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Shift cores are a new type of item added in Elona+ 1.44. Obtainable through wishing (including outside wizard mode).

They require the target to be at 50 gauge and when used, they allow for temporary changes to portrait, sprite, and name, while applying a buff. Pets can use them as well.

It's necessary to set the name, sprite, and portrait, after changing for the first time, as it can't be done beforehand. Afterwards, that information will be saved.

Using alpha, beta, gamma, or delta shift cores gives Form Shift hex (though the effect of each respective shift core is different) that lasts 200 turns, while the omega shift core gives Final Shift hex that lasts 150 turns.

Both Form Shift and Final Shift increase the power gauge's limit from 100% to 200%. If <Gauge Release> is used when the gauge is at 200%, it will additionally stop time for 1 turn.

Name Sprite Effect
Alpha I1007-Alpha-shift-core.png Grants +20% and +5 Strength and Perception, and +40 magic reflection.
Beta I1007-Beta-shift-core.png Grants +20% and +5 Dexterity and Magic, and +120 Magic Resistance.
Delta I1007-Delta-shift-core.png Grants +20% and +5 Constitution, +20% and +50 PV, amplified healing, and adds 10% to the chance of completely nullifying damage.
Gamma I1007-Gamma-shift-core.png

Grants +20% and +50 Speed and DV, and immunity to speed reductions.

Omega I1007-Omega-shift-core.png

Grants +20% and +5 Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Perception, Magic, Speed, +120 Magic Resistance, and also negates per-turn power gauge depletion. However, it decreases HP and MP by 1/150 each turn (minimum of 1 HP/MP lost per turn), but this effect won't kill you even if you go into negative HP.


  • shift core to obtain a random shift core.
  • alpha shift core to obtain an alpha shift core. ("alpha" may spawn an Alpha Bar Table)
  • beta shift core to obtain a beta shift core. ("beta" may spawn a Beta Bar Table)
  • delta to obtain a delta shift core.
  • gamma to obtain a gamma shift core.
  • omega to obtain an omega shift core.


The sprite number of shift cores is 1007 with respective tints:

  • Orange tint for alpha shift core.
  • Blue tint for beta shift core.
  • Yellow tint for delta shift core.
  • Green tint for gamma shift core.
  • Purple tint for omega shift core.