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Samuel is a town unique to the mobile version. It is in the same location as the town of Larna in the PC version.

Samuel is a hill town located south of Lumiest. At first it appears to be located on top of an impassable hill; you must travel through the Mountain Pass dungeon (level 30) in order to reach it. After visiting the town the first time, you may use Scroll of Return to go back to it at any time. There is no town icon on the world map (as of Nov. 2021) but there is a 'mountain' icon near the location of the Mountain pass entrance.


  • Innkeeper
  • Souvenir vendor - gifts, unicorn horn, mines, seeds
  • Bartender


  • Fortune-Teller/ Divination
  • Curse Service

What's unique?[]

  • See also Town Achievements for town specific quests.
  • Dungeon: Pass (level 31-36) – a 4 floor dungeon you must travel through to get to Samuel.
  • Dungeon: The Real Mountain Pass (level ?) - The entrance to this dungeon may appear randomly in the 4-floor Pass you went through to get to Samuel.
  • Hot Springs – It is unknown if the Hot Spring reduces Sanity as in the PC version.

The Void Space[]

A challenge dungeon. Higher level monsters. The floor level greatly increases every 10 floors. One boss appears on every floor. Defeating bosses in Void Space does not affect “Deepest Level” rank. Recommended Deepest Level 20 to start.

Earn Void Stones to spend in the Void Shop.

Void Space can only be entered 2 times per week and for no longer than 2 days. Void Space is open Wed - Thur, Sat – Sun, UTC.

Void Space rewards:[]

  • Level 5 – Damaged Fire Stone x1, Void Stone x150


The Fortune Teller <Tia> can cast divination once per day (server time), giving you the choice of 4 Prophecy quests per day. The quality of the prophecy depends on the color or the glowing sphere of your choose (Green to Orange). If you don't like any of the prophecies available <Tria> can refresh the Divination. Rewards include chests, gold, potions, runes, dimensional keys and platinum coins.

Example of Prophecies:[]

  • Green: The Captain of Orc – Chance to encounter Goda the Captain in a random dungeon. (Reward: Chest)
  • Blue: “Monster's Bane – Defeat 200 monsters (Reward: Gold Coins and Platinum Coins)
  • Blue: "Bonus Chest 2 - Open a Jeweled Chest and get a bonus chest.
  • Purple: Dimension Invite 5 - Clear 1 level of Void Dungeon (Reward: Purple Dimension Key, Void Chest)
  • Orange: Corrupted Dragon 2 - Kill 3 specific Corrupted Dragons to get a chest. (Reward: Chest)

A list of prophesies and rewards is maintained by the Elona Discord group - Divination (Google Drive)

Usable Equipment[]

  • Grand Piano (Perform Lv 35)
  • Gambling Table
  • Sewing tools
  • Altar: empty
  • Cooking tool (Lv 4)

Notable NPC's[]

  • Innkeeper <Buckley Eugen> - Buy a meal or Alcohol.
  • Bartender <Craig Nathan> - Set up team and resurrect allies.
  • Souvenir Vendor <Zior Conan> - Sells souvenirs and rare items like Unicorn Horn and Land Mine.
  • <Anthony> the Deputy – Gives Access to Void Space dungeon and Void Shop.
  • <David> the Magician – Return service and Curse Service.
  • Fourtune-teller <Tria> - Gives four Prophecy quests each day.