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For special actions in Elona+, see Special action (Elona+).
For special actions in Omake, see Special action (Omake).
For special actions in Mobile, see Spells and Actions (Mobile).

Special actions are unique abilities that can be used by hitting the action button. They are either used for utility functions, like teleporting or pickpocketing, or offense, like fire breath.

Their effectiveness is based on a corresponding stat (Pickpocketing is based on Dexterity, etc). The higher your corresponding attribute is, the more effective the special action usually is in some way - attacks have more dice of damage, there is an increased chance of an ability working, or duration is extended, depending upon the ability in question. Some special actions (such as Dimensional Move) do not have any scaling effects, however, and do not change regardless of your stats.

Special actions use up Stamina; attempting to use a special action while affected by the Tired condition may result in failure to utilize the action (Stamina cost is still applied if failure occurs); attempting to use special actions while affected by the Very Tired condition or worse will always result in failure. It is possible to reduce yourself to the Very Tired! condition by repeatedly trying to use special actions, so be careful.

Using special actions trains the attribute it corresponds to. This means that special actions that are self-targeting or otherwise capable of being used in general circumstances can be used in safe places to train your stats, as they only cost stamina, which you can rest to regain for as long as you have enough food.

Special actions can be opened up for use through the gaining of certain feats, belonging to a certain race (most are debug races), or reaching a certain level of a Skill. Special Actions may also be gained from being aligned with certain gods, and changing your allegiance would remove the skill.

Typing "gain_spact" into the console in wizard mode will also give you all special actions except pickpocket and riding.

Special Actions Gained Via Skills[]

  • Draw Charge (1 SP) (Magic Device 16; gained upon level up)
    • Draw charges from chargeable items, destroying them in the process. Number of actual charges drawn from the item appears to depend on the value of the item (number of charges drawn is always equal to or more than the number of charges in the item). Using this action on an item with zero charges will draw no charge at all, but still destroys the item in the process.
  • Fill Charge (10 SP) (Magic Device 16; gained upon level up)
    • Fill a chargeable item with drawn charges. You need 10 drawn charges for one attempt at charging an item. The effect is similar to reading a scroll of recharge. Has a chance to destroy the item, which goes down with increased Magic Device.
  • Pickpocket (20 SP) (Pickpocket)
    • Look at all of an adjacent neutral or enemy creature's items, apply sense quality to them if possible, and potentially choose one to try to steal (max weight str/2). Uses stamina regardless of whether you pick an item to try to steal or if you just take a look.
  • Riding (20 SP) (Riding)
    • Allows you to ride any of your pets for a speed increase but causes a severe penalty for using heavy weapons.
  • Swarm (5 SP) (Tactics 16; gained upon level up)
    • Attack all enemies adjacent to you in one turn using melee attack

Special Actions Gained Via Feats[]

  • Cheer (28 SP)
    • Grants your allies the Hero, Speed, and Contingency effects for some time. Based on Charisma. Has been changed in Elona+ to no longer include Contingency.
  • Dimensional Move (15 SP)
    • Works like the Short Teleport spell. Has a 100% chance so long as you have stamina. Like short teleport, your destination is random and uncontrolled. Unlike the spell, it can be used safely while dimmed.
  • Drain Blood (7 SP)
    • Deals Nether damage to the enemy, thus stealing HP, like vampire bats. Based on Dexterity. Also restores some stamina, allowing you to use it to effectively gain back all your stamina on multiple or one tough opponent. Can be used with impunity on freely attackable NPCs in towns (or during Party Time! quests on weaker, unsupportive NPCs) to great effect, especially for spam-training non-combat skills.
  • Fire Breath (12 SP)
    • Breathes fire, much like fire hounds and fire dragons. If you target the ground and use this action, it will breath fire in the direction of the tile targeted. Good for Russian-Roulette styled cooking. Based on Constitution.
  • Touch of Sleep (10 SP)
    • Deals some damage and may cause the target to fall asleep - the "silky hand" that some monsters can use. Based on Will.

