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The Sacred Library of Irva (with medal locations)

You see the library of gods. - Description of the Sacred Library of Irva on the world map.

The Sacred Library of Irva is a map exclusive to the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is located just west of the center of the Lost Irva continent. It is an indoor map, and has the same appearance as a shop on the world map.

The regular NPCs include seraph, dominions and arkhai. The neutral NPCs include geese, exiles, and scholars. The shopkeepers are also a unique type, shopkeeper crows.

There is one fountain in the lower left part of the map.

It uses track number 71 for its music (mcTown12).


The shops in this map are all run by the shopkeeper crows.

  • Crow Spell writer (Rank 0), at the left wing Plaza: This is accessible if you don't belong to the mages' guild. However, the prices are triple that of the Mages' Guild.
  • Crow Magic vendor (Rank 32), at the left wing Plaza.
  • Crow Goods vendor (Rank 38), right to the entrance
  • Crow Bread vendor (Rank 25), left to the entrance


  • None

Notable NPCs[]

Small Medal Locations[]

The map has 4 medals, with their exact locations on the included map.

  • Lower right part of the map right on the fruit tree.
  • Upper middle part of the map behind the the lamp and pillar on the right side.
  • Upper left-center part of the map. Top left corner of the 2nd library corridor.
  • Lower left part of the map. 3 steps south of the fountain.