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Rust Plaza
ルストール仙窟 Rusutōru senkutsu
Rust Plaza Icon.png
In the desert, you can see the cave.
Region Lost Irva
Location (62,31)
Music mcPuti
Filename 5cave.map
Rust Plaza.png
Category:Rust Plaza

This town is a map exclusive to the Elona+ mod of Elona. It is located in the middle eastern part of the Lost Irva continent.

The NPCs are all neutral with a randomized name of _____ the hill child. All of the NPCs in this town are dwarves. Most of the shop NPCs are dwarves with the single exception of the Magic Shop NPC, who is a shopkeeper crow.

There is a well at the entrance of the town.


Most shops in town are run by Dwarven NPCs with the single exception of the Magic Shop.

  • Magic Vendor (Rank 21)
  • Food Vendor (Rank 23)
  • Furniture Vendor (Rank 41)
  • Deeds Vendor (Rank 21)
  • Deeds Vendor (Rank 45)

The furniture and deeds vendors are non-standard Shopkeepers and are the same types as those found in The Embassy.


  • Identifier
  • Informer

Notable NPCs[]

Small Medal Locations[]

This map has 4 Small Medals.

  • Behind the water grating on the far left side of the map.
  • Very bottom left of the map near the pick.
  • Above the breadsticks at the Food Vendor.
  • Top left of the map, to the left of the sign for the Goods Vendor.