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Note: Some skills are misnamed in the equipment descriptions; Invest is called Support and Recovery is called Restoration.

Skills are mainly leveled by using them, using a weapon will improve that weapon's skill, getting hit will improve your armor skill, casting will improve your magic skills, etc...

You can also use skill books to get XP related to a single skill, you can read once per day or several times per day if in bad weather (Etherwind, rain, snow or storm)

You also get special training points when leveling up, they give XP and potential.

Skill Potential[]

The higher the Potential, the higher the XP gained from training a skill.

The speed by which skills level up depends on their potential. It is really hard to upgrade high level skills if their potential is low.

Skill potential can be increased by trainers in towns through platinum coins, the higher the skill level, the more platinum coins are required, the potential gained is also reduced as it increases, so keeping close to 150% potential when using platinum coins is usually the best strategy.

Special training points also give potential equivalent to training the skill once, so it's good to use on skills with high level, to save on platinum.

Learning New Skills[]

You need to learn related skills to be able to do some action or to gain XP while doing something.

Learning new skills costs platinum, the price increases for every new skill you learn.

To learn new skills you need to find a trainer, you can read the skill description to find out the location of a trainer that can teach it.

For skills that can only be learned in guild trainers, if you're not a guild member you can move the guild guard away (Summon monsters close to him, kill him or teleport him away with a Rod of Teleportation) then enter the guild area and use a disguise kit to not be attacked and interact with the trainer normally.

Max Skill level[]

A Skill's max level is directly tied to the Basic Stats: Constitution, Dexterity, Magic, Perception, Strength, and Will. Each skill max depends on its corresponding stat, the Magic stat and how much your character had on creation.

The actual formula is:

55 + Initial Skill Value + rounddown(Magic Base Stat / 3) + rounddown(Related Base Stat / 5)

Skill list[]


  • Axe
  • Blacksmith
  • Gardening
  • Long Sword
  • Martial Arts
  • Scythe
  • Tactics
  • Two Hand
  • Weight Lifting


  • Blunt
  • Carpentry
  • Healing
  • Heavy Armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Mining
  • Polearm
  • Shield
  • Stave


  • Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Disarm Trap (Not implemented as of Nov. 2021)
  • Dual Wield
  • Greater Evasion
  • Jeweler
  • Light Armor
  • Lock Picking
  • Pickpocket
  • Short Sword
  • Tailoring
  • Throwing


  • Detection
  • Eye of Mind
  • Firearm
  • Fishing
  • Marksman
  • Nature Lore
  • Performer
  • Sense Quality
  • Stealth


  • Alchemy
  • Anatomy
  • Barrier
  • Cooking
  • Element Channel
  • Gene Engineer
  • Literacy
  • Magic Practice
  • Shadow Mastery


  • Bless
  • Faith
  • Invest (aka support)
  • Magic Capacity
  • Meditation
  • Memorize
  • Mind Control
  • Necromancy
  • Negotiation
  • Recovery
  • Riding
  • Traveling

Skill Training Tips[]

Material Piles[]

Searching Material Piles (Gathering Spots) in random dungeons will train Mining, Gardening, Detection, Fishing or Gene Engineering.


Carry enough weight in your inventory to get the "burdened" status, extremely slow to train.


'Cast' Riding from the action tab to open the mount selection menu, attack and be attacked while riding to gain XP.


Wait for all nearby NPCs to go to sleep (or kill or teleport them) before stealing items. The maximum weight of an item that you can steal depends on your STR stat. You can use the Pickpocket skill to see what a NPC has in their inventory.


Lock Picks may break if you try to open a chest above your skill level. Train by opening chests in dungeons, opening Gambler chests and opening safes in towns.


Dig ore piles and walls to get ore. Digging walls in dungeons can also be quicker than walking, make room for fighting tough monsters or to reach hidden chests. Mining uses SP.


Scrolls of Faith are sometimes available in Magic Shops, can be crafted and, if you are really desperate, you can waste diamonds to buy one. The scrolls award 5% faith skill exp, no mater the potential, alongside giving 75 favor with your current god if blessed.

You also gain small amount of faith XP by giving offers, praying and some dreams.


If you are having trouble successfully books, use the divine wisdom spell (scroll of knowledge is weaker but works too) for a literacy skill buff, collect gear with +literature to equip while reading and bless your books to make it easier to succeed in reading them.


Obtain Little Fairy from Kumiromi's Favor reward and feed it for seeds. Seeds can also be obtained from Port Kapul's food shop.

Performer/ Preach[]

To train your Perform and Preach Skill you must use NPCs with a lower level than your Preform/Faith stat, or they will throw a stone at you and interrupt your performance/sermon. The animals on your Ranch should be your first audience. Select a fast breeding ally like chicken or sheep to create a low-level crowd to practice on. Party Time Jobs also train your Preform or Preach skill.

Collect and use gear with +performer to help you succeed in performing and dismiss your allies if they are of high level.

Good places to find low level NPCs include:

  • Level 1 and up - Your Ranch or low level Elemental Contingency summons
  • Level 4 - Vernis (Lillian and Bobby in the top-left house)
  • Level 5 - Cyber Dome (Lower-left room)
  • Level 8 - Port Kapul (by lemon tree in Top-left)
  • Level 8 - Port Kapul (3 foreigners in bottom-left dock)
  • Level 10 - Cyber Dome (Top-right room)
  • Level 10 - Palmia (Bottom-left house)
  • Level 10 - Garok's workshop (2 rooms with only cats)
  • Level 15 - Beggar Cave (Your maids)
  • Level 15 - Port Kapul (by <Denver> at Top-left dock)
  • Level 20 - Cyber Dome (Lower-right room)
  • Level 20 - Cyber Dome (Top-left room)
  • Level 20 - Embassy (Top-left room)

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