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Researcher's diary is a dark red book exclusive to Elona+. It is obtained after talking to <Regulus> the altered in North Tyris South Border after he found his sister, <Renai> the over meshera. This books contains a researcher's diary during a secret experiment on Meshera's cell in Zanan. This book indirectly tells the origin of <Regulus> the altered and <Renai> the over meshera.

If player talks to <Loyter> the crimson of Zanan after receiving this book, there will be a new option to read this book in the dialogue. He will tell what happened to the president of the facility, after the incident. There is no bonus item given, just for adding more info on the lore of the game.


Bitter Last Words
	of a Zanan Researcher

The chief called me in today. Turns
out I'm going to be transferred to
another research facility. Why?
We're so close to perfecting our
weaponized insects! I may be low on
the management hierarchy, but I'm
still the one in charge of my team.
We're not going to have enough
people here if I get transferred.
What's worse is that this facility
I'm going to is conducting research
on bacterial human augmentation.
That term itself gives me the chills.

This is an order so I can't just say
no to it, but it really pisses me
off how they made that decision
without consulting me. And now
they mention it to me in passing
as if it were no big deal.

Damn it.


The people at this new facility are
crazy. And considering where I used
to work, that's saying a lot. I
wondered where they were getting
their subjects from. Turns out they
swindled money from people, then
forced them to sell their family
members when they couldn't pay up.

I can't believe that they're
experimenting on kids too.

Damn these people.

How do I know this? Because the
chief was so happy after counting
the gold he had siphoned off of
families that he just had to tell me
about it. Can you believe that? I'm
seriously thinking of defecting to
another country, because there is
no way I want to work here.

I can't escape though. The armed
guards are always watching. They
call it the biohazard containment
protocol, and it's so strict that
not even an ant could get out from
here. I'd have to overpower the
guards somehow or punch a hole in
the wall in order to get out...


The subjects are referred to by
numbers, held in single cells (which
they call "Suites"), and are kept
under constant surveillance. They're
prisoners, guilty of nothing except
for the sin of falling for a scam.

I told that to a co-worker of mine,
and he said that it's their fault
for falling for it. He seriously
said that.

To top it off, they just stuck
inspection duty on me. Saying that
I could go chat with them if I
liked them so much.

Damn these people.


So I sucked it up and did the
inspection rounds. The subjects
cussed at me the moment they saw me.
I didn't do anything to them, but I
guess I'm the enemy from their
perspective. So much for chatting
with them, huh. While heading back,
I heard someone sobbing in the cell
at the end of the corridor and what
sounded like someone else trying to
console the person who was crying.
I did hear something about a pair
of siblings - brother and sister to
be exact - having their cells next
to each other.

It's heartbreaking, but I can't
possibly tell anyone or do anything
about that. I'm such a coward.

Damn myself.


You have got to be kidding me. They
are trying to control human-meshera
homunculi here! I mean, it
technically IS bacteria, but it's
completely different from what the
reports we're sending to the
military say!

They tried to research meshera once
but the plug got pulled on it. The
fact that they're doing it in secret
now must mean they're be looking to
find results important enough to
make the military shut up.

There's probably more to this. I'm
going to keep looking.


Seems like they plan on controlling
the meshera with altered nerve
fibres. They expose the body to
meshera and allow it to transform,
then use it like a puppet when it's

The bacteria assumes motor control
and attempts to move the body when
it invades the nerves, and they
prevent that with drugs and surgical
intervention. They have already
completed the surgery on every
subject here.

This works in theory, but what if
the subjects go out of control
after the procedure is done? Turns
out the subjects get culled with gas
after the procedure. They're going
to use this on soldiers only after
they get the technique right.

Damn it. This is unforgivable.


Everybody is running around with
their hair on fire today. I heard
the big shots from the military's
HQ are inspecting this place in the
afternoon. They must be really
desperate to hide everything,
because even a newcomer like me got
roped in to help cover up. And
thanks to that, I now know just how
far they went in their research.
Damn this place to hell. The stuff
they do here is so sickening that I
feel like throwing up. This research
is off the deep end.

