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Sampling spots are specific spots that can be searched in hopes of getting materials for crafting skills. Such spots can be found in dungeons or on the world map, and never seen in town or on world fields.

Gathering materials[]

Sampling spots have 6 separate varieties, with three of them being generic spots that can be harvested without a special skill, and the other three requiring a special skill.

Generic sampling spots grant a wide variety of basic materials that can be used for multiple professions, as well as 100 Yen Coins, 500 Yen Coins and Casino Chips. All generic spots give the same type of material. Failure to gather will merely result in exceedingly low-quality material such as Garbage.

Specialized sampling spots require a skill to gather materials from them, and attempting to gather materials from such spots will likely result in failure if the skill isn't high enough. They yield the same low-quality basic materials as the above, semi-rare basic material for specific crafts, as well as rare materials to create high-tier items. Failure will not yield any item, and attempting to gather from them without the requisite skill will always result in failure. Successful attempts will train the skill.


In Elona+, the rest of the sampling spots are given skills that are trained when searched.

Sample spots no longer spawn in regenerating dungeons such as the Puppy Cave or the Void.

Gathering material from sampling spots in dungeons with a low danger level (DL) does not require the associated skill, but as the DL increases the higher the skill is needed to successfully gather.