Poison element is unavailable for the PC due to the lack of poison spells, while cut element is entirely unavailable due to balance purposes.

The strength and duration of the elemental buff is proportional to Magic stat, though there is a cap.

Rapid fire When used, perform multiple ranged attacks to characters in sight. 5 Mani of Machine worshiper skill Rapid fire causes the character to shoot targets in sight a number of times. The same target can be shot more than once, while the number of shots made are random.

Requires a firearm in the shoot slot. Can be used in conjunction with Special Ammunition.

Changes to Special Actions[]

Name Changes
Drain Blood Will now fills hunger equivalent to drinking a bottle of potion.