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The Elona+ mod adds several new special actions (referred to as actions), and has added some changes to old ones. The following chart was initially shamelessly ripped off of the ElonaPlus wiki. It was reproduced here in an attempt to make it easier to match up skills and attributes with an English translation. Further changes to this page may or may not reflect what is seen there due to the vastly increasing number of actions available.

Note: due to how many special actions are in the game, a now only uses single-target actions, while W is for multi-target/wide-area actions.

Actions under the "W" key will be marked with W on this page.

For ease of finding the actions in-game, the list here shows the icon associated with the action. Actions in-game are grouped in the same order as your main attributes on the stat screen. Quick reference:
Icon-strength Plus.gifIcon-constitution plus.gifIcon-dexterity plus.gifIcon-perception plus.gifIcon-learning plus.gifIcon-will plus.gifIcon-magic Plus.gifIcon-charisma Plus.gif; other icons are at the end of the lists.

Names in parenthesis are for Elona+ Custom players. Accounted changes are spacing and name changes, but not capitalization. (Statement accurate for version 1.90.4).

Also note: "invoke gauge", "power gauge", and "special bar" (and most other combinations involving those words) refer to the same thing. Standardizing the name used is not a priority at this time.

Various calculations for Elona+ special actions can be found here.


  • 2.09
    • Added actions: Shining Throw, Sand Cannon, Rocrusher, Mogranic Aura.
  • 2.07
    • Added actions: Magnecoat, Linear Launcher, E-Mag Cage, E-Mag Tornado, Wire World
  • 2.04
    • Added actions: Serious Begging, Tickling Hell
  • 2.03
    • Added actions: Resonant Voice, Harmonic Assault, Jyusou Goushin, Love Crafting, Kijin Shibari, Burn Scrolls
  • 1.995
    • Added actions: Advanced Casting, Data Scan
  • 1.99
    • Added action: Liquid Manipulation
  • 1.94
    • Added action: Downpour Spore
  • 1.93
    • Added action: Acid Hurricane
  • 1.92
    • Added actions: Destiny dice, OverLimit-Throw, Power Item
  • 1.88
    • Added actions: Persuasion, Peculiar joke, Blended lie, Intimidation, Mysterious Song
  • 1.87
    • Added actions: Venotrate
  • 1.85
    • Added action: Anaphylaxis
  • 1.84
    • Added action: Killing Dance
  • 1.82
    • Added actions: Memory Poison, Data Delete, Send Throw
  • 1.78
    • Added actions: Grand Finale, Marking
  • 1.77
    • Added actions: Unison Impact, Group Hypnosis, Thread of Innervation
  • 1.76
    • Added purge mode actions: <Win>, <Purge>
  • 1.72
    • Added action: Blame Pain
  • 1.70
    • Added actions: Blood Stream, Flame of Rage
  • 1.69
    • Added actions: Formless Fetter, Melt Clinch
  • 1.68
    • Added action: Mirror
  • 1.67
    • Added action: Curtain of Smoke, Smoke Mirror
  • 1.64
    • Added action: Misteltein, Violent Garden, Aromageddon
  • 1.63
    • Added actions: Gravity Accel, Giga Gravitation, Hyper Dash, Graviton Buster
  • 1.62
    • Added action: Shield Parry, Golden Storm, Rocket Fire, Nuclear Fire
  • 1.59
    • Added action: Extermination Breath
  • 1.56
    • Added actions: Dancing Wire, Eye of Illusion, Eye of Stiffen
  • 1.55
    • Added actions: Fascination Dance, Vindalian Jiu-jitsu
    • Renamed: "Run Wildry" to "Uncontroll"
  • 1.54
    • Added actions: Dimension Fishing, Silent Ocean
  • 1.53
    • Added actions: MP Breath, Bound in Blood
    • Renamed action: "Fawn On" to "Bewitch"
  • 1.52fix
    • Added actions: Lock Break, Data Delete, Blade Turbulence, Clash Rush, Death Song, Homing Lazer
  • 1.51fix
    • Added action: Dupli-Cane
  • 1.47
    • Added actions: Reading Party & Psychic Wave
  • 1.41
    • Added action: Alchemical Rain
  • 1.39
    • Added action: Over-Ray
  • 1.38R
    • Added actions: Knockout, Necro Force, Close Suicide, Body Blow
  • 1.35 and 1.35R
    • Added actions: ZinIaiKyaku, Fawn On, Shadow rush. Certain NPC-specific actions can no longer be used by pets.
  • 1.34
    • Added action: Struck Out
  • From 1.22 to 1.33R
    • Added actions: Cut Tree, Preaching, Run Wildly, Converge Breath, Time Stop, Zero Shoot2, Diffusion Wave, Assimilate, Over Boost, Wild Release, Guts of Snail, Dance of the Dead, Explosion Dust, Half Soul, Death Bind, Torrential Tribute, Mental Pollution, GHAND, Smash Jaws, Mana slash, collected power, Space retention, Spinning Throw, Metal Guard, Distant Attack (removed the skill "Magic Fist" in 1.24)
  • 1.21
    • Mist of Half renamed to Disturbance and changed to be Dexterity-based
  • 1.20
    • The triggering conditions of invokes have been majorly revised with a "special meter" system.
    • Changes have been made to the Direction action.
    • Mist of Half, Quick Use, and Squeeze added to learnable actions.
    • There is another action added that is an anti-luck hex used by <Sinaha>, but it does not seem to appear in the special actions list. Maybe similar to the potion throwing which might be alright to have in here.
  • 1.19
    • The patch adds new invokes. A new section has been added to accommodate them.
  • 1.18
    • Addition of Rubbing to learnable actions.
  • 1.10
    • Addition of Shining wave to learnable actions.
    • Addition of Megid flame and Absolute protect to NPC actions.

Special actions gained via skill level[]

This chart contains the actions you can learn by meeting certain skill requirements.

Many, if not all actions are acquired upon next level up after meeting the requirements.

Name Sp Effect Prerequisites Remarks
Icon-magic Plus.gifAbyss in the eye W 21 Grants a 50 turn buff of the same name to all allies in sight that enhances Eye special actions and increases eye of mind. Magic Eye feat, Magic 60

Eye of Mind increases by 20% + 10.

'Eye' type special actions deal an additional MAG/6 to MAG/3 damage to target HP and MP, and gives the user between MAG/2 and MAG extra HP and MP. Also increases user's gauge by 2% and reduces target's gauge by 2%.

Icon-learning plus.gifAdvanced Casting 1 Increase casting difficulty, spell experience earned is tripled. 10 Memorization, 10 Casting Increase chance of spell casting failure (but triple spell EXP) when Adv-Cast is on.

Use this skill again to switch Adv-Cast status effect on and off.

Triple EXP does not affect Wizard (NPC)'s magic practice.

Icon-magic Plus.gifAlchemical Rain W 35 Widens potion effect range to affect all visible allies + user. All targets become wet. 60 Alchemy Does not work with Speed Upper, Vernis Original, Blue Capsule Drag, descent potions, Hermes Blood, snow, molotovs, potential potions, juice, or milk. Love potion efficacy is 2/3 of throwing.
Icon-constitution plus.gifAnaphylaxis W 22 Deals light poison damage to all visible enemies.

Poisoned enemies will suffer heavy poison damage, vomit, and be dimmed. Also causes Dyspnea if not already under its effects.

Damage based on Constitution and Gene engineer, along with the strength of the poison on the target.

Poison Nail Feat, 40 Gene Engineer The poison damage from this ability has very low poison power, so another source of causing poison is needed to maximize effect.
Icon-learning plus.gifAromageddon W 24 Affects the user and all NPCs in sight. Allies gauges will be increased by 15% and their MP will be recovered depending on the user's Gardening's skill. A Gardening skill-dependent speed debuff will be applied on hostile targets that are non-unique NPCs and have a Speed attribute that is half of the user's Speed or higher. Knowledge of magical plants Feat, 60 Gardening Activation will expend 1 essential oil.
Icon-will plus.gifAttribute 24

Grants a 100 turn buff that enchants martial arts attack with elemental damage. The element is based on your highest resistance.

Works while equipped with claws or tonfas.

41 Martial Arts

Quick test says you gain approximately 400 magnitude of the element, which is around 50-60% of the damage you do before target's resistances are applied.

Previously cost 30 SP.

Icon-magic Plus.gifBakuretuKen

(Explosive Fist)

Adds grenade effect (3x3 area sound element damage) to successful martial arts attacks.

Works while equipped with claws or tonfas.

30 Martial Arts

Causes a normal attack if you have a weapon equipped.

If evaded, effect doesn't activate and still consumes stamina.

Previously cost 30 SP.

Icon-charisma Plus.gifBewitch 10 (Unsure, but old description of fascination dance had mention of it). Rolls user's Charisma vs target's Will. If successful, paralyzes for one turn and gain some money (dropped onto the floor). Has hearts animation. 50 Charisma

Used by the Disaster and Space horned owl.

On friendly NPCs, you will receive a tiny donation, fewer than you would get through prostitution.

Since Elona+ 2.09, now causes minor bleeding.

Icon-will plus.gifBlended lie W 10 Usage requires 5 auto turns, rolls against every enemy in sight every turn. Deals SP damage, based off of the sum of both the user's Dexterity and Negotiation, reduced by the target's own Dexterity, and reduces the target's power gauge by 10% when successful. On a successful roll, also has a 5% chance of applying 1 turn of atrophy, regardless of resistance to it. The target's MP determines the damage multiplier, capping out at 10 as enemy MP decreases. Empathy Feat, 20 Negotiation When enemies have low enough SP (-100 or lower), they "went away in a hurry completely fooled". Only for regular enemies. Trains Negotiation when this happens. Is treated as a kill, and can give AP (albeit reduced). Doesn't work while time is stopped. 1/5th as effective on boss + unique NPCs.
Icon-constitution plus.gifBlood Stream 18 Line attack that does damage based on the users will, constitution, and bleeding level.

