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Sense Quality is a perception based skill that allows you to determine basic information about the material type, quality and blessed/cursed/doomed status of an item. It allows you to completely identify items, revealing a weapon or armor's attributes and enchantments, although this may take a long time at lower skill levels. It will eventually completely identify miracle, godly, and special equipment, making this skill very valuable to low-level characters who can't afford scrolls of greater identify or a wizard's investigation.

In versions of Elona+ past 1.99, this skill is called Analysis.

Miscellaneous items such as spellbooks, potions, rods, and scrolls cannot be identified by using sense quality. To partially identify these kind of objects, you first have to identify an unknown miscellaneous item, then pick up an unidentified item of the same type. Note that this won't reveal the possible blessed/cursed status of an item or the number of charges a wand or spellbook has.

This skill is used passively and will reveal some information on sight and may reveal more information as you carry the item around. Since it is used passively and trains your perception, it is an excellent skill to learn early in the game.

As the skill level increases, the chance to see the quality of equipment (as well as the material it is made of) even before picking it up also increases.

One way of increasing Sense Quality is to buy slaves from the Derphy vendor and strip them of their gear. After you do, you sell them back to the vendor at about a 500gp loss, but you get 0-6 items each time. After you become near overweight, you spend some time on the world map and let your Sense Quality identify the gear. If you have a shop, you can drop the gear off and may even profit from it.


Quality level gives you an idea of the value of a weapon or piece of armor, but does not accurately reflect how useful any enchantments may be.

  • Bad
  • Good
  • Great
  • Miracle (will be <named>)
  • Godly (will be {named})
  • Special (unique artifacts)

Sometimes there's extra information after the quality level.

  • (Scary) means the item is cursed.
  • (Dreadful) means the item is doomed.


Equipment has a 100% chance at being identified at skill level 50 and above. In addition to that, a few items will be identified at a time as turns pass and not during auto turns. There will be no message when it happens and items will be stacked.

Trained skill[]

You may learn Sense Quality from the trainer in Yowyn and Noyel.



  • None


  • #q will increase Sense Quality by 1 level and train its potential. "q" by itself works if you aren't using Elona+.
  • Prior to 1.16fix1, #sequ will increase Sense Quality by 1 level and train its potential.