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Smithing is a mechanic in Omake overhaul that is used to repair, enhance, craft, and fuse equipment.

All blacksmithing requires a Blacksmith Hammer tool item.

Omake Overhaul[]


Smithing allows you to create and upgrade equipment while training constitution.

Blacksmith hammer[]

It is an added item. These are rarely caught by fishing (rank of bait doesn't matter) and can sometimes be found at general or goods stores.

Using (t) the hammer starts all smithing related actions.

Leveling up hammers[]

Hammer gains experience on every use. The more difficult a forging is, more experience the hammer receives.

As it gains experience and levels, so too does its ability to do more.

After a certain level has been reached, name of the hammer changes to reflect its current rank. It obtains the following ranks below.

  1. Novice Hammer (level 1 - 9)
  2. Apprentice Hammer (10 - 20)
  3. Journeyman Hammer (21 - 39) (Enables equipment enchanting and artifact fusion)
  4. Expert Hammer (? - ? )
  5. Master Hammer (?+)
Repairing weapons and armors[]

By using (t) hammer on weapons or armors, some negative enhance values can be removed.

Creating weapons and armors[]

Along with an anvil, for creating weapons a furnace is required and for armors a furnace is required to be present on the current map. (Translator's Note: In Japanese version the 'furnaces' actually have 2 different words but in vanilla English both items are labeled as furnace and can only be told apart by their icons)

Using (t) hammer, you can create weapons by combining broken sword with either ore, skin of dragon, or Vanilla Rock. For creating armors any skin can be used. Players can choose the type of weapon or armor to create.

However, there is a chance for smithing to fail, destroying the item used in process. Chance of failing decreases with higher hammer ranks and PC's constitution and increases when using ingredients of higher value.

Quality of created weapon or armor increases with higher hammer level and using more expensive ingredient. Godly quality items cannot be created, however.

In rare occasions, time taken to create an equipment may be prolonged. If this occurs and quality of creation is higher than great, there is a small chance it either becomes a superior equipment or a masterpiece instead. Chance of occurring increases the longer it takes to create an equipment.

If miracle quality weapon or armor is created, you can select the name of your creation similar to how a name of scroll works.

Superior equipment[]

Strengthens power of enchantments.

In addition, on its detailed information window it will display "It is created by (PC's name)".


Greatly strengthens power of enchantments.

In addition, on its detailed information window it will display "It is created by (PC's name)".

Upgrading weapons and armors[]

This is only possible with a Journeyman hammer or above. An anvil must also be present in the current map.

Using (t) hammer, equipment can be enhanced in similar fashion to reading scrolls of enchant weapon or armor.

Maximum enhance value limit increases with higher hammer rank. Maximum enchant from a hammer is the 1/7 of the Hammer's level, rounded down. A level 21 Hammer will be able to enchant an equipment to +3.

Random artifacts fusion[]

This is only possible with a Journeyman hammer or above. An anvil and furnace must also be present in the current map.

By using (t) the hammer and choosing an artifact fusion license with two random artifacts, you can fuse both random artifacts together.

During the fuse process, one artifact selected as a base can obtain an enchantment from another artifact selected for extraction.

There are some limitations to this however.

  • Only enchantments marked as inheritable can be added.
  • Power of enchantments are added one # at a time.
  • Will not add enchantments hammer cannot fuse.
  • When fusing, will not add an enchantment if its strength exceeds a certain value.
  • Living weapons cannot be chosen as either the base or an extract.

As hammer increases in rank, it can fuse more types of enchantments.


