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Slimes come in at least six varieties. Two of the species of Slime are very low-level encounters (Putits and Red Putits). Third tier Slime is a level 10 minimum encounter that will destroy you early on, and can still destroy your gear if you are not careful engaging them. Fourth tier Acid slime capable of spitting acid from a distance. When monsters in this family are killed, they tend to make a *putit* sound effect. Bubble, probably, would be your first meet with splitting enemy, most notable appearance is in Putit Infestation quest, where they love to multiply in acid puddles.

Types of Slime[]


Putties (Putits in game) are the first type of Slime you will encounter. They have the lowest HP out of all monsters in the game, are a level 1 encounter, and are extremely easy to kill in one hit, even for a new adventurer.

Red Putty[]

Red Putties (Red Putits in game) are level 2 as opposed to level 1. The same tactics apply - kill them in one hit with a melee or ranged attack.


Slimes are an extremely dangerous species of Slime. They appear as a blue blob. Slimes will corrode your weapons and armor, reducing their enchantment level (if any) and giving large minuses to armor value and attack. Slimes should NEVER be engaged with a melee weapon, unless your level is high enough and you've made sure to acidproof your gear via acidproof liquid. Ranged weapons from melee range are fine. When they die, Slimes put out pools of acid in random areas within a one-square radius that will melt you and your gear (if it isn't acidproof) should you stand in them. Equipment that floats you such as wings will make you immune to the acid pool's effects.

Acid Slime[]

Acid Slimes are the higher version of the regular blue slimes. Green slimes, while not extremely powerful, can create slime pools on and around you at range. It is imperative that you have your more valuable items acidproofed before fighting these.


Bubbles split when hit, but are only a real threat at low levels where you are unable to kill them with one or two hits.

Blue Bubble[]

Blue Bubbles are the stronger version of the Bubble. While still not physically intimidating, they have many more hit points, making them difficult to eradicate. They are level 27 based on getting one off of a Scroll of Ally. Remember to either Throw, Shoot, or otherwise use ranged on the bubbles, this will minimize the splitting problem, as this seems to be the only way to kill them (don't ever melee these things).