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Seven league boots (always named as such even before identification) are a special type of leg armor that increases your overland travel speed. They are not unique and are a common item to wish for; they can also be bought from blacksmiths, though a high shop rank may be needed for the boots to appear. Also, while extremely rare, it's possible for NPCs and adventurers to get these in their inventory.

It is entirely plausible to get [Great] level seven league boots if you are lucky with your wish. Also, while very rare, it is possible to find <Miracle>, or even {Godly} quality boots as well.

It always uses the same sprite as the composite boots, while color varies depending on material.

The traveling speed effect can stack with other seven league boots equipped, but to very minor difference.


It weighs n.
Item-armor.gif It modifies DV by x and PV by y.
Item-special.gif It improves travel progress [#####+] (500)
Note: Attributes will vary depending on the material.

Although it doesn't say so in the description, these boots increase your speed by 11. The hidden +11 to speed does affect pets, but the boots must be worn by your character to benefit from the increased travel speed.


  • In European folklore, the Seven-league boots are mythical boots that allows the person wearing them to take strides of seven leagues per step.
  • The Seven league boots are also a special item in ADOM.