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Show House
ハウスドーム Hausudōmu
You see Show House.
Region North Tyris
Location (35,27)
Music N/A
Filename N/A

The Show House is a location in North Tyris, southeast of Vernis, southwest of the Crypt of the Damned, and due east of the Cyber Dome; it has the same appearance as the Cyber Dome or Cyber house, but tinted brown/tan instead of blue. The Show House is used to view areas you've exported via F8 or downloaded from the internet into your user directory. If you don't have any such areas, then attempting to enter it will give you an empty "Room List" menu, and the only thing you'll be able to do is close the menu. If you have one or more usermap areas, you'll be able to choose one to enter.

Once inside of an exported room, standard moongate rules apply. You can interact with doors, altars, statues of Creator and summoning crystals. Killing NPCs won't result in any of their inventory items being dropped (not even precious items), though it might result in them dropping random items they didn't have before death. The only interactions you can do with NPCs is "Let's Talk" or "Bye Bye" (e.g., you can't buy from or sell to shopkeepers).

Note that no changes you make to the room will be saved, so you can't use the Show Room to modify an area before uploading it. This also means that any items you drop will be permanently gone once you exit the room.