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Soul spindle is an Elona+ exclusive item. It can be obtained by creating it using sewing kit (requires 30 Tailoring skill level) or wishing it.

It is used for transferring pet to the next incarnated PC. However, the pet's level and the skills will be greatly reduced if they exceed the threshold. After using it on pet, a flavor text "(Pet name) gasps, "Pervert!"" will be displayed. If the pet meets the requirement, the pet name will be added from "a red spindle of soul spindle" into "a red spindle of soul spindle of (pet name)". Another use will tell PC that it can only be used in the showroom.


  1. Use item on pet with soulmate or higher relationship. (Lower than that will not add the pet name to the soul spindle but can be reused again)
  2. Pick up filled soul spindle.
  3. Make a gene.
  4. Export map (F8) with pet on this map.
  5. Incarnate a gene.
  6. Receive soul spindle from heir trunk.
  7. Go to Show House.
  8. Use soul spindle on pet.

Pet Result[]

  • Pet would save all skills and limbs earned previously.
  • Pet would save relationship level.
  • Pet's level would be decreased to 10, if it was higher than 10.
  • All stats higher than 50, including speed, would be decreased to 50 and have 0 potential. Life and mana are unaffected. Stats lower than 50 are unaffected. INI gets recalculated.
  • All skills higher than 25, would be set at 25 and 0 potential. Skills lower than 25 are unaffected.
  • Pet's AP resets to 0. Additionally, pet's extra skills and feats gained from Black Gauntlet <Leold> will be lost.


  • soul spindle creates a soul spindle.


The item sprite ID for the soul spindle is 57 (Row 1, Column 24) using the item sprite zero-based position system.