Causes the user to bleed increasingly each time it is used.

50 Will It will hit anything within the line, including pets, control magic will help prevent this.

This action can do massive damage if paired with the harakiri and the Brave AP feat. Provided if the player can keep himself alive during this.

Icon-strength Plus.gifBody Blow 10 Adds body blow to unarmed attack. 20 Martial Arts Attacks target and if hit, adds extra damage, dims the target, and causes target to vomit.
Icon-magic Plus.gifBurn Scrolls 10 Consume 20 scrolls to do fire damage and remove 1 buff from 1 enemy. 40 Literacy Damage depends on Literacy and Magic attribute.

Completely replaced Explosion Dust.

Icon-charisma Plus.gifCall Familiar 2 Calls ally that's waiting or sends him to reserve. 30 Charisma Pet must be alive. HP depends on what it was at when it was stored.
Icon-will plus.gifClear Mind 50 Temporary increase in Will and Perception. 100 Martial Arts Though unlisted, also provides bonuses to evasion, greater evasion, and martial arts. Lasts 20 + (Martial Arts)/5 turns.
Icon-will plus.gifCowering Smile W 32 All characters in sight, minus the user, are afflicted with 3 turns of Atrophy and Chills. Has no effect on characters already affected by Atrophy or Chills Gentle Face feat, 80 Will Works out to 0.45 times damage dealt for the afflicted characters.
Icon-magic Plus.gifCurtain of Smoke W 31 Creates a wide smoke screen around the user. 20 Stealth Restricts vision and ball/bolt spells. Breath attacks will destroy the smoke tiles. Sense Object allows you to see through the smoke.
Icon-strength Plus.gifCut Tree 20 Cuts down a tree in the square you're standing on. 10 Axe Added in version 1.23. Turns a tree into wood material and leaves a stump, after several dozen turns. Works as long as you have a bardish, a chainsaw, or the Negative Edge in your inventory. They do not need to be equipped for the skill to work. NOTE: The action first takes 20 stamina and a larger amount after that to turn a tree into wood material. Higher strength and speed hastens the process.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifDancing Wire 18 Pulls the target enemy next to you and binds them for 3 turns. Strings Assassin Feat, 40 Tactics
Icon-perception plus.gifData scan 1 Grants a 20 turn buff of the same name. Increases the analysis counter more (the round gray bar that can say "complete" once filled). Also shows effective accuracy and evade stats in the log for regular attacks. Consumes SP each turn while active. 30 Analysis Accuracy + evade values aren't displayed for critical hits, which are guaranteed to hit or evaded by nonstandard means. Others being targeted also help increase the analysis counter, but caster's SP will decrease by 2. Can cancel the buff early by using the skill again. Only 1 instance can be active at a time.
Rod.pngDestiny dice W 9 Attacks all enemies visible on screen. Damage is dependent on Throwing skill + dexterity, and reduced by target's PV and DV. 40 Throwing Usage trains luck. A 100 sided die is rolled and the effect changes depending on the number rolled.

01-05: Increased power (around +100 to the damage roll?), and also absorbs a very small amount of HP, MP, and SP.

06-94: Regular behavior

95-100: User is damaged

Icon-perception plus.gifDimension Fishing W 10 Draws an enemy NPC on the map to you. 30 Fishing Usage gives fishing skill experience. Requires neither fishing rod, nor bait. The order in which enemy NPCs will be drawn to you is pre-determined. Another NPC cannot be drawn to you until the current drawn NPC is dead.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifDirective 1

Switch visible ally's battle mode.

Onslaught is normal combat behavior, Defense stops them from moving in combat while using Disturbance on the target, Intercept makes pets try to stay within your line of sight while fighting, and Talking makes your pets use the Empathy feat special actions per turn (deal SP/stamina damage).

10 Charisma

The turn isn't consumed until the menu brought up is closed.

Allies in Defense mode gain a bonus in evasion based on their Constitution and Shield skill since version 1.995.

Allies in Talking mode use the special action they have the highest attribute for. Talking mode exists from version 1.88r onward.

Ammo type functions similarly to your own usage of ammo types.

Icon-magic Plus.gifDupli-Cane 1 Rods will use stamina instead of charges. 30 Alchemy PC only. Activation toggles Dupli status on/off. When active, damage causing rods (for example: Rod of Firebolt) use 3 stamina per use instead of charges, and deal roughly half damage.
Icon-perception plus.gifE-Mag Cage W 20 Deals Perception-dependent damage to all enemies in sight (damage calculation is similar to those of gauge attacks but is less powerful) while also applying Magnet-S status to them, then sets the current field state to [E-Mag Cage]. Magnetic Manipulate feat, 70 Perception All characters on the map have a unmitigable 50% chance of being Paralyzed for 1 turn at the start of their turns. Lightning damage will also lose 5sp.
Icon-perception plus.gifE-Mag Tornado 25 Attacks in a straight line. Control Magic can spare non-targets in its AOE. Magnetic Manipulate feat, 100 Perception Sets the status of targets to Magnet-N, deals a small amount of Perception-dependent lightning damage, and if they are not already afflicted by Bind, applies 3 turns of Bind. Targets who had Magnet-S status before getting hit by this will have 2x damage dealt to them, and if they are not already afflicted by Bind, have 5 turns of Bind applied to them.
Icon-constitution plus.gifEmergency Evasion W 30 Prevents critical hits from occurring when your equipment weight is Light. (Elona Main quest beaten)

35 Light Armor

Can be used on self or other target within touch range.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifEnsemble W 45 Perform with allies. 30 Performer Doesn't use instrument. More effective than normal performing. The performance lasts twice as long (121 turns). Ally performer skill makes a difference.
Icon-constitution plus.gifExtermination Breath 10 A much stronger and wider coverage area version of Variable Breath. Fire Breath Feat,

80 Constitution, 40 Control Magic

It is further boosted by the Control Magic skill.

Needs 25% gauge.

Icon-magic Plus.gifEye of Illusion 8 Damage mind. Magic Eye feat, 20 Control Magic Deals mind damage based on Magic and Will of user.
Icon-perception plus.gifFire a volley W 10 All pets attack target from range if armed with a ranged weapon. Consume 50% of your power gauge. 40 Marksman Any attribute or extra damage does not activate during the attack. Each party member shoots 3 times.
Icon-magic Plus.gifFormless Fetter W 27 All enemies in sight that are on any map effect (including floating enemies) will have 1 turn of Bind applied to them (Bind does not stack) 60 Control Magic Deals Magic attribute and Control Magic skill-dependent magic elemental damage.
Icon-constitution plus.gifGiga Gravitation W 18

Deals magic-element damage to all enemies in visual range based on user's Constitution, user's Magic Capacity skill level, and number of turns of gravity status on affected target. Consumes 10% of max MP on use too.

Also applies +30 turns of Gravity status ailment and 1 turn of bind to affected targets.

Gravity Control feat, Constitution 100

Trains Magic Capacity.

The damage multiplier based on gravity status turns starts at 1.5x at 50 turns and +0.5x every group of 50 after, up to 3x at 200+ turns remaining.

Does not get a bonus to damage based on the area's danger level.

Icon-charisma Plus.gifGolden Storm W 18 Throws 200gp 10 times at up to 10 targets within sight to deal damage. 50 Investing Damage depends on Investing and Throwing skills. Reduced by sum of enemy's PV + DV since version 1.70. Targets may be blinded.
Icon-constitution plus.gifGravity Sphere 8 Deals magic-element damage, applies short Slow debuff on target, and inflicts gravity status. Damage increases based on CON and MAG, along with an increasing damage multiplier based on the number of turns of gravity status on target. The floor number (area's danger level) also affects the damage done.

Gravity status damage multiplier starts at 1.5x at 50 turns and increases 0.5x every group of 50 after, up to 3x at 200+ turns remaining.

Gravity Control feat, Constitution 60

See here for more info

You can see the area's danger level by opening up the console (press f12), typing "mapinfo", and looking at "glevel".

Was previously enemy exclusive; available to players from version 1.63 on. Before version 1.77, didn't have gravity status turns or magic attribute affect damage. Also previously cost 30 SP.

Icon-magic Plus.gifGroup Hypnosis W 25 Applies Sleep, Nightmare, Brainwash debuff to all enemies in sight. Hypnotism feat, Magic Control 40 Strength of Sleep depend on caster's Mind resistance, capped at 10 turns.

There is a chance of applying a weaker version of Nightmare on all targets since version 1.84.

If caster is not a Pet, also applies weaker version of Eye of Brainwashing on all targets who are not asleep.

Icon-will plus.gifHarmonic Assault W 24 Applies a 50-turn buff to yourself and all allies in sight. Buffed allies can join in on another ally's usage of an Empathy-feat special action to have increased success chance. Empathy feat, 50 Negotiation, 30 Analysis

Increased success chance based on supporting ally's Analysis skill level. Additional chance added to base chance.

Interruption from damage when using the Empathy-based actions is negated.

This completely replaced Wild Release.

Icon-perception plus.gifHazard Recipe 15 Badly poisons selected food item. The consumer will suffer paralysis, heavy poison damage, and may vomit or be dimmed. Poison Nail Feat, 20 Gene Engineer Badly poisoned items are marked with (Danger !) and gain a pitch black tint.
Icon-constitution plus.gifHouzanha W 32 All tiles on the current map are randomly destroyed and trains mining. 30 Mining Items/objects are unaffected. Destroys walls, changes all affected tiles into a single tile type that can be traversed.
Icon-will plus.gifHyper Dash 21 Enemies will be displaced instead of attacked when moved into. 80 Riding No effect if used when not riding/being ridden. Enemies can still be attacked by 'i'nteracting with them. Shadow Step and Distance Attack can still be used.
Icon-will plus.gifIntimidation W 10 Usage requires 5 auto turns, rolls against every enemy in sight every turn. Deals SP damage, based off of the sum of both the user's Strength and Negotiation, reduced by the target's own Strength, and reduces the target's power gauge by 10% when successful. On a successful roll, also has a 2% chance of applying 1 turn of fear, regardless of resistance to it. The target's HP determines the damage multiplier, capping out at 10 as enemy HP decreases. Empathy Feat, 30 Negotiation When enemies have low enough SP (-100 or lower), they "was afraid and ran away quickly". Only for regular enemies. Trains Negotiation when this happens. Is treated as a kill, and can give AP (albeit reduced). Doesn't work while time is stopped. 1/5th as effective on boss + unique NPCs.
Icon-magic Plus.gifKijin Shibari W 15 Consume 10 scrolls to apply 0-2 turns of Bind to all enemies on the map. Chance to lower enemy Dexterity. 30 Literacy Chance based on Literacy skill. Dexterity reduction limited to half enemy base value.

