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You see Ruoza. Refugee camp is located. - Description of Ruoza on the world map.


A small tent icon located on a small branch of the main road, west of The Smoke and Pipe. This is a refugee camp, although the details behind this are not translated. There are several beggars here, fallen soldiers, as well as refugees. The latter can be spoken to (and thus have a karma penalty for killing), and have a couple random new lines in addition to the normal townspeople stuff, but are otherwise without purpose. There is no quest board or other features of a real town here.

It uses track number 4 for its music (mcTown4), which it shares with Palmia.


  • None


Notable NPC's[]

  • Black Gauntlet <Leold>: He can be found in the upper left corner, next to the healer's room. Although you might have met him during a visit to the Cyber Dome, after you complete the North Tyris main quest, he moves here. Additionally, he now allows you to use your AP to buy various speed boots and feats, along with AI changes for pets. More detail is available in his page.
  • Bamboo Sprout: Located in the lower left hand corner in a small room. Speaking to him can get you the Revenge mountain level 40 quest.
  • <Karura> hail from Erusia: Located in the top middle, in a small room. She does not have a purpose yet.

Small Medal Locations[]

  • Small house filled with boxed in the upper right, in the middle of the little path between them.
  • Starting from the top door of the Bamboo Sprout's house, head right until you are even with the door of the house above.
  • Inside the empty room directly north of Leold, in the lower left hand corner.