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Shield is a constitution based skill that gives a bonus to PV when the character is equipped with a shield. This bonus is percentile, so the higher your base PV, the higher the bonus will be. The bonus only applies once and is based on your total PV, not just from the shield. Thus, wearing extra shields won't net as much PV as the first, assuming they are the same. Wearing a shield while melee attacking trains shield.

This skill will also increase the damage done when you shield bash; however, it does not appear to increase the frequency of shield bashing.

Wearing a shield will lower the casting chance of spells by 5%.

Shield bash[]

When equipped with a shield, your character will occasionally bash the target with their shield. This will inflict damage and may dim the target. This is not affected by the type or number of shields equipped.

Shield Bash chance is: 1% at less than 25 Shield skill, 2% at 25, 3% at 36, 4% at 49, 5% at 64 or more. Shield Bash feat adds a flat 5% bonus, so maximum bash chance is 10%.

PV Effect[]

(Data applies to Elona+ 1.62)

The formula for the PV effect from the Shield skill is: PV = PV * (120 + int(sqrt(ShieldSkill)) * 2) / 100

In short, this means that you gain a 20% bonus to your PV by default, and then for each time your shield skill reaches a value with a whole square root (e.g. 4, 9, 16, 25, 36), you gain 2% additional modifier to your PV score.

Types of shield[]

Sprite Name DV PV Dmg Notes
Shield large.gif
large shield ~ ~ - common shield
Shield kite.gif
kite shield ~ ~ - common shield
Shield knight.gif
knight shield ~ ~ - common shield
Shield round.gif
round shield ~ ~ - common shield
shield ~ ~ - common shield
Shield small.gif
small shield ~ ~ - common shield
Shield tower.gif
tower shield ~ ~ - common shield
Precious shields
Shield of thorn.gif
Shield of Thorn 0 1 - Causes bleeding damage to attacker; In Elona+ wielded by Mary the insect master in Sacred Library of Irva
I393-Al ud.png
Al'ud -1 35 - Looks like an instrument; random reward for performing
Elona+ precious shields
Plank of Carneades 1 1 - randomly wielded by Theif guild members and fishermen
Saber Tonfa 5 15 30 wielded by <Aile> the attendant
Sacrifice Tonfa 25 25 40 randomly wielded by adventurers
Sealed Shield -20 80 - randomly wielded by <Grief Shields>
Shield Tonfa 0 30 20 costs 55 small medals at Miral and Garok's Workshop
Smash Tonfa 20 0 20 wielded by <Arma> the tour guide in Arcbelc
Sonic Tonfa 10 10 25 wielded by <Fron> the tour planner
I453-Yohualli Tezcatl.png
Yohualli Tezcatl 8 18 10 wielded by <Tezcatlipoca>
  • Note: As of Elona+ 1.16(?), Tonfa are no longer classified as pure shields and do not grant the shield %PV bonus. However, they are still able to shield bash.

Trained skill[]

All characters begin with 3 levels and 115% potential in Shield.




  • #shie will increase Shield by 1 level and train its potential.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #shield will increase Shield by 1 level and train its potential.

Elona Mobile[]

In Mobile, basic Shields can be crafted at a Shield Crafting Table and requires the Carpentry and Blacksmith skills. Crafting Recipes can be found here.