Completely replaced Dance of the Dead.

Icon-perception plus.gifKilling Dance 44 Gives the Killing Dance hex, which increases the chance to evade attacks. On each successful dodge, counterattacks with a single heavy attack, even to ranged attackers. Sexy Dance Feat, 60 Evasion Lasts 13 turns. The counter-attacks will not trigger against spells, thrown items, or special actions, nor will they trigger invokes. Used by <Alsapia>, grim reaper, last dancer, 2nd evolved form of little boy, <Mikraanesis>, and evolved form of zombie girl.

Before version 1.90, lasted 44 turns.

Icon-perception plus.gifLinear Launcher 10 Select 1 item in the inventory to consume it and deal item weight and user Perception-dependent PV/DV element damage. (Maximum damage is dealt when item is 50s.)

Damage dealt is doubled if the user has the Magnet-S or Magnet-N status.

Magnetic Manipulate feat, 40 Perception If the item is 10s or heavier, it applies 1 turn of Invert to the target if the target is not already afflicted by Invert. When used by an NPC, it generates an ore piece and launches it.
Icon-magic Plus.gifLiquid Manipulation W 28 The enemy counterpart to Alchemical rain, all enemies in sight are affected by the selected potion at slightly lower potency than throwing normally on 1 target. Before applying the potion effect, it also deals user Alchemy + Control Magic skill-dependent damage. Damage is reduced by target's PV and DV. 40 Alchemy, 30 Control Magic When used by an NPC, it generates an regular potion of paralysis in their inventory for use with this skill. <Beilgena>, heqet, iris, <Leiki>, master archayeek, meshera gamma, oyaukamui, profanity priest, and <Ulzassil> use this.
Icon-strength Plus.gifLock Break 60 Join forces to break the lock. 60 Lockpicking Usable on chests, bejeweled chests, and safes. Uses half the total strength and lockpicking of all allies in sight to attempt to open a lock. Unaffected by Skeleton Key.

Chests and safes (bejeweled chests not included) successfully opened in this manner, will break one item.

Icon-constitution plus.gifMagic Equip W 30 Magic power increases for 15 turns when your equipment weight is Medium. (Elona Main quest beaten)

35 Medium Armor

Can be used on self. Additionally, allies in line of sight who share the same armor class will also gain the buff.

Power increase is x1.2.

Icon-charisma Plus.gifMagic Kiss 5 Dim and MP absorption. 20 Magic Capacity Can heal brainwashing. Karma + relationship penalty (less or none if relationship is higher). User transfers MP to target if in high relationship.
Icon-magic Plus.gifMana burst W 50 Consumes MP for heavy damage attack. 40 Casting Deals (remaining MP) damage to all non-pets with 4 tiles, consuming your max MP in mana, potentially damaging the player more than the targets.
Icon-perception plus.gifMirror 10 Scans a target's character chart. 60 Perception Lists skill, stat, resist bonuses, and penalties. Can be used on self or nearby monster.
Icon-constitution plus.gifMogranic Aura 50 Gravity Manipulater feat, 100 Constitution
Icon-constitution plus.gifMP Breath 25 A more powerful breath attack. Deals magic damage. Also turns all affected spaces into a "broken ground" tile, which breaks walls too. Fire Breath Feat, 60 Constitution, 60 Magic Deals (1+CON/12)d(3+CON/10+X)+CON/20+MP/4

damage, where X is (users magic resistance - 400)/20 with a limit of CON*2

Can't be used with less than 25% MP.

Icon-will plus.gifMysterious song W 10 Usage requires 5 auto turns, rolls against every enemy in sight every turn. Deals SP damage, based off of the sum of both the user's Magic and Negotiation, reduced by the target's own Magic, and reduces the target's power gauge by 10% when successful. On a successful roll, also has a 2% chance of applying 1 turn of paralysis, regardless of resistance to it. The target's power gauge determines the damage multiplier, capping out at 4 as enemy power gauge increases. Empathy Feat, 40 Negotiation When enemies have low enough SP (-100 or lower), they "tired to fight and went away". Only for regular enemies. Trains Negotiation when this happens. Is treated as a kill, and can give AP (albeit reduced). Doesn't work while time is stopped. 1/5th as effective on boss + unique NPCs.
Icon-will plus.gifOverLimit-Throw 5 Gives buff of same name for 25 turns. Makes regular attacks increase damage by Meditation skill. MP decreased per throw based on Meditation. 60 Throwing, 30 Meditation Buff can be ended prematurely by using again
Icon-magic Plus.gifOver-Ray W 10 Unleashes a magical attack with the magical power of your allies. Requires 50% gauge skill to activate. 80 Control Magic Damage depends on the sum of everyone's Magic attribute. Capped at 10x the user's Magic.
Icon-magic Plus.gifPower Item 20 Activates the Power Item hex for 30 turns. Zapping, throwing (except regular attacks with throwing items), quaffing, using liquids to drench yourself, and reading will increase the power gauge. Alchemy + Throwing + Magic Device + Literacy = 150+ This replaced Quick Use.
Icon-will plus.gifPreaching W 20 Perform with allies. 10 Faith Added in version 1.23. Doesn't use instrument, depends on ally faith. The audience gives you donations, some may convert to your own god, some may turn hostile. Donations and experience are reduced for summoned NPCs.
Icon-magic Plus.gifPressure W 20 Reduces the special bar of visible hostile NPCs by 50%. 41 Will? In addition to the stamina cost, you are penalized around half of your max MP, with no warning if this puts you below 0.

Was (likely) previously named Makouken, and cost 30 SP. They function similarly. The 41 Will requirement is for Makouken, and needs confirmation for Pressure.

Icon-perception plus.giframpage W 28 Doubles damage dealt and taken by placing those affected in Fury status. 30 Marksman Activates on yourself and all pets within your vision.
Icon-learning plus.gifReading Party W 25 Choose a spellbook to read along with your party members. 40 Learning Adds up to 1/5 of your in-view Party members' Literacy skills to yours for calculating spell book failures, and completely negates any side effects. Reading time takes more turns however (3 or 4x longer?), with a minimum of 9 turns seemingly.


Icon-magic Plus.gifResolution Hand W 15 Increase MAG, Touch type skills deal extra damage. either Hypnotism or Poison Nail feat, 20 Alchemy MAG increases by 20% + 5. 'Touch' type abilities deal increased damage based on Magic and Alchemy, and have a chance to instantly kill an enemy with less than 1/8 of max HP, turning it into materials.
Icon-constitution plus.gifRocrusher W 20 Gravity Manipulater feat, 70 Constitution
Icon-dexterity plus.gifRubbing 2 Various effects dependent on relationship with target. 5 Charisma <Fellow> NPCs get three extra turns. <Soul Mate> grants five extra turns. NPCs on a ranch that are killed after this is used on them get a bonus to their corpse. Quality might increase based on number of times this is done. Possession of a big brush item automatically increases the effect.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifSend throw

(Dispatch Flying Beast)
5 Teleports target, even if prevented from teleportation. Fails if target has immobility status. Resets combo counter to 0 (which resets damage penalty). Throwing 40 or Jiu-Jitsu feat, 60 dexterity Target NPC is sent to a random tile that is its preferred distance if it is targeting something, or its preferred distance from the player if not. If already occupied, lands in nearby open tile.
Icon-will plus.gifShadow rush W 10 Uses 75% gauge. The caster and all allies perform Shadow Step on the target at roughly half of their normal melee strength. The caster's allies will teleport to the enemy and attack, regardless of distance, whether invisible to them, and whether the target is in their field of vision. 100 Tactics When used by an enemy, such as Getuei the ninja master, there are slight differences: the text "*Shadow Dance*" will appear in the log, and when the caster's initial Shadow Step is performed, the screen turns dark briefly before you receive the subsequent attacks from other enemies on the map. This special action can be extremely dangerous if used by an enemy on an uncleared map, as you will be attacked AND surrounded by literally dozens of foes.
Icon-will plus.gifShadow step 27 Warp to the target and attack. 30 Stealth Old skill, but can now be learned by the player.
Icon-constitution plus.gifShield Parry W 30

Applies a 40-turn buff of the same name to all allies in sight who have a shield equipped (tonfa or claws don't count) in a hand when used. Gives an additional separate (DV of shield equipped + 5)% chance of dodging physical attacks.

On any successful evasion of melee attack (from the additional bonus chance, regular evasion, or greater evasion), 2 turns of invert to melee attacker.

Shield Bash Feat, 35 Shield

Max additional 15% chance from the shield effect.

Invert makes the target take 1.75x more damage.

While this works on ranged attacks, does not apply the invert status. If it is a "remote blow" attack, invert will work however.

Icon-strength Plus.gifShining wave 27 Magic based ranged bolt attack. 60 Tactics Does magic damage, but damage done is based on strength and tactics.
Icon-will plus.gifShining Throw 40 50 Throwing This replaced Over Long Throw functionally.
Icon-strength Plus.gifSmash Ground 12 Attack circle. Ground Manipulater feat, 40 Constitution Used by Titan, Archayeek, Steel minotaur.

Leaves a crater tile under user.

