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  • Gold - Basic currency, earned mainly by completing town board jobs and clearing random dungeons. Used on normal vendors and some upgrades such as increase inventory size or warehouse size.
  • Platinum coin - Earned mainly by completing town board jobs and clearing random dungeons. Used to increase your skill potential on Trainers.
  • Diamonds - "Premium" currency, used in special shops and services. Ways to earn it for free listed bellow.
  • Small medal - Used at Miral and Garok's Workshop, earned by completing daily Kingdom bounties, fixed dungeon objectives and as rare rewards from chests/wallets.
  • Skin Tickets - Used in the Skin Shop. Obtained either by buying packs or as a "byproduct" from item gachas
  • Friend Points - Used in the Friendship shop. Obtained every time you trade a Ice Pop with a friend, once per friend on that week.
  • Ice Pop- Cargo, Can be bought with the Ice Pop Vendor in Palmia on Sundays, can be sold to butlers in other player houses for Friend Points, melt from Saturday to Sunday
  • Rift Particles - Found in Rift Dungeon. Used in Rift Shop.
  • Special Rift Particles - Found in Special Rift Dungeons. Used in Rift Shop. Will automatically turn into normal rift particles once event timer expire.
  • Void Stones - Found in Void dungeon. Use at the Void Shop.
  • Fishing Vouchers - Used in Fishing Shop. Earn from <Danvers> after joining Fishing Association, trade in fishes for it.
  • Badges - Gold and Silver Badges are obtained from events. Used in Badges shop. Expire once per month, at the end of the rotation, be sure to spend them;
  • Golden Apples - Used in Treasure Shop to buy past God's Treasures.
  • Girl Coin - Used at Wishing Well and Egg Gachas.
  • Film Roll - Used to skip ads.
  • Draw Tickets - Used at Wealth Trove instead of diamonds.
  • Nefia Coin - Earned by resetting Nefia Points. Used to sign and upgrade Pacts in the Character Covenant interface.
  • Tokens- Blue, Purple, Gold and Colorful Tokens are used in their own Gacha machines. Used to buy the Commercial Street deed.
  • God Marks - Used to upgrade God's Treasures.


Normal Vendors[]

See: Vendors (mobile)

Garok Workshop[]

Uses Small Medals as currency, can sell Diablo and Sage's Helm, both great items for early in the game.

Void Shop[]

Located in Samuel, Uses Void Points, sell runes and elemental stones. Can be reset once per day for free and automatically resets once per week.

Rift Shop[]

Located at the truce grounds and in the Phone Menu, sell general consumables, of special note is that it offers advanced stats consumables, like Hero's cheese and Lucky Apple, weekly resets.

Mysterious Scientist[]

A "shop" that lets you recover lost Red Equipment, but you can intentionally "lose" equipment to be able to retrieve another copy with better enchantments/slots

Uses "Little Sisters points" as main currency, which you get by delivering little sisters to the scientist, price increase by 1 for every trade, maxing out at 10.

Fishing Shop[]

Located in the Phone Menu, sells rods and decorations, only way to obtain level 7+ rods.

Quality and quantity of offers increase with Fishing Association rank.

Uses Fishing Vouchers as currency, trade in fishes to the fish association leader in Port Kapul to get them.

Resets once per week.

Badge Shop[]

Located in the Phone Menu, sells general consumables, skins related to the current theme god and god treasures.

Uses Golden/Silver badges, both reset monthly, becoming gold coins if you had any remaining.

Colorful badges can be obtained from packs on the shop and don't expire.

Treasure Shop[]

Located in the Phone Menu, Sells past skins and Treasures.

Recommended order of purchase: Netherworld Contract -> Netherworld Contract -> Lulwy's Candle -> Mansion Deed -> Source of Life Cube -> Lulwy's Candle -> Source of Life Cube -> Nimbus Cloud -> Nimbus Cloud

Friendship Shop[]

Located in the Novice Buttler in your home, offers general goods.

Uses Friend Points

Premium Shops[]

These Shops use Diamonds, Real Money or other hard to get currencies.

in general the game offers really bad deals, either selling useless stuff or selling weak benefits for extreme prices.

The one good real money purchase is the Permanent Rubynus Card, other than that, it's questionable.

But with all of this said, it's your money and what you buy is only for you to decide.

Diamond Shop[]

Located in the Phone Menu.

Daily Shop[]

Offers items for diamonds, always same selection at the same price, reset daily.