  • increases your XXX
  • grants your resistance to XXX
  • improves your XXX skill
  • maintains your XXX
  • deals XXX damage
  • can be loaded with XXX ammo
  • causes random teleport
  • prevents you from teleporting
  • negates the effect of XXX
  • negates the effect of being stranded by bad weather
  • floats you
  • allows you to see invisible creatures
  • sucks blood of the wielder
  • disturbs your growth
  • attracts monsters
  • prevents aliens from entering your body
  • decreases physical damage you take
  • catches signals from God
  • inflicts massive damage to dragons
  • inflicts massive damage to undeads
  • reveals religion
  • inflicts massive damage to Gods


  • speeds up your travel progress
  • protects you from Etherwind
  • protects you from mutation
  • increases the chance of extra melee attack
  • increases the chance of extra ranged attack
  • deals cut damage to the attacker
  • diminishes bleeding


  • invokes XXX
  • absorbs stamina from an enemy
  • brings an end
  • absorbs MP from an enemy
  • gives you a chance to throw an absolute piercing attack
  • occasionally stops time
  • protects you from thieves
  • allows you to digest rotten food
  • protects you from cursing words
  • increases your chance to deliver critical hits
  • sometimes nullifies damage you take
  • enhances your spells

Maximum allowable limit of enchantment strength that can be fused increases with higher hammer level.


Higher level hammers gain less experience from lower quality ores, eventually getting no experience from them. The highest quality ore, a Godly Diamond, will train a hammer to level 80. Beyond level 80, monster skins from increasingly high level monsters must be used for experience.

The order of ore quality goes from lowest to highest: Mica, Rubynus, Emerald, Diamond.


Higher quality ores give more experience, but are also hard to work with, and lower level hammers can not successfully create equipment with them.

An unsuccessful craft gives much less experience than a successful craft.

Broken Swords can be found in (listing repeatable locations only):

  • Wilderness
  • Miral and Garok's Workshop
  • Fighters Guild

The maximum hammer level in Omake Overhaul is level 2000.

In some OO variants, after level 2000, the hammer is enchanted with +1, and its level reset to 0.


In oomSEST, Blacksmith hammers can reincarnate, and various changes have been made.

You can now use more items beyond the broken sword as a base for crafting:

- wood piece let's you make bows

- ore piece let's you make crossbows and guns

- animal bone let's you make ammo (the junk item, not the npc drop)

- gold bar let's you make jewelry

OOMSEST Blacksmith hammer notes:

   Higher rank hammers fail less when crafting,and Master rank doesn't seem to fail at all.
   At the level cap you can use the hammer to upgrade the hammer with +1.
   It uses a different harder formula for reincarnated hammers.
   Exp needed = {value of material} - {hammer level}^3 (min 1 exp) + {the number of products} (1/1000 of the maximum value of material)
       After around level 1290. or so, it'll overflow and you'll need low level skins.
       At 1626 it rolls over again, and you'll need high level skins.
       At 1861 it switches again,and you'll need low level skins.
   Exp of item ~= gold value.There's also some RNG involved.
   Once the gold value drops below the exp requirement, you get roughly value/exp % to the next level.
       So with a level 15,000 bubble skin worth 600,600 and a level 91 hammer (needs 753,571 xp) you'll get roughly .8 % xp each craft
       This varies quite a lot, and you can sometimes get 2% each craft.
   Normal skin cost = (NPC Lv) x 40 + 600 gp 
       This can be increased for certain rare NPCs such as gold bells or Vesda.        
       level 50M bubble = 2 billion 600. Warning, you can overflow selling price to shopkeepers, and it'll wrap back to 1gp.
       Higher level bubbles seem to give the same xp to hammers, so you can stop at 50M.
       This'll be enough for up to around hammer level 1290.
   Once you can get strong bubbles, aim for level 48994, as above that there is a bug that lags skin farming.
   just got a tip, get anatomy to level 40000.  ?? 100% drop with mincemeat alchemist?
   You can get an xp boost from the blacksmith guild. This starts off at a low turn count, but if you reach rank 1, and do a final guild quest, it goes up to 1M turns.
   If you curse your hammer you can't create miracle gear and thus wont be prompted to select a name, reducing the time for each item made
       Creates equipment of the type of material used, with quality based on level.
       Miracle and better gear can be named on creation.
       Superior/masterpiece gear can be crafted that has "created by yourname" on it, that has even higher base enchants.
       This has no effect on enchant transfers.
       Using a broken sword and a gem you can make:
           Long Sword
       Using a skin as a base you can make:
       The exact type will of each will be random, ie light gloves or heavy gloves.
       The material used will determine the material of the weapon/equipment.
           Ie, rubynus -> rubynus.
           Most types of skin will make scale, but some will make dragon scale or even ether. (might be wisps?)
           You can use the vanilla rock as a gem to make adamantium weapons.
   Needs journeyman, level 21+
   Enhance limit = level * 9/20  capped at 900.
       If level > 2000 then +50 to to the limit
       If hammer's Enhance >= +1  then +50 to the limit
       For a total cap of 1,000
   Hammers increase gear enhance rate by 1 + (hammer enhance ^2 )
       So, a Hammer +1 gives +2 enhance to gear per use.
   Enhance value increases the relevant damage multiplier 1% of the buffed weapon skill per +1
   Ammo increases it by .15% per +1
   Ie, with 2000 firearm, +10 to both a gun and it's ammo will give 11.5% of firearms, or +230, to the multiplier.
   This only applies to the weapon/ammo itself, so dual-wielded weapons only get one boost.
   Can enhance living weapons, do this before leveling them for best results.
   Can only fuse from and to random artifacts, no uniques, no living weapons.
   Will transfer everything with the symbol to the left of the enchant.
   Can only transfer as much enchantment as the source has, so if it has 1 enchant strength, you only get 1 transferred.
   It seems you can't get innates selected, they must be generated randomly. So, no using mithril to get magic resist, or crossbows for pierce attack. It might be possible for something with an innate to also spawn that enchant, ie a rubynus equip might also have some life enchant spawn, this does work and benefits from the innate's strength boost.
   After the reaching the level cap, a hammer can smith itself and get hammer enhance = +1, hammer level cap goes up +2000 and hammer level resets to 0. The Tubal-cain title enables stronger living weapons based on highest hammer reincarnation reached ^ 2 + 1, capped at +7 for x50. The reincarnated hammer also has it's transfer rates and caps multiplied by the same amount. 
   Hammer enhance keeps going after +7 if you really want stronger enchants, I'm not sure if the multiplier is still capped at x50. 
   Enchantment strength should cap out at 2 billion.
   Transfer rates:
       These are enchant strength, not the corresponding values. Ie, 50 luck enchant strength is just +1 to luck.
       Negatives enchants seem to transfer in full.
       skills:                  + 200
       attributes:              + 50  (includes life/mana/luck/speed)
       resists:                 + 100
       immunities:               + 50  (strength doesn't matter)
       null damage              + 50    
       decrease phys damage      + 50
       cuts attacker            + 50
       pierce attack            + 50
       extra attacks            + 50
       signals from god;        + 50  (strength doesn't matter)
       spell enhance            + 50
       maintains:               + 100 (strength (mostly) doesn't matter)
       deals element damage:    + 100
       massive damage to race:  + 50
       ammo                     + 1000  (the left 3 digits are the max ammo count, the right 3 digits are the current ammo)
       invokes                  + 50
   Enchant caps:
      4.4 per level per 50 strength.(this seems to be exactly 10 on +1 hammers, might be a formula change?) Ie, ammo would be +88 per level, resists would be +8.8 per level.
      It rounds up to the nearest transfer strength. Ie, 50 for null damage, 1000 for ammo.
      So with a hammer level of 75 it's 330 or rounded up to 350 for attributes, or 660 rounded to 700 for resists.
      Enchants won't show up if overcapped, and will warn if you are going to cap with them.
   How to find the artifact fusion name inheritance list: 
   (ie, where the fusion symbols will be for a given name, on fusion fodder)
       Using the f12 debug console (you don't need wizard mode), you can press 3 to get the number list of all your items.
       Using the number of the item you want to find the inheritance on, you can now type  "inheritance number".
       This will list the titles, followed by a sequence of numbers. 
       These numbers are the enchant indexes that can be fusioned.
       So, let's say you have:  the mercenary 3 . And the 3rd enchantment is fire, then with that title, you'll be able to fuse the fire enchantment.
   Extra features:
       You can fuse furniture with NPC parts to create NPC themed furniture.