Icon-will plus.gifSmile Field W 20 Gives you Retention for 20 turns and all targets (not just allies) in sight the Concentration buff. Gentle Face feat, 40 Will Strength of buff will depend on the number of targets and the user's Will.
Icon-constitution plus.gifSpace retention W 30

Activates the Retention hex for 30 turns, which prevents teleportation.

Also can reset most field state effects.

Dimensional Move feat, level 50

50 turns in older versions. Speed increases by 12.5%. Does not prevent own teleportation.

Field state effects were introduced in 2.07

Icon-strength Plus.gifSqueeze 10 Hugs an adjacent target for various effects dependent on relationship. 30 Strength If your impress is greater than 100, when their HP decreases, you'll be transferring 1/10 of your life to heal them.

Furthermore, if your impress level is greater than 200, custom flavor text (txtHug section in the custom tone file) will be used when you hug them. The effect is displayed when snapping out of brainwash.

If your impress level with your target is below 100, the NPC will be crushed and take damage, depending on your strength.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifStruck Out 15 Attacks targeted enemy and enemies adjacent to it. 30 Throwing Invokes won't activate. Usable only with throwing weapons (a melee weapon/shield equipped to Shoot slot counts as a throwing weapon).
Icon-constitution plus.gifSuper Armor W 30 Grants 20 turn buff to all allies in line of sight with a heavy equipment weight (35.0s or more). It reduces maximum physical damage taken to 75% of your max HP and gain dim resistance. (No weight hit penalty too?) (Elona Main quest beaten)

35 Heavy Armor

What this buff seems to do is set an upper limit of the maximum damage any physical attack can do before other modifiers.

For example, if you use Zero shoot on a 1 life target with the buff active, it will never die in that one use. If used while attacker is buffed with fury, it will still die regardless. If targeted with Continuous attacks, each hit has an upper damage limit of about 12.5% health; with fury active, this raises to approximately 25% health. If targeted with Body Blow, the 1 life target will die to the 2nd hit it does, even without fury.

This was changed to its current setup in version 1.46.

Icon-perception plus.gifThread of Innervation 14 Range 5. Deals nerve damage to target dependent on Perception and Gene Engineer. Chance to decapitate targets at low health (1/9th max HP or lower on use). Strings Assassin Feat, Gene Engineer 30 Trains Gene Engineer skill since 1.87.

Enemies killed with this action may leave a flesh doll (rank 10 meat dish) instead of a corpse. Will not leave figure or other parts like bones either.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifTickling Hell 8 Allows Binding a target without dealing damage 30 Dexterity Binds target for 1 turn if not already Binded. Deals SP damage to the target that is dependent on the user's Dexterity and resisted by the target's Constitution. Can deal an insanity check if SP is less than half and also reduce target's power gauge if Perception is greater than dexterity. Does no damage, but is considered an attack. Certain children will now use this.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifVariable Breath 10 Breath with element which depends on resistances. Fire Breath Feat, 30 Constitution Element with highest resistance is used for breath. Can be taught to pets by Leold for AP.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifVenotrate 20 Fires a bolt that does high poison damage and poisons target. Uses 25% gauge. Poison Nail Feat, 50 Gene Engineer, 20 Tactics Doesn't hit friendly NPCs. Damage based on unlock requirement skills, and is reduced by targets' average of DV and PV, not poison resistance. Bypasses poison immunity. Fixed 2 turns on unique NPCs, otherwise +10 turns and can stack.
Icon-learning plus.gifViolent Garden W 22 Deals Gardening and Learning-dependent poison-element damage to hostile characters in sight. Knowledge of magical plants Feat, 30 Gardening Targets that are not already afflicted by Bind will have 1 turn of Bind applied to them.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifWire World W 20 Deals Perception-dependent damage to all enemies in sight (damage calculation is similar to those of gauge attacks but is less powerful), places a wire trap at the targets' feet, and sets the field state to [Wire World]. Strings Assassin feat, 70 Perception Any character who is on the receiving end of any of the wire special actions will have a wire trap placed at their feet.
Icon-will plus.gifZero shoot 20 Melee range shot with a firearm. 50 Marksman Always scores a critical hit and doubles normal attack power. Does not proc any added damage or consume/use special ammo. While it only works in melee range, the ranged weapon always ignores its normal ranged modifier at that range.

Special actions acquired through feats[]

Name Sp Effect Prerequisites Remarks
Icon-dexterity plus.gifBlade Strings 10 If used on an adjacent enemy, deals damage based on Tactics (and strength?). If used on yourself, creates a "sharp strings" trap on the tile you're standing on. Strings Assassin If target is binded, also does cut damage to target (cause bleeding).

If target has less than 1/9th HP, also has chance to cause Decapitation.

Icon-magic Plus.gifEye of Mana 5 Damage MP target. Can cause MP leak/emission status. Magic Eye MP leak/emission will also stop HP regeneration, similar to the element scar spell. Coupled with negative MP, this can rack up high amounts of damage if used often. Even on bosses, eventually.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifFascination Dance W 21 4 turns will pass, draining non-ally stamina each turn. After that, Charisma is rolled against Will of each non-ally in sight. If roll succeeds, inflict 1 turn of paralysis and drain further (2x) stamina. Attacks taken will prompt to interrupt action. Will not work against blinded, sleeping, and unconscious characters, undead summoned via necromancy, and bored characters. Sexy Dance Used by butterspy, Grass dancer, <Karavika>, necro dancer, pixie, and the evolved form of Red wasp/Wasp.

If used in Party Time!, it takes 2/3 the number of turns performing takes (41 vs 61), awards more points than performing, but audience will give less money and no items.

Icon-constitution plus.gifGravity Accel W 21 Gravity Buff. Buff self and allies with Gravity Accel hex, which increases Attack by 10%, Defense by 5%, and Speed by variable amount (Speed bonus will gradually increase each time Gravity Accel hex overwrites itself, up to half of target's original speed (Caps at Speed+300) ). Makes targets float indefinitely and applies Gravity status. Gravity Control Gives 20 turns of the status. Speed bonus is based on the number of turns of gravity status left.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifKnockout 5 Performs a physical attack on an enemy. Will (seemingly) muddle and paralyze the enemy if the hit would have otherwise been fatal and they had more than 1HP when Knockout was performed. If used on an enemy with 1HP, gives the message "If you attack anymore, the opponent will die ...." Knockout
Icon-perception plus.gifMagnecoat 5 When used, it cycles the target's status from Magnet-S -> Magnet-N -> no status Magnetic Manipulate
Icon-learning plus.gifMisteltein 8 Uses the Throwing skill to damage the Mana of a target. If the target is not a unique NPC and Strength is half or more than the user's base Strength, then it inflicts a Strength debuff based on Gardening. God-types take non-elemental damage based on Gardening and Throwing against the targets Gardening. Knowledge of magical plants
Icon-dexterity plus.gifVindalian Jiu-Jitsu 1 Toggles user between Jiu-jitsu and normal mode. Flavor text for martial arts usage changed to throws. Enemy's defense depends on their DV and Light Armor skill. Squeeze special action does damage depending on Dexterity and Martial Arts skill, and will Bind the enemy for 1 extra turn, but user will also be affected by Bind for 1 turn. NPCs that use Vindalian Jiu-jitsu will switch to Jiu-jitsu if enemy's PV>DV by 100, and will disable it if enemy's DV>PV by 100. Used by <Mary> the insect master, ultimate golem, and <Arma> the tour guide. Jiu-Jitsu
Icon-will plus.gifPeculiar joke W 10 Usage requires 5 auto turns, rolls against every enemy in sight every turn. Deals SP damage, deals SP damage, based off of the sum of both the user's Perception and Negotiation, reduced by the target's own Perception, and reduces the target's power gauge by 10% when successful. On a successful roll, also has a 2% chance of applying 1 turn of paralysis, regardless of resistance to it. The target's power gauge determines the damage multiplier, capping out at 2 as enemy power gauge decreases. Empathy When enemies have low enough SP (-100 or lower), they "left with cracking up.". Only for regular enemies. Trains Negotiation when this happens. Is treated as a kill, and can give AP (albeit reduced). Doesn't work while time is stopped. 1/5th as effective on boss + unique NPCs.
Icon-will plus.gifPersuasion W 10 Usage requires 5 auto turns, rolls against every enemy in sight every turn. Deals SP damage, based off of the sum of both the user's Will and Negotiation, reduced by the target's own Will, and reduces the target's power gauge by 10% when successful. On a successful roll, also has a 5% chance of applying 1 turn of confusion, regardless of resistance to it. The target's SP determines the damage multiplier, capping out at 5 as enemy SP decreases. Empathy When enemies reach a certain SP (-100 or lower), they "tired to fight and went away". Only for regular enemies. Trains Negotiation when this happens. Is treated as a kill, and can give AP (albeit reduced). Doesn't work while time is stopped. 1/5th as effective on boss + unique NPCs.
Icon-constitution plus.gifSand Cannon 5 Ground Manipulater
Icon-strength Plus.gifUncontroll

26 Gives 30 turns of the the Run Wildly hex and Fury status, as well as 5 turns of the Confused status (even if immune to confusion). If used while Run Wildly is already in effect, Uncontroll acts like a version of the Swarm action that attacks both allies and enemies. Uncontrollable power Run Wildly increases STR/PER/SPD and decreases DEX/LER/WIL by 1/6 of base DEX+LER+WIL.

