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Skull sword is an Elona+ exclusive item. It can be obtained by crafting it using pot for fusion or wishing it.

It can be thrown like junk/furniture. It is not consumed when thrown. However, the PC needs to pick it up after throwing it.

It deals weight-based damage as well as Nether damage when it hits a target, based on throwing and the latter scaling with the level result when crafted. Damage is affected by the Fury status.


The skull sword can be crafted via pot for fusion, which the recipes name is Makenn tensei. It requires 2 Anatomy and 6 Alchemy skill levels. It also needs a broken sword and a bone fragment as the ingredients.

When crafted, an additional (LV.(level)) text will be added next to the crafted skull sword's name, example "a skull sword(LV.117)". The level is based on the Alchemy skill. The level affects damage when thrown and hit a target.

Two skull swords and an Ore piece, can be crafted using the pot of fusion into a Violent skull sword.

Item Description[]

"A once broken sword that has been reforged through alchemy. Fearful of being broken again, the sword resists when wielded. Since it's not suitable for swinging, just throw it without giving it a chance to struggle. Sympathy is meaningless". ~Magic Tools Complete Works~


  • skull sword creates a skull sword. There is no level indicated on this skull sword. After it gets thrown and hits a target, the item becomes "a skull sword(LV.1)". Some NPCs don't trigger the item name change when got hit by this item.


The item sprite ID for the skull sword is 995 (Row 30, Column 5) using the item sprite zero-based position system.