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"I hear that South Tyris is a violent and uninhabitable land.  Who knows what sort of horrors lurk there..." -NPC

South Tyris is a region of land located directly south of North Tyris. This area is accessible but under construction in the game, but the map of North Tyris clearly shows that it is connected to land masses to the north, south and east. According to NPC's, the land is supposedly extremely violent and uninhabitable.


South Tyris map with locations, last updated 7/22/13

South Tyris is accessible in Elona+ by visiting the North Tyris south border area (South of the Ancient Castle). In Elona+, you can only get to South Tyris after completing the Main Quest.

In keeping with the reputation, it is indeed harsh and violent, to the point that enterprising adventurers will be refused entry until defeating Zeome. However, it's by no means uninhabitable, as there are multiple towns there, including Valm and Melkawn.

There are also some Chaos Forts: <Hell>, <Destruction>, and <Weapons>.

Elona Mobile[]

See South Tyris (mobile)

Elona+ Towns[]

Those towns are with traders and job boards.

Note: The names here differ from the map slightly, but the locations will match them up. Since there is only one main road, the locations here mostly are in order as you follow it from the top. Specific NPCs and other oddities are mentioned in the location's own page.

  • Eirel: A town near the north border of South Tyris. It is with many shops and a couple static NPCs.
  • Melkawn: The largest city in South Tyris, this is more of an industrial town than a castle town despite its map icon. Many shops here, along with an underground casino with black markets.
  • Port Kurualm: A town located near the ocean, using the lighthouse icon. It has nearly every type of shops.
  • Valm: Another port town, but smaller. The Deep-sea castle can be reached from here.
  • Melugas: Located around the center of the map, connected to the main story dungeon, Rehmido. It is the Yerles army's base, and the main quest is usually advanced here.
  • Arcbelc: A prosperous town focused with tourism, it has a decent set of shops as well as a souvenir vendor.
  • Ludus: A barren agricultural town. During August they host the South Tyris Rain Festival.

Elona+ Other Locations[]

Here are a couple other spots that can't be considered to be a real town or a dungeon.

  • South Tyris north border: Identical to the North Tyris south border town in North Tyris, it is one of two "friendly" locations that you can warp back to.
  • The Smoke and Pipe: While technically not a town, this location is the second of two locations that were in the beta version of regular Elona. It is located south of the town of Eirel.
  • Ruoza: This is a refugee camp. It isn't a full town, but it contains the one place you can spend AP on skills in the game.
  • Maid Mansion: Sort of like a second home, you need to complete a quest before you can enter here. If you try beforehand, it will send you to a forest map just like you had tried to enter a jail. Has a set of NPC shops, and its own set of neutral NPCs. It is the second "friendly" map you can warp back to when it is unlocked.
  • Deep-sea castle: Where an Abyss Princess and her subordinates lives. Time flow much faster relative to outside per turn.
  • The Ancient Garden: A quest location. Early in the third act of the main quest, it becomes a way to travel between South Tyris and Lost Irva. Because of the ether corruption here, you won't want to stick around any longer than you have to.
  • The Oblivion Palace: A secret location, three tiles north and two tiles east of Rehmido. It has the facility to re-initialize data.

Elona+ Set Dungeons[]

Here are several dungeons that are in permanent locations in South Tyris, storyline dungeons first.


South Tyris (oomSEST) with locations, last updated 08/17/20

South Tyris is accessible in oomSEST by visiting the North Tyris South Border. In oomSEST, South Tyris can be accessed from the start of the game.

There are also two landmasses to the south-east of the map that are currently inaccessible.

oomSEST Towns[]

Those towns are with traders and job boards.

oomSEST Other Locations[]

oomSEST Set Dungeons[]

  • Abandoned rural area
  • Ancient ruins
  • Mutant cave
  • Fort of Chaos <Fairy>: Danger level 666. <Chaosy> the Chaos fairy resides here.