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Attribute Bonuses
Icon-strength.gifStr: Normal 4-7 Icon-constitution.gifCon: Normal 4-7 Icon-dexterity.gifDex: Normal 3-6
Icon-perception.gifPer: Slight 2-3 Icon-learning.gifLea: Slight 2-3 Icon-will.gifWil: None 0
Icon-magic.gifMag: None 0 Icon-charisma.gifCha: None 0
Starting Skills

Axe, Blunt, Martial Arts, and Throwing
Weight Lifting
Lock Picking
Two Hand
Heavy Armor
Medium Armor

For the NPC, see Rogue.
Rogues are savage cuthroats whose demeanor immediately change upon catching a glimpse of a small piece of treasure their glassy eyes lay on. Their combat abilities are decent and they are very dexterous thanks to living in a den of thieves. They are however looked down in society.

The Rogue is a physical combat class exclusive to Omake Overhaul.

Starting Equipment[]




Class Feats[]

Name Effect
Arm Wrestler You have a powerful arm. [Unarmed Dmg +5%]
Axe Apprentice You know your way around with Axe. [Axe DMG +15%]
Blunt Novice You know your way around with Blunt. [Blunt DMG +5%]
Throwing Novice You know your way around with Throwing. [Throwing DMG +5%]