I've memorized the documents I saw


The person who came to inspect
turned out to be a subordinate of
the Crimson Hero. The Crimson of
Zanan is quite famous as a military
man, but in the research circles he's
famous for his mistrust of biological
weapons. He's the very same person
who cut my insect research budget
down to nothing.

Anyway. This is my chance to make
this hellhole disappear! I scribbled
down everything I knew about this
place on to a piece of paper and
managed to slip it to the inspector
as he was leaving.

Guess this is what they call
whistleblowing. This is all I can
do. I've been cooped up in this
place ever since I got here. Time to
pray that they don't find out I was
the one to report it, and that they
get here before the subjects get


This is bad. The chief must feel
that something is wrong with
upcoming inspection, because he
pushed the experiment forward. Damn,
they're already calling me, telling
me to get ready to start the
experiment. I have to do something!


I couldn't do anything. Didn't have
time to do anything. Could only
follow orders. After the subjects'
meshera was activated, we
administered the drugs.

The drugs were unfortunately not
potent enough to turn people into
vegetables, and all of them started
writhing in pain. Or it could have
been due to the meshera. I don't

All the other researchers looked at
the writhing subjects expectantly.
It's probably not my place to say
this because I'm a weapons
researcher, but their indifference
pisses me off.

Damn these people. Damn them all.


Two hours after the experiment began,
the changes began to show. Some of
subjects' bodies began to change
colour while others grew tentacles.
The chief called them "low-
compatibility trash". Well guess
what, you're the ones who are trash.
While all other subjects were
convulsing, Subject #14 just keeled
over and stopped moving. His body
remained unchanged so they assumed
he was compatible, but something
seemed off to me. He was wheeled
off into another room for further
examination. Alright, I gotta go too.


The moment we carried him into
another room, Subject #14 leapt up.
Seems like he was just playing dead.
Oldest trick in the book, but it
sure was effective.

With his superhuman strength, he
tossed the guards away as if they
were rag dolls, and his wound healed

Could he be strong enough to force
his way out of this compound? I
shouted at the guards and told
them to guard the door, pointing
at the exit.

It seemed like #14 understood,
because he made a beeline towards
the exit while mowing down the guards
on his way out. Alright.


Damn it, I'm an idiot! He could've
cleaned out the entire complex by
himself if he was that strong!

#14 had evaded his pursuers, but the
security alarm has been set off.
Rescuing #16 - his sister - is going
to be a lot more difficult now.

Why did I not thing of this? Damn
it, I'm such an idiot!


People disgust me. I'm sick and
tired of everything.

It's been 12 hours since the
experiment. Some people including
myself were sent off to look to see
if there were any other compatible

My head was filled with thoughts of
how I was going to escape from the
quarantine facility if there was
another compatible subject there.
Before I knew it, I had already
arrived at the suites, and I was not
prepared for what I saw there.

The subjects' bodies had transformed
into cocoons. The other researchers
were shouting something. That this
was too fast and that they shouldn't
be transforming in a mere 12 hours.

They frantically tried to contact
those outside on the comms, but then
there was a loud noise. It was the
sound of the containment barriers
closing around the quarantine
facility. The researcher standing
right at the back of the group ran
to try to get out, but the walls
were already down.

The comms was silent.


While we despaired, the cocoons
started assaulting us with
tentacles. We managed to retreat all
the way to the containment wall
though pretty much everyone had
sustained serious injuries. We are
trapped here. There is no way out.

We heard a loud noise deep in the
facility. Was it another subject on
a rampage, striking the walls? I was
curious, but with the tentacles
trapping us here, there was no way I
would ever be able to make it there
to find out.

Some of the researchers have lost
their minds and are laughing, and
the others have barricaded
themselves in a corner. Me? I'm
writing this.


Damn it, they're gassing us all
Hand go ng numb

   t write

am I in die here
damn to hel