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Sickness is a status effect that causes a steady, temporary loss of stats (akin to being hit by a grudge's Touch of Weakness special action). If left untreated, it can go from Sick to Very Sick.

Sickness may be caused by:

  • Drinking dirty water or vomit
  • Prostitution
  • Using cursed healing rods or potions ("you feel grumpy. you get sick.")
  • Eating certain kinds of food (Cursed corpses of undead: Zombie, Skeleton, etc)
  • Drinking alcoholic Potions

Sickness may be cured if you drink a blessed healing potion (of any kind), or when you sleep; however, the only guaranteed cure is if you die and crawl back up. Dying in the arena/Party Time!/Hunting quests can be used to instantly cure your sickness, however, it can incur penalties to fame/karma (unless you manage to kill all monsters first and then somehow die without leaving: starvation, overweight, summoned monsters, overcasting, etc), as well as receive the Tired status.

The stat loss can be avoided by wearing "It maintains ..." equipment. Wearing a full set of it will make you immune to sickness.

Elona+ Changes[]

Drinking green tea can cure sickness. (Version 1.68)

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