Special actions with changes from normal Elona[]

Name Sp Effect Changes
Icon-will plus.gifBoost 50 Activates the Boost hex. NPC only skill. Strength, Perception, and Magic increase by (Base * 30%) + 10 for 15 turns. Speed + 125. Amounts changed.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifCheer W 32 Cheer gives all eligible pets the Speed and Hero buffs. Fixed 75 turns. No longer gives Contingency. Enemy NPC versions still do however. See here for how strong buffs are.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifDrain Blood 7 Nether damage and drains 5-7 stamina. Also inflicts very weak bleeding. Stamina drain + bleeding has been added. Stamina cost is taken first, but successfully draining a target that has more than 0% stamina returns back the cost afterward. Lowers enemy stamina below 0%, but stamina you gain back will be lower or none. Limit of -50 enemy stamina.
Icon-magic Plus.gifDraw Charge 1 Destroys an item by draining charges that are then stored and used for Fill Charge. Requirement has changed from Magic Device 16 to 20. Otherwise similar function. In versions 2.01 and over, grants Magic Capacity experience, charges gained increases (slightly?) with Magic Capacity.
Icon-will plus.gifDraw Shadow 10 Draws the target to you. Since Elona+ 2.09, now causes 1 turn of invert on the target. Otherwise similar to its original version.
Icon-magic Plus.gifFill Charge 10 Uses stored charges to recharge an item. 10 charges per use. Requirement has changed from Magic Device 16 to 20. Has a chance of exploding a rod based on Control Magic. In versions 2.01 and over, chance is based on Magic Capacity instead capping out at (99.5%). Charges filled increases with Magic Capacity (higher chance of +2, maybe more that I haven't seen?). Grants Magic Capacity experience.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifLulwy's Trick 20 Speed increases by (Base * 20%) + 150 for 15 turns. Activates the Lulwy's Trick hex. Amount of added speed changed.
Icon-will plus.gifPrayer of Jure 30 Jure worshiper only skill. HP recovery depending on faith. Adds Regeneration and Holy Veil for 50 turns. (holy light/vanish hex as well?) Regen, Veil, and any other effects are new. See here for technical details.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifSuspicious Hand 10 Only NPCs can use this. Steals gold from adjacent target and teleports the user randomly afterward. Same as base Elona, but now with additional caveats from version 1.99 on.

NPCs with the "summoned monster" bit flag always performs a regular attack instead when attempting to use this, as they don't drop money (or anything) on death.

Targeted sandbagged NPCs will now resist being robbed, because the rope is too tight.

Icon-strength Plus.gifSwarm 27 Attacks all adjacent enemies. Previously cost 5 SP and gained at 16 Tactics. Now gained at 30 Tactics.
Throw Potion None NPC only skill. Randomly generated potions are thrown by the NPC. The skill has three different levels, determined by the type of NPC.

The three basic levels are Minor, Major, and Greater. Greater is new to Elona+. It includes Disasters and Aqua Sanctios.

Another variant is Salt throwing, but it is unique to Cleaners. With high enough master/servant relationship, you can make your pets "Exterminate snail."

Icon-magic Plus.gifTouch of weakness 10 NPC only skill. Statistics of the attacked creature may be lowered. Now doesn't function on unique NPCs or NPCs with increased "quality". (<> or {} surrounding the name). Non unique pets can have increased "quality" from spending 1000 AP.

Special actions obtained through actions[]

The following special actions are gained through ingame, non-standard methods.

Name Sp Effects Obtained By Remarks
Icon-constitution plus.gifBlame Pain 19 Deals nether damage dependent on the user's Will + Constitution 4 times, and applies 1 turn of Bind if target is not already bound. Use Tamer's Whip on NPC until they reach their limit. (Use forbid eating objects on the ground/picking up items on an NPC repeatedly until the skill is granted). Granted immediately upon fulfillment. 5 Tile Range.

The user's Will + Constitution is also rolled against the target's, and if the user wins the roll, the target's power gauge will also decrease by 15.

The first of the 4 attacks of this special action will work to increase the target's gauge, so the actual net change to the target's gauge will vary.

Icon-constitution plus.gifCharge Attack

30 Does 10x normal damage. Has to charge up for 10 turns. Once it charges, gain a buff with a duration of 1 turn that makes the next attack deal 10x damage. Leold for 1000 AP It will be interrupted if a status effect is received. Last for 1 turn for the player and 3 turns for NPCs.

Before version 1.32, gained by having 120 constitution and progressing through the storyline enough.

Before version 1.155, being attacked will interrupt it.

Pets can learn it from Leold too.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifContinuous attacks 5

4 tile range. Attacks an enemy 18 times per equipped melee weapon (dual wielder gets 36 hits) in a row at 1/6th normal damage per hit. From version 1.92 on, also doubles the accuracy, even if negative.

Weapon invokes, elemental damage, and the "chance of extra melee attack" enchantment are ignored. Critical hits and proximity assist weapon/interlocking shooting mechanism attacks happen normally.

Leold for 100 AP

Absolute piercing attacks and critical hits are subjected to the damage reduction. Proximity assist/interlocking shooting mechanism seem to be limited to one proc per use, albeit will fire at normal strength.

Each hit doesn't count toward the combo counter (which reduces your damage if it gets too high). The multiple hits can fill up the target's gauge up to 50% in 1 use from target taking damage or dodging.

Used by Carter_the_skilled_foot, hand of the god, fallen bird, and rushroom.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifDecapitation 30 Attack an enemy for damage (based on your Dexterity, reduced by the target's PV). When enemy HP is low enough (1/9th max HP), have a chance to do lethal damage. Inflict 3 turns of dyspnea if target HP isn't low enough. Have the "Your hands are blades." Ether Disease. The 3 turns of dyspnea only apply if target has less than 10 turns of dyspnea on them.

Other sources of the lethal damage effect do not share this action's damage and dyspnea application.

In its current form as of version 1.84.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifDistant Attack 2 Attacks a targeted enemy from a distance up to 4 spaces. Added to the special action menu when a weapon with the It make possible to remote blow attribute is equipped in a hand slot. It is similar to the NPC-only action, but is dexterity based.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifDisturbance 10 Reduces the special invoke bar of a targeted opponent. Automatic Long range skill. Consumes half of your current invoke gauge, then reduces the target's by that amount.
Icon-will plus.gif<Gauge Release> 1 Allows you to use an invoke when gauge is at 100% or higher. (see the chart of invokes below) Level up for the first time. Does not use a turn and does not do anything except waste the stamina if not enough gauge.

Even if it does nothing, trains will each use by .001.

Icon-constitution plus.gifMarking 10 Decreases user's hydration. When aimed at feet, generates urine. When targeting an adjacent tile with an NPC on it, applies Fury and Wet for 3 turns. Use any deed. Granted immediately upon fulfillment. 1 Tile Range. Stacks on any existing turns of Fury and Wet target has.
Icon-constitution plus.gifMetal Guard 70 Invokes the metal status effect, causing one hit to do 1/5 damage. Leold for 500 AP. Only lasts a few turns even if the user is not attacked.
Icon-magic Plus.gifNecro Force W 10 Gives a list of commands that apply to all summoned undead from coffins of necromancy. Coffin of Necromancy Gives the following command list:

a. Cancel

b. Undead return: Summoned undead are returned to their coffin with a 1 hour respawn time.

c. Undead strengthen: *MP Charge* message. Summoned undead receive a short Boost hex in exchange for your MP.

c. Undead restore: *HP Convert* message. Heals summoned undead in exchange for your HP.

d. Undead bomb: *Brutal Burst* message. Summoned undead will approach a hostile NPC, activate Close Suicide, and receive a 24 hour cooldown.

Icon-perception plus.gifPregnant 15 Gives pregnant status to the target Be pregnant. Gained, and lost, with the status respectively. 2 tile range. Doesn't seem to be resisted unless worn equipment negates it.

Is used by alien, camouflaged imp, heqet, leucochloridium, and Sunbararian.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifProvoke W 10 Makes visible NPCs target user and inflicts all affected targets with fury, causing them to take and deal double damage. Leold for 300 AP Can also be taught to pets for 200 AP. Has a chance to be resisted.

Used by <Alsapia>, archayeek gunner, brand porc, providence gaze, talon soldier, and unitdead-joker.

Icon-will plus.gifSerious Begging W 15 Various effects. Wake up with less than 500 gold. Beggars can use this. Costs attract and gold is dependent on target level. Fails when attract is empty and PC has more gold than the target. Works with/on pets, which can cost PC fame. Certain food may also be tossed to the PC.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifSynchro Hearts W 100

Heals user to full health and pets gain 50 turns of Boost and Regenerate.

Only activates if user is at 25% or less health. Applies only to pets at <Soul Mate> or better relationship.

Leold for 800 AP

Before 1.32, gained by leveling up with 100 Charisma.

Slightly stronger buffs if at *Love* relationship, but same duration.

Should the evolved fire crab use this, it gains full health. The buffs still apply to other pets based on your relationship with them, including the crab itself. Your character will be completely unaffected.

Icon-will plus.gifTag Force W 24 Gives you the Tag Force buff for 50 turns. Uses 50% power gauge. Get into a tag team for first time (Interact with self > tag organization > choose pet). Increases skill level of Tactics, Casting, Magic Device, Eye of Mind, Control Magic, Marksman, and Riding by about (1.3x + 6). Immune to brainwash status.

Don't actually need to be in a tag team to utilize it.

Icon-will plus.gif<Unison Impact> 10 Attack with all visible allies (non pets inclusive). Usage requires you to have 100% gauge. Sets your and every ally involved to 0% gauge afterward. Have 4 or more pets with you and level up. Damage is based on Tactics, Marksman, Casting, and Magic Device skills, multiplied by that character's power gauge (200% gauge = 2x for example) and summing each involved character's resulting totals.

Always deals max possible multiplier of damage. Rather than being based on average +enhance value of equipment.

Trains the mentioned skills if target is not sandbagged and does not have the "summoned NPC" bit flag.

Must target a hostile NPC. Can be used on any in visible range.

Icon-strength Plus.gifVoracity Fang 12 Nether-element melee attack. Drains a small amount of HP from the target and causes bleeding. Have the "your mouth is torn" Ether Disease. Used by gothic, Kikkas pythonidae, King Cockroach, Man-eater crab, Wenkamui, and Yomagntho. Uses the same sound effect from the Scavenge special action.

If there is food in target's inventory and hungry enough, chance to consume food. Can be blocked by "It protects you from thieves" equipment attribute.

Previously satisfied hunger and changed to a normal attack if not hungry enough by default?

Special actions unique to races[]

The following special actions are available only to certain NPCs.

