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The <Smash Tonfa> (a tonfa when unidentified) is a tonfa that is only available in the Elona+ mod of Elona. Tonfa have special attributes that make them unlike a weapon or a shield.

It is wielded by <Arma> the tour guide in Arcbelc on the South Tyris continent. She is a normal NPC, but must be killed to get the item.


It weighs 1.5s
Item-basic.gif It is made of titanium.
Item-basic.gif It is fireproof.
Item-basic.gif It is precious.
Item-weapon.gif It modifies hit bonus by 10 and damage bonus by 20.
Item-armor.gif It modifies DV by 20 and PV by 0.
Item-skill.gif It makes you a better tactician. [###] (+13)
Item-skill.gif It improves your Martial Arts skill. [###] (+13)
Item-stat.gif It increases your Strength by 7.
Item-special.gif It increases the chance of an extra melee attack. [#####+] (300)
Note: attributes may vary depending on luck.




A light and durable piece of equipment for both offense and defense. By slightly loosening one's grip, it's possible to hit an opponent by quickly shifting the tonfa. It allows for quick and powerful melee combat, crushing opponents one after the other.

~Irva Fantasy Encyclopedia~


The item sprite ID for the <Smash Tonfa> is 728 (Row 22, Column 2) using the item sprite zero-based position system, with a color modifier of 5.