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Skill ticket ("some kind of ticket" when unidentified) is an Elona+ exclusive item that can be used as payment for learning new skills from trainers.

Nine skill tickets can be obtained from salary; the player receives tickets equal to the number of level-ups since previous salary. After nine tickets have been obtained this way, the only source of skill tickets is finding randomly generated ones - a rare occurrence.


With skill ticket(s) in the player's inventory, talking to a skill trainer to learn new skills will present a new option to pay with skill tickets, in addition to the usual platinum option. Using a skill ticket will still increase the platinum cost of your next skill to be learned, so it may be worth saving tickets for after you've learned a few skills with platinum while the costs are still low.


  • Skill tickets can be sold.
  • As there are currently 55 skills in Elona+, and skill learning costs cap at 15 pp, a good rule of thumb is to use skill tickets to pay for skills when learning a new skill costs 15 platinum coins. This maximizes the total amount of PP saved.
  • They are not precious, therefore easily destroyed.
  • Skill tickets can also be inherited.
  • Can be wished for, but take care:
    • skill tick will get +1 in Pickpocket; use full name or kill tick instead.


The sprite number for the skill ticket is 538, with a color modifier of 5 (gold tint).