Name Sp Effect Remarks
Icon-constitution plus.gifAbsolute protect W 80

Grants a 50 turn buff to user. If an ally would take lethal damage, user takes half of that damage instead. User can go below 0 HP, and stay alive provided no further damage is taken once below that.

Lethal damage from any source applies as long as the buff is active and user can take the hit.

The player can properly use this via the "Contradiction" item after completing the main storyline and talking to Sophia (version 2.05 and later).

Added in version 1.10.

Used by evolved Defenders and evolved zombie girls.

Complete lethal damage sources, such as 2.06-introduced-cheatahs, can be diverted to user. Damage from fire/acid tiles, negative MP and MP leak/emission, bleeding, and poison can all be blocked provided user has more than 0 HP.

Be aware that this will apply to all friendly units. Even non-party allies.

Icon-constitution plus.gifAcid Hurricane 5 If the target has the cArmour bit flag, it will also inflict Poisoned status ailment regardless of resistance to Poisoned status ailment. If the target has the cMetal bit flag, it will also inflict Poisoned Bad! status ailment regardless of resistance to Poisoned status ailment. Both of these status ailments will stack with repeated Acid Hurricane attacks. Damage dealt by it cannot be mitigated in any way so the base damage is rather low. Control Magic is needed to avoid friendly fire.

Used by Cloudragon, <Dain> the elder of hill, Hel, Old bell, and <Luluwy>.

Icon-will plus.gifBind 20 Target will not be able to move from their current location for the duration of the skill. Used by <Amurdad>, an evolved Cute Fairy, and Halloween nightmare. Target can still perform actions and teleport.
Icon-magic Plus.gifBlade Turbulence W 15 Deals cut damage to enemies within sight, inflicts bleeding. Strength of damage based on Magic Control, while the bleed strength depends on the difference of initial speed between the user and the target. Used by black wing, mayu sibayu,stormbling, <Scard>, <Sunrise>, <Getuei>, <Arasiel>, and <Lulwy>.

Deals cut 2*Control Magic cut damage and inflicts bleeding equal to the target's speed INI value.

Icon-will plus.gifBound in Blood 28 Affects allies of the same race. The user will bleed severely. Gives Speed, Hero, and Attribution Shield, depending on the Will of the target. Has less of an effect on the player. If gauge is less than 50%, increase it by at most 30%, depending on the target's gauge. Used by evolved fin crocodile, king woodlouse, master archayeek, performaid bloodress, and sickfull older brother.
Icon-perception plus.gifBrowbeat 20 Lowers target attack and can draw them close. Inflicts the Atrophy status effect on hostiles within a short range.
Icon-perception plus.gifChange 10 Changes target non-unique NPC into something else. The change is permanent. Functions similar to a rod of change creature or throwing a mutation potion at an enemy NPC. Used by Metamorphose on itself.
Icon-will plus.gifClash Rush 25 Requires 25% gauge to use. Teleports to target, then throws absolute piercing attack (*vorpal*). Becomes a regular shadow step otherwise. Also deals 50% of damage back to the user. Used by cucumber warrior, destroy boar, <Mikraanesis>, and old butler.
Icon-constitution plus.gifClose Suicide 18 Commanded undead explode, doing damage to one enemy next to them. Used by undead summoned with Coffins of Necromancy when commanded with Necro Force's Undead bomb command. Does not activate if enemy is not next to the commanded creature.
Icon-magic Plus.gifCollected Power W

(Intensive Power)
30 Raises the power gauge by 16% (turn after automatically lowers by 1% to 15%). Also recovers HP, MP, and SP. 5% SP and 5% + 2 of max HP and MP. Typically used by some highest-level-of-race normal enemies, along with Gods and their inner god versions.

In older versions, raised the power gauge by 9% (or if like how it currently is, 10%, down to 9% next turn).

Icon-magic Plus.gifDeath Song W 30 Guaranteed Death Word hex to caster, then tries to apply Death Word hex to everybody in sight. Chance based on user's magic against target sound resistance. Used by alkonost and Death maneki.
Icon-strength Plus.gifDistant Attack 7

(Distant Attack7)
2 Used by some monsters to attack physically from a distance. Functionally identical to the Distant Attack action granted by weapons with It make possible to remote blow.
Icon-will plus.gifDivine stream 100 Deals damage equal to your STR+CON+DEX+PER+LER+WIL+MAG+CHR+SPD to the PC or his pets if they are visible to the user. Used by the god-type unique NPCs in Lost Irva. Unique animation. Ignores NPCs that are not controlled by the player, even when invoked in wizard mode.
Icon-constitution plus.gifDo nothing 1 Does what it says.
Icon-magic Plus.gifDownpour Spore 28 Applies sleep and slow to all enemies in sight. Used by various mushroom NPCs. Slow lasts for 20 turns and reduces speed by up to Magic/5 + 40.

This replaced Torrential Tribute.

Icon-magic Plus.gifElementia 1 Massive MP drain that causes magic reaction. Used by <The Element>. Says "Complete Elementia!" when activated. Also consumes 100% gauge.
Icon-will plus.gifExcessiveHeal

(Excessive Heal)
1 Seems to deal major bleeding/hemorrhage status, causing death by blood loss. Used by <Blessed Jure>. Text displayed is "Excessive heal breaks tissue of target!". Also consumes 100% gauge.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifEye of brainwashing 10 Brainwashes an ally into attacking you, or makes you unequip an item. Can cause confusion or the Brainwash status effect. Killing the brainwasher or using Magic Kiss cancels the effect.
Icon-magic Plus.gifEye of Stiffen 8 Deals nerve damage depending on user's Magic + Will stats. Also increase the target's defense. Target defense increase lasts 3 turns. Used by <Beilgena> and Cockatrice.
Icon-will plus.gifFlame of Rage W 22 Usable only with Fury status active. Deals fire element damage to all non-ally characters in sight. Removes Fury status after. Damage depends on Will and Magic. Evolved form of Dog, evolved form of Older Sister, and evolved form of Younger sister.
Icon-strength Plus.gifForced draft 20 Used to send the PC to prison when the PC is a criminal. Guard only skill.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifGold Rush 1 Activates Hero, Speed, Contingency, Holy Shield, Regeneration, Attribution Shield, and Holy Veil for 30 turns. Used by <Hyper Yacatect>. Says "This is my rush!" when activated. Stat increases are massive (more than 1500 for hero, maxed out for speed, etc). Consumes 100% power gauge.
Icon-magic Plus.gifGrand Finale 101 Anti-afk farming attack that makes sure you die. Strips you of buffs and ignores all damage reduction, then does lethal damage when it can work. Will not be used (and no effect anyway) otherwise. Used by last dancer and only during "Curtain Call". See NPC page for more.
Icon-perception plus.gifHoming Lazer[sic] W

(Homing Laser)
12 Distributes equal amount of damage to nearby enemies. Does magic damage dependent on Marksman and Perception, reduced by target's PV + DV. Used by Archayeek gunner, chaos serpent, dhwty, driceradops, last dancer, <Mobile Communication Equipment>, sin gorilla and others.
Icon-learning plus.gifInsane Wave W 1 Makes everyone on the same map insane except for the user. Used by <Insane Kumiromi>. Says "You'll not escape..." when activated. Also consumes 100% gauge.
Icon-will plus.gifJyusou Goushin 20 Attempts to curse every piece of equipment user is wearing. User's HP is healed and the user receives a buff of the same name if at least one piece of equipment worn is cursed. Buff lasts 66 turns and buffs all attributes (including speed) except LER and CHR.

Healing amount is approximately (666 * number of equipped cursed pieces + current Will) HP. Strength of buff is [current Will * (.18 + .01 * number of equipped cursed pieces)] + 66. Doomed pieces count for 2 cursed pieces, max 22 for number of cursed pieces in the buff formula (you can have more, but no effect).

Used by <13th step ghost>, curse wood king, diabolic clown, <Exossil> the chaos wing, profanity priest, <Ssil> the undead witch, and <Ulzassil> the dead emperor.

Completely replaced Half Soul.

Icon-perception plus.gifLove Crafting W 30 Works similar Eye of Insanity, but is AoE, base 50% chance of working, and about half the strength (Sanity increase). 100% chance to set enemy gauges to -5% if their gauge is between 5 and 80%. Used by abyss animal, <Caim> the mad rich, cupid of death, Jure fanatic, <Kumiromi>, lunatyeek, <Mad scientist>, and wangnin.
Icon-magic Plus.gifMegid Flame W 100 Inflicts Element Scar and removes buffs from hostile NPCs. Added in version 1.10. Used by the evolved Fire dragon child and evolved fox brother.
Icon-strength Plus.gifMelt Clinch 25 Does small amount of acid damage to target based on user's Strength and Constitution attributes. 1 turn of Bind to the user, 1 turn of Bind + Atrophy to the target. Ailments don't stack. Acid damage can't be reduced. Used by driceradops, female hand of the chaos, hand of the dead, and evolved hand of the murderer.
Icon-constitution plus.gifMemory Poison 150 Weak poison damage, temporarily lowers all target stats by 50 (speed inclusive), low damage, 1 tile range. Turns into Data Delete with 100% gauge, and consumes gauge to do so. Used by <Maile>, and <Nagarew>, oblivion beast, and oblivion rude beast.
Icon-will plus.gifMultiple Gather W 30 Draws hostile (to the player) NPCs around the user. Used by Death maneki, Dread rabbit, <Enthumesis>, <Graveed> the gravity valley, and pale inviter.
Icon-perception plus.gifNuclear Fire 50 Requires 25% gauge to use. Shoots tactical nuclear missile that hits an area with a radius of 6 around the target. Damage increased primarily by carpentry and secondarily by marksman skill levels, but is reduced by targets' PV + DV.

Does not light most tiles on fire, but will scar all affected. Chance to cause items to burn.

Used by peace maker.

Icon-charisma Plus.gifPlatinum Song W 34

Activates Holy Shield, Divine Wisdom, and Feather on all allies for 60 turns. Costs 100 GP to use.