Suggested to always buy the discounted girl coin, everything else can be farmed for free/is of questionable value.

Mystic Shop[]

Offers items for diamonds, random selection of item and pack sizes, the discounts are always the same for the same "pack".

Can be reset for free 3 times daily, and resets automatically every day.

Suggested buys:

  • Advanced stats consumables (Hero Cheese, Lucky Apple, Magic Fruit & Hermes blood), Pack of 5x is the best offer
  • Resort deed and crafting materials as needed.
  • Serum of Cure Corruption (for Ether setup), pack of 5x is the best offer.
  • Everything else is easy to get or of questionable value.

Draw Egg[]

Located in the Phone Menu.

"Gacha" for allies, uses Girl Coins or Diamonds.

Has different "Banners" with the top one being for the featured unit and the bottom one is the general pool.

Pity at 100 pulls, guarantee a red unit NOT ALWAYS the featured one, pity counter carries over to the next banner of the same time.

New players are suggested to use Girl Coins in here until they got a solid team of 5 allies + allies to ranch for advanced stat fodders.

Other players should try to stockpile Girl Coins and Diamonds until they have enough to cover the 100 pity and only pull when it's a really good unit.

Check Allies (Mobile)#Ally Suggestions for useful allies list.

Skin Shop[]

Located in the Phone Menu.

Sells skins for players and Allies, need Skin tickets, which can be bought with real money from some packs or as a "byproduct" from the Wishing Well/Wealth Trove.

Wishing Well[]

Located in the top bar, left of the minimap.

"Gacha" for items, uses Girl Coins or Diamonds.

Offers several Red Equipments, with one of them being the main "banner" equipment.

It has 2 pity counters, both at 100.

The first pity is just for the banner item, shown in the top left, this does not carry to the next banner.

The second is for the general red equipment pool, shown in the bottom right, this one does carry over to the next banner.

You cannot get two copies of the same red equipment.

Players should try to stockpile Girl Coins and Diamonds until they have enough to cover the 100 pity and only pull when it's a really good equipment, and avoid pulling when the well is open but it has no banner item.

Wealth Trove[]

"The place where whales come to die." - Elona mobile Discord server

When it's open, is located in the top bar, left of the minimap.

"Gacha" for items, uses Draw Tickets or Diamonds.

Has 300 different items, usually with a god treasure and red equipment as top rewards. You cannot pull the same reward twice, but some rewards appear multiple times.

Has a 300 pity, no carry over pity at all, half of the items in it are of questionable value, a 1 in 300 chance of pulling the main equipment and doesn't use Girl Coins (Which you get ~2 per day for free).

Do not pull in this thing unless you got enough currency to cover the full 300 pulls, the odds of getting something good are very bad and even worse for the main "banner" items.

Grace of Jure[]

This is a special version of the Wealth Trove, with only 150 possible rewards.

Both times this was available all the 50% worse rewards were removed, making it a much more acceptable banner to pull on.

Shop menu[]

Located in the top bar, left of the minimap.

Offers deals for real money. also offers free Daily/Weekly/Monthly packs that give diamonds and Summon Contingency.

Deals are sold in packs, some with Daily/Weekly/Monthly limits or only offered to new players.

Monthly cards[]

Monthly cards lasts for a set amount of time, or permanently like the Rubynus card, giving you a reward on login.

Rubynus card has great value for what it gives, since it's permanent

Silver and gold cards are OK, Purple card is a joke in bad taste.

Courage Badge[]

Courage Badge is Elona Mobile's Season pass, giving you rewards based on how many bounties you cleared.

It resets every so often, requiring another purchase for the next one.

Exclusive Newcomer deals[]

These are only available to new players.

While the pack with Gwen the brave is OK, (she's one of the few units that can donate gene engineering to other allies), the "weapon packs" are extremely bad, offering equipment that at the best are meh, and at the worse scale with skills that aren't even implemented.

Diamond sources[]

Other than just buying with real money, the game offers several sources of diamonds for "free players":

  • Weekly login streak.
  • Watching Daily Ads.
  • Free Daily/Weekly/Monthly Diamond pack (Shop > Vending Hut > Packs).
  • Guild Expeditions (Needs a guild, Check Weekly Events list to see if it's open), both clearing a boss yourself or supporting a player that does clear a boss, up to 200 for clearing a boss and 40 for supporting a clearing player.
  • Subspace Gate (Talk to Uncle canine in Vernis, Check Weekly Events list to see if it's open), up to 150 diamonds.

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