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Special Ammunition is a kind of attribute that may appear on ammunition, providing special benefits. It can only be used on ammunition that, when identified, says "can be loaded with (some type of) ammo" in the description.

To equip Special Ammunition, press z to open the actions menu, go right to 'ETC', and select 'Ammo'. Alternatively, shift+A works too. Special Ammunition can only be used for a given number of shots, at which point it will need to be refilled at a blacksmith for a few thousand gold or from a Special ammos box. Firing special ammo consumes stamina (SP); the amount varies by the type of ammo used. If you do not have enough stamina, you will receive a "you are too exhausted!" message and not consume any special ammo.

For ammunition that has multiple varieties of shots, you can choose between them by repeating the above process. Each time you do this, the ammunition type is moved one to the right.

Types of Special Ammunition[]

  • Rapid Fire: Fires up to 3 times, each at half the power of a normal shot. If the target is killed and there are shots remaining, the closest opponent (including neutral NPCs) will be selected and attacked automatically. Small SP usage.
  • Explosive: Causes a 7x7 tile explosion centered on the target. Moderate SP usage.
  • Piercing: Presumably ignores defense, though to what degree is unknown. Small SP usage.
  • Magic: deals a random special damage type (fire, nerve, chaos, etc.), which can inflict status effects. The physical attack itself is reduced to 1/10th the damage of a normal shot. Small SP usage.
  • Time Stop: Stops time for 3 turns. Large SP usage.
    • Important to note, this will stop your Pets from moving as well, and potion puddles/status effects still work normally. If your pet has ammunition that activates this effect, you will be frozen as well!
  • Burst: Fires up to 10 times at 1/3rd normal attack damage per shot, alternating between targets (including neutral NPCs). Moderate SP usage.

SP Usage[]

Special Ammo Type SP Cost
Rapid Fire 0~1
Explosive  0~10
Piercing 0~2
Magic 0~2
Time Stop 0~25
Burst 0~15


In Elona+, Ammo can now be reloaded with the "Special ammunition box" item.

  • Piercing: Has 100% pierce.
  • Burst: Fires up to 20 times.
Type Min Ammo Max Ammo
Rapid Fire 30 100
Explosive 5 20
Piercing 15 45
Magic 20 55
Time Stop 2 7
Burst 2 7

Omake Overhaul[]

In Omake overhaul, pets can be commanded to use special ammo, and reloading ammo at the blacksmith will also reload the ammo for pets