See here for buff strength specifics.

Used by <Karavika> and evolved forms of goose, nymph, and flying frog/poison arrow frog. Says "This is my song!" when activated.

Icon-will plus.gifPsychic Wave W 20 1 turn restraint (bind) and 1.5-2x the level of the user as fixed damage to enemies within sight. old bell, 13th Step Ghost, Nine Head Dragon The Abyss, Sea Fallen Angel, and Sickfull older brother.
Icon-perception plus.gifRocket Fire 20 Requires 25% gauge to use. Deals 0-49 + PER*2 + Marksman/40*Marksman damage. Will always do at least 50 damage. Used by Cresce the seminar lecturer, Konigs katze, and Desktop navy
Icon-will plus.gifShineSnail

(Shine Snail)
100 Deals 30,000 magic damage on a target, with a chance to fail. Used by <Snail> thr android rider. Says "Ok? Shine-Snail!" when activated.
Icon-magic Plus.gifSilent Ocean W 28 Changes a large area around the user to water tiles. Characters in the area (when it's used?) will be inflicted with a weak Mist of Silence hex. Characters not floating or under Gravity status also become Wet. Clears Map effects within its effect area. Flavor text is "An expanse of ocean and fog spreads out." Flower coral, <Sunrise>, and an evolved Varuna can use the ability.
Icon-magic Plus.gifSmoke Mirror W 1 Applies the Black Mirror buff to user. Requires 50% gauge to use. Sets user's attributes to the average of the user's and the player's attributes from STR to MAG (not CHR). Also places 200 smokescreen effects on the map. Used by Tezcatlipoca. Only beneficial to the user if the player has higher attributes.
Icon-constitution plus.gifSuicide Attack 0 Causes explosion. Damage to the user now procs after the user's HP has been set to 0. Characters hit by Suicide Attack will be inflicted with 5 turns of Wince (that stacks on top of any existing Wince) and there is also a user Constitution-dependent chance of getting inflicted by Fear. Used by Bomb Rock, Hard Gay, Kamikaze Samurai, kamikaze Yeek, and others
Icon-magic Plus.gifSummon Chaos 30 Summons Chaos spirits hostile to the player. NPCs that use this can summon specific mobs too. As examples, a Performaid pinchief can summon other "performaid" type NPCs. Powerful great wyrm can use this to summon more copies of itself. Rats bringer summons Carnage rats.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifSuper Regene

(Super Regen)
50 Recovers HP equal to 10% of max HP and activates the Super Regene hex, dramatically increasing regeneration for 20 turns. Used by <Meshera Alpha> the deformed angel, <Amurdad>, <Renai> the over meshera, <Regulus> the altered, and Ouroboros monsters. Can also be used by an evolved Harpy.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifTempestArrow 1 Summons 2-4 Rudras that follow the user. Used by <Devastate Luluwy>. Says "Huh! Go into the tornado!" when activated. Will attack hostile enemies, but the user won't be attacked unless they attack first. Also consumes 100% gauge.
Icon-magic Plus.gifTime Stop W 200

Stops time for 2 turns, similar to the equipment attribute "It occasionally stops time". (As of 2.04, I saw 6-7 turns in quick test).

Consumes 100% gauge.

This time stop is triggered by the Gods and their inner god versions as an invoke (may not be true in later versions?). It seems to trigger regardless of weapon, but might just have high priority over the normal weapon or skill invokes.

<Mikraanesis> and the evolved form of rabbit do use this in later versions of Elona+ though.

Icon-strength Plus.gifTyousindouKen

(Super Vibrating Fist)
1 Inflicts 999,999 damage on an adjacent target. Used by <Buildup Opatos>. Says "Muwahahahaha!" when activated. Also consumes 100% gauge.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifZinlaiKyaku

(Thunderclap Kick)
35 Warps user to target and deals melee damage. Additionally, consumes 25% gauge for 3x3 lightning explosion. Description: "Lightning martial". Sometimes triggers an extra lighting attack animation.

Used by battle hopper at low health and Fron the tour planner

Special actions unique to game modes[]

Name Sp Effect Game mode Remarks
Icon-speed plus.gif<Purge> 1 Sets HP and MP to 0 for all hostiles in player's sight. Purge No effect if not in Purge game mode.
Icon-speed plus.gif<Win> 1 Sets target's HP to 0, and deals 1 damage. Purge No effect if not in Purge game mode.

Special actions invoked through Gauge Release[]

How the special gauge works[]

In order to actually use a gauge-release-special, you need to fill up your bar to 100% (or more), then use the <Gauge-Release> special action.

The gauge is displayed below a NPC's HP/MP bars.


This is the gauge as it's filling, which will be divided approximately to the target's gauge %. You can see this on your targeted enemy and on your party/pets if you use the stehoscope item on them.

The gray gauge means that (enemy) NPC cannot use any gauge-release specials, but shows how much it is filled. If a NPC has an action that consumes gauge, this is relevant (though I don't think any exist). The orange and green bar denote 1-99% and 101-199% gauge respectively.


This is how the bar looks filled at 100% and 200%, with green being 200% full.

The green overlaps the 100% yellow bar when 101-200% is building.

The rest of this section is on how the special gauge works more specifically. This was written based on 2.06fix being the most recent version, and should cover most general cases. Click "Expand" to show.
  • Switching to a new map resets all gauges to 0%
  • When not at 0, 100%, or 200%, the gauge decreases by 1% each turn.
    • When at those (or negative %), the gauge will not decrease further.
    • Any action that uses the gauge (or an attack against you that lowers it below 100/200%) will cause it to resume decreasing again.
  • By default, you and most NPCs have a limit of 100%
    • Evolved pets and unique NPCs have a 200% gauge limit.
    • You can temporarily obtain 200% gauge limit by use of a shift core item.
  • Each attack, damaging spell, and/or damaging action fills your gauge by 2% by default. They must activate properly, but don't necessarily have to hit (for regular attacks).
  • Taking damage also fills your gauge up to 95%(96?), and is proportional to the % of your health lost (sloppy test says approximately 1.5x your % of health lost that turn, along with the regular +2% for you. For pets/NPCs, it's 1x?)
    • Each successful dodge of a hostile target's attack fills the your gauge (or pet) by 4%, up to 96%.
  • Hostile enemies that die on screen give 5% gauge to you and all allies that can see the hostile.
  • On using a gauge-release with 100% (or more) gauge, attacking with the equipped weapon or using a specific special action will use one of the specials below while consuming your gauge by 100 or 200%.
    • Gauge-release at 200% ignore damage resistance from armor skill too, along with giving 1 turn of time stop.

There are several specific caveats for each action. What is here is not exhaustive of each action's specifics.

  • Dodges against Continuous attacks has an upper limit of 50% gauge fill to prevent gauges from filling faster via taking or dodging all hits.
  • The additional hit from #Abyss in the eye on eye actions that gives an additional +2% gauge from its additional hit.
  • Power Item makes its related actions fill your gauge 4% per turn.
  • Don't forget about actions that can lower gauge too, with common available examples such as Blame Pain, Disturbance, and Pressure.
  • Some actions that fill the gauge a larger amount, such as Collected Power, must be exactly 84% to fill the gauge to 100% (or 200%). Otherwise, the gauge will only decrease 1% on that turn.

  • What determines their damage is...?
    • Guessing their related attributes. Old definition seems wrong.

NPCs will use a gauge-release special immediately if they do an action that allows for it while at 100% (or more) gauge. Assuming too they actually can use specials. (Haven't double checked properly for recent version, but):

  • Any unique NPC can use gauge attacks regardless of level.
  • NPCs level 50 or above, starting from Lost Irva can use gauge attacks. Along with any enemies with boosted stats, such as in The Void.
  • NPCs level 130 or above will be able to use them.

List of invoked specials[]

The stamina use listed is for the special action version shown while in wizard mode.

Name Sp Effect Remarks
Icon-perception plus.gifArrow Rain 30 Does moderate damage in a 3x3 area around the target. Causes wince for 2 turns. Invoked by arrows.
Icon-strength Plus.gifBisection 30 High damage attack. Causes bleeding. Invoked by the axe weapon proficiency.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifConverge Breath 15 (30) Same effect as a breath attack, in a line, repeated six times. Heals for a large amount afterward (1/3rd user max health). Invoked by any Breath special action. The attack takes place instead of the breath weapon, rather than afterwards. The color of the attack changes depending on the user's resistance, but the damage is non-elemental. Allows user to be over normal max health which may reset to normal max at random points.
Icon-perception plus.gifCritical Particle Cannon 30 Does high damage in a big line. Causes blind status. Invoked by energy cells. Blind ignores resistances. Color of effect depends on user's highest resistance.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifDance of blow 30 Extra-high damage attack consisting of 16 strikes. Invoked by the stave weapon proficiency.
Icon-magic Plus.gifData Delete 1 Permanently decreases attributes of target by 1 and sets their power gauge to 0 if any higher. Does no damage and unavoidable. Use Memory Poison at 100% gauge. In current form as of version 1.82; was previously not an invoke(?)
Icon-magic Plus.gifDiffusion Wave 30 Hits enemies in range with a breath attack for magic damage. Heals user. Invoked by the casting skill (Elona+ 1.26). Will activate when casting any spell with a full gauge, even normally non-damaging ones, or by using a rod. The attack does not hit neutral enemies. It will also not be reflected by equipment with the reflection attribute. (As of Elona+ 2.04, also comes out on a failed cast of an attack spell, and doesn't seem to work on every spell.)
Icon-will plus.gifExplosion 30 Extra-high damage attack. Gives back some of your gauge (17% on test). Invoked by the martial arts weapon proficiency.
Icon-will plus.gifGHAND

(Hand of Splendor)
30 Power depends on the average of Will and Magic, and deals high damage. Invoked by any "Touch" skills at 100% gauge. Increased power, range, and changed behavior when used with Blue Spirit equipped. Likely a shortened translation of "glittering hands", as "You slammed the dazzling light to the ____" appears in the text box, which itself may be a reference to G Gundam's Shining Gundam.
Icon-constitution plus.gifGraviton Buster 20 Deals high damage in a breath shape based on user's Constitution and area's danger level (max of 2000). Breath destroys wall and floor tiles.

