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The secret treasure of the saint (a Mysterious Jewel of the Saint when unidentified) is a usable item that rarely drops from <Gwen> the innocent and <Gwen> the pitiless in Yowyn. When used, it grants a feat which increases Karma maximum by 20. The only real benefit from this, aside from being slightly harder to become a criminal, are the tax breaks for having higher karma (5% for every 5 above 0). It also increases all karma penalties by 50%, rounded down - meaning that all acts that were -1 still are.

It does not affect karma minimum or karma gains, and it does not stack with the secret treasure of the wicked - one will erase the feat granted by the other, replacing it.

Elona+ changes[]

Having positive karma increases the chance of getting a wish from fountains per +10 additional karma. Up to the maximum of 5% with 40 karma.