Special Actions Gained Via Aligning to Gods[]

  • Absorb Magic (25 SP) (Gained from Itzpalt of Element)
    • Restores mana. Based on Magic and favor. (Calc)
  • Lulwy's Trick (20 SP) (Gained from Lulwy of Wind)
    • Boosts speed by an incredible amount for several turns. Based on Dexterity.
  • Prayer of Jure (30 SP) (Gained from Jure of Healing)
    • Heals oneself. Based on Will and favor. (Calc)

Special Actions Unique To Races[]

  • Absorb Magic (10 SP)
    • Restores mana. Based on Magic.
  • Boost (50 SP) (android, black angel, Rogue Bosses)
    • 5 turn blessing that increases speed by 120 and boosts "physical attributes". (Testing shows that it only boosts Strength and Perception, more Perception than Strength) Based on Will.
  • Breath (10 SP, 12 SP for Fire Breath only) (Special-damage-type dragons, drakes, Hounds, siren etc.)
    • Breaths breath with the respective damage type out over an area. Comes in all the special damage types except magic; Power Breath deals normal, physical damage. When this action is used, the breath will be directed at whichever monster/NPC you are targeting at that moment; or if you're targeting the ground, in the direction of the area targeted. Based on Constitution.
  • Change (10 SP)
    • Changes target into another creature. Based on Perception.
  • Curse (10 SP) (various enemy casters such as minotaur magicians)
    • Curse target's items. Based on Magic.
  • Decapitation (10 SP)
    • Kills target. Only works if the target is low on HP. Based on Dexterity.
  • Draw Shadow (10 SP) (All the Hands monster types)
    • Draws the targeted monster/NPC to you. Does not invoke hostility in non-hostile NPCs/monsters. Protected against by the "it prevents you from teleporting" equipment attribute Based on Will.
  • Drop mine (15 SP) (Mine dog)
    • Sets landmine. Based on Magic.
  • Ether ground (18 SP)
    • Create ether mist, increasing ether disease when stepped on. Based on Magic.
  • Eye of dimness (10 SP) (Eyes)
    • Dims target. Based on Charisma.
  • Eye of ether (10 SP) (Eyes)
    • Corrupt target. Worsens target PC's ether disease. Based on Will.
  • Eye of Mana (10 SP) (Eyes)
    • Damage MP target. Based on Magic.
  • Eye of mutation (10 SP) (Eyes)
    • Mutate target. Can be evaded or resisted with the It protects you from mutation attribute. Based on Will.
  • Grenade (18 SP)
    • Deals sound damage (and thus can cause confusion) to 3x3 area around user. Based on Magic.
  • Harvest Mana (10 SP)
    • Restore MP. Based on Magic.
  • Mani's Disassembly (10 SP)
    • Almost killed target(useful to capture NPC using monster ball). Based on Will.
  • Mewmewmew! (1 SP) (Ehekatl of Luck)
    • Deals 9999999 damage (seven nines) to everyone on the map except the user. The only chance to survive it is Contingency.
  • Pregnant (15 SP) (Alien)
    • Attempts to make the target Pregnant, which always succeeds unless the target has equipment with the It prevents aliens from entering your body attribute. Based on Perception.
  • Rain of sanity (50 SP)
    • Cure insane area. Based on Will.
  • Scavenge (10 SP) (Hungry sea lion)
    • Steal food from target. Based on Dexterity.
  • Shadow Step (10 SP)
    • Teleports to the currently targeted monster/NPC. You cannot target a tile and teleport to it using this action. Not affected by the "it prevents you from teleporting" equipment attribute. Based on Will.
  • Suspicious hand (10 SP) (Master thief, Robber, Thief)
    • Steal gold from target and teleports self. Can be evaded or resisted with the It protects you from thieves attribute. Based on Dexterity.
  • Touch of Fear (10 SP) (ghost, Greater mummy)
    • Deals some damage and may inflict the Fear status effect on the enemy, which causes them to be unable to attack. NPCs with the Fear condition will flee from whatever caused the effect. Based on Will.
  • Touch of Hunger (10 SP) (Hungry demon)
    • Deals some damage and increases the target's hunger level; it is possible to starve a target to death using this action. Based on Will.
  • Touch of Nerve (10 SP) (Paralyzers)
    • Deals some damage and may paralyze the target. Based on Dexterity.
  • Touch of Weakness (10 SP) (Most undead, hands, rotting higher-level enemies)
    • Causes some damage and may weaken the enemy, reducing their stats until restored. Note that if your stats were enhanced by blessed potion of restore spirit/body and then weakened, neither drinking regular restore potion nor Healer's restoration can heal your stats. You have to drink BLESSED restore potion in this case. Based on Will.
  • Vanish (10 SP) (Bells)
    • Escape self. Based on Perception.