Invoked by Gravity Sphere.

Affected targets will gain +50 turns of Gravity status ailment and a Slow debuff that is stronger than that of Gravity Sphere. Damage is not reduced by Feather.

In version 1.77, the damage contribution from area danger level was reduced.

Icon-perception plus.gifHelm Smasher 30 Does high damage and paralyzes target. Can decapitate low health enemies. Invoked by bolts. Paralysis ignores resistance.
Icon-perception plus.gifImpact Gunfire 30 Does high damage, causes blind, and 2 turns of invert status (takes 1.75x damage) if not already inverted. Invoked by magnum ammo.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifIssen

(Flash of Swiftness)
30 Extra-high damage attack. Lowers target's power gauge. Invoked by the long sword weapon proficiency.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifMana slash 30 Medium damage(?) + MP damage to target. Invoked by the scythe weapon proficiency.
Icon-magic Plus.gifMind Break 30 Mental Pollution Invoked by any Eye special action. Use of Eye action is accompanied by two more powerful hits. Makes target vomit, and has a chance to apply a random negative status effect (Fear, Dim, Confusion).

Likely used to be called "Mental Pollution" in much older versions.

Icon-perception plus.gifOne Point Shoot 30 Does high damage and lowers defense. (75% as effective as the Pulverization invoke) Invoked by bullets.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifPenetration 30 High damage attack. Stuns enemy for one turn. Invoked by the polearm weapon proficiency.
Icon-strength Plus.gifPulverization 30 Medium damage attack; lowers enemy defense for 2 turns. Invoked by the blunt weapon proficiency.
Icon-will plus.gifResonant Voice 30 Decreases 1 enemy gauge by 50% (below 0% possible), deal Negotiation, Analysis, Will, and equipment +enhance value-dependent SP damage. Use any of the Negotiation/Empathy Feat special actions (Persuasion, Peculiar joke, Blended lie, Intimidation, Mysterious song) at 100% or more gauge.

The damage calculation is the same as the Negotiation special actions (Unsure: more likely means "if enemy is put at -100 SP or lower, enemy withdraws similar to those special actions"). Only uses 1 turn (instead of 1 turn + 5 auto turns).

This completely replaced Guts of Snail.

Shield bash

(Icon-dexterity plus.gifShield Strike)
n/a (30) Does damage, causes dim, and causes 1 turn of paralysis. The Shield Bash feat supposedly adds the turn of paralysis, but testing has said otherwise. This is the standard shield bash. However the activation requirements now match the rest of the invokes.

Activates before a normal attack unlike most invokes.

In-game as of version 2.05, this is listed as "Icon-dexterity plus.gifMana slash". This is the 2nd of the 2 listed in-game, appearing later below Knockout. Mistakenly also says *Mana slash* in the text box when used despite the flavor text stating otherwise.

Icon-dexterity plus.gifSpinning Throw 30 Starts with a tornado animation centered on the user. Never misses, stronger than normal attack, guaranteed critical. Invoked by the throwing weapon proficiency.
Icon-will plus.gifUnderhand Drop 30 Medium damage attack. Causes Fear status for one turn (or 4 from version 2.04 test on regular enemy). Invoked by the short sword weapon proficiency.

Miscellaneous Special actions[]

The special actions here exist in-game, but do not fit the above categories.

Name Sp Effect Requirements Remarks
Icon-strength Plus.gifAssimilate 30 Assimilate (?) ? "actRaceSlime", but unknown effect if any.
Icon-strength Plus.gifDeath Bind 30 Penetrating attack (?) ? "actRaceSnake", but unknown effect if any.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifMaterialise

40 Kill Target(?) ? "actMaterial", unknown effect if any.
Icon-dexterity plus.gifOver Boost 30 Over Boost(?) ? "actRaceMachine", but unknown effect if any.
Icon-perception plus.gifPsychoanalysis 30 Functions similarly to Objet of heart in displaying enemy weakness and whatnot. N/A? "Invoked" by the mentioned item when used, but the item isn't a NPC.
Icon-charisma Plus.gifTuin der Lusten W 10 Seems to make all visible characters, including yourself, go into "little tail t'night". Based on a roll chance against Charisma in some way. Can (maybe assuredly?) get sick afterward. ?
Icon-will plus.gifZero Shoot2

(Piercing Zero Shoot)
20 (30) Teleports to the optimal range for the equipped weapon, shoots, then teleports back. Guaranteed critical. Invoked by the firearm weapon proficiency from version 1.26 to 1.70. Replaced functionally by invokes based on ammo equipped from version 1.71 on.

Special actions that have been removed[]

The special actions here are no longer available in later versions of Elona+.

Name Replaced by Sp Effect Requirements Remarks
Icon-will plus.gifDance of the Dead Kijin Shibari version 2.03 30 Penetrating attack(?) ? ?
Icon-constitution plus.gifExplosion Dust Burn Scrolls version 2.03 30 Explosion Dust(?) ? ?
Icon-will plus.gifGuts of Snail Resonant Voice version 2.03 30 Guts of Snail(?) ? ?
Icon-will plus.gifHalf Soul Jyusou Goushin version 2.03 30 Penetrating Attack(?) ? ?
Magic Fist ? version 1.24 ? ? ? ?
Icon-strength Plus.gifOver Long Throw Shining Throw* version 2.09 5 A long-range throwing attack. 50 Throwing

Do a normal throw attack, but with a range multiplier of 02-02-08-08-09-09-10-10. Cannot be used at the same time as Struck Out.

*In terms of game code, I believe this actually is replaced by Sand Cannon.

Icon-magic Plus.gifQuick Use Power Item version 1.92 40 Activates the Quick Use hex, which allows the user to use magical items without expending a turn. 100 Magic Device Lasts about 30 turns. The limit seems to be one use of a rod/potion each time before turns progress normally.
Smash Jaws ? 30 ? ? Was based on Strength supposedly.
Icon-magic Plus.gifTorrential Tribute Downpour Spore version 1.94 30 Attack Multiple enemies(?) ? ?
Icon-strength Plus.gifWild Release Harmonic Assault version 2.03 30 Wild Release(?) ? ?
Old info for how special gauge worked from when section named "Special actions invoked by weapon skill" existed. Click "Expand" to show.

Starting in Elona+ version 1.19, a new weapon-based invoke system was added to the game. The creators note that they were supposed to resemble decapitation, they've reached the limit on how many invokes a weapon could have.

The skill that is invoked usually depends on the weapon proficiency that the weapon uses. However, certain weapons use other weapon's skill invokes. This means that while the weapon may be It's power and effect is still based on its original category. For example, short swords and kitchen knives will use the short sword invoke, while wakizashi and scimitars will use the long sword invoke. Even though they use different invokes, their power is still dependent on the short sword skill.

The standard shield bash's requirements now match those of the other invokes listed here.

|===Conditions for use===

There is a gauge below your HP bar. If the gauge reaches 100%, you can do the special action <Gauge Release> to trigger the special skill on your next attack. Once at 100%, the gauge will not decrease until consumed or the player changes maps (including up/down floors).

These specials can be used by:

  • You and your pets. Pet special bar display can be seen by using a stethoscope.
  • Enemies over level 130 at any time.
  • Once you reach Lost Irva, enemies over level 50 can use them. This includes enemies in the Void and in missions where the level of the enemy has been modified.
  • Enemies of any level in No Future mode, which is chosen at the start of a new game.

Note that if you have gear that lets you attack multiple times per turn, and the first attack both kills the target and gets your gauge up to 100%, the skill will be activated with no target, effectively wasting the whole gauge.

|===Conditions that affect the gauge===

  • The gauge will automatically lose its charge by 1% every turn and will be completely drained if you switch maps.
  • Doing physical attacks will charge the gauge by 2%.
  • Taking damage from enemies (even if it's 0 damage or the attack was evaded) will charge your gauge by 1%.
    • The charge gain from damage is capped as of patch 1.21.
  • Whether you are on the attacking side or receiving side, you will only receive the charge after everyone's turn ends. Therefore, continuously attacking enemies will not result in a faster rate of increasing your gauge charge.
  • When you beat a character, the same type of character around the attacker and ones you have hostile relations with will receive a 5% charge to their gauge.
  • Specials will no longer charge when friendlies of the same type die, in a change from patch 1.20.

|===Conditions that affect damage===

  • Damage depends mostly on weapons rather than stats.
  • If your opponent is wielding a weapon on their main hand, the special action can be rendered invalid, based on their greater evasion. The action will appear to miss if this is the case. Even if it wasn't blocked by greater evasion, it still helps on lowering its damage.
  • Specials now do extra damage to stronger monsters if you have the Courage feat.
  • Pets set in defense mode can drain enemy charge using their own charge, using the Disturbance special action.
  • The Courage AP feat and the Fury status should factor into the damage done by the special skills.

|===Special text display===

You can set special text for these actions by using a talk text file. An example file can be found in your User/Talk folder as sample.txt, and any new file you create must be placed in this folder for the game to find it. The text for the invoke appears under %txtSpecial,EN. You can use multiple lines, and the line that is said will be picked randomly when the action is activated. To apply the file to your character, interact with yourself, then choose Change Tone and pick the text file. Keep in mind that sample.txt contains the information for the "younger brother" NPC, and so might contain some other text that your character will use. The file might not work without certain sections, although the lines might be allowed to be blank.

Going through the trouble to replace the tone is the only way to replace the default Decapitation text that appears when a special is used.

|===List of invoked specials===

These actions are normally activated by weapon use, similar to Decapitate. But like decapitate, these also show up in the special actions list. This is presumably for NPC use. The stamina use listed is for the special action version. The listed attribute that the skill is based on is presumably just for the special action as well.