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Religion and the gods in Elona Mobile appears similar to the gods in the original Elona, with small changes such as the names of God Pets and the price of Favor rewards.

In Elona Mobile, you can choose to worship one of 7 gods. Followers get Stat and Skill level bonuses according to their Favor amount and Faith skill level.


You can increase a god's Favor by offering them their favorite type of offering. When you have enough Favor you can claim a milestone reward. To obtain all three rewards you will need a faith level of 40. Note: Be sure to pick up your milestone reward from the ground before leaving the map or it will be lost.

All non-meat offerings are worth 25 favor, regardless of quality. So a Junk Stone is worth the same amount of favor as a Gold Bar for Opatos & Jure.

You cannot collect the God Pet ally if your ally roster is full.

  1. The 1500 favor reward is a God Pet/Ally.
  2. The 2500 favor reward is a God's Treasure gem, which might give you a passive ability when used or trigger an effect when used (if the later, it recharges over time).
  3. The 4000 favor reward is an exclusive red rarity weapon.

You get only your lowest, unclaimed reward when praying, so if you skip the first 2 and pray at 4000 favor, you'll still get the pet.

You can get multiple copies of the pet by changing gods and coming back, but you can only ever get one of the 2nd and 3rd reward.

Your passive bonuses from following a god are based on your current favor but also have a max value based on your faith skill.


The maximum favor you can accumulate depends on your Faith Skill. Faith in turn is tied to the Will Stat. You can increase Faith skill level/potential in these ways:

  • Preaching
  • Getting a random dream event while sleeping
  • Reading a Scroll of faith
  • Reading a Faith textbook
  • Using gear that has +Faith enchantment (Temporary)


You can Pray to your god at an occupied altar or from your Inventory.


You can preach using a God's Mark, which is obtained upon occupying an altar. Preaching is similar to Performing. If you attempt to preach to NPCs with higher then your Faith level, they may throw stones at you and interrupt your sermon.

Arena of Gods[]

By talking to <Gin> Gods Emissary in the Truce Grounds, you can enter the Arena Of Gods and challenge a god.

You have 4 tries per week, and get God marks rewards based on damage dealt to the god and if you managed to kill it.

You also get a God's treasure if you successfully kill it

Currently the only god avaliable to challenge is Opatos and only on the Easy difficulty


An altar is an item that allows the player to make offerings to raise their favor towards their god. In Elona Mobile, altars can be found in these locations:

  • There are altars to all the gods (and an empty altar) at the Truce Grounds.
  • There is an altar to Opatos of Earth in Vernis.
  • There is an altar to Jure of Healing in Noyel.
  • There is an altar to Kumiromi of Harvest in Yowyn.
  • There is an altar to Mani of machine in Cyber Dome.
  • There is an altar to Itzpalt of elements in the Mages' Guild.
  • There is an Altar to Kumiromi of Harvest in Lanka.
  • There is an empty altar in Palmia.

Truce Ground[]

The Truce Ground is located north of Palmia. It contains altars to all of the individual gods in the game, and a single, unaligned altar in the center.

Speak with <Cutie> God's Emissary to access the Badge Shop, Claim Escort Totem, Teleport to Mystic Lake, and redeem a Priest Mask.

Speak with <Kim> Favored by the God of Wealth to enter the Rift Dungeon and redeem Rift Particles at the Rift Shop.

Speak with <Gin> Gods Emissary to enter the Arena for Gods.

Mystic Lake[]

The Mystic Lake is a location where you can make Priest Masks offerings and summon Gods.

You can enter Mystic Lake using a Escort Totem or talking to <Cutie> Gods' Emissary at the Truce Ground.

Priest Masks can be use as an offering at Mystic Lake to summon gods.


Opatos Of Earth[]

Set shilian 1.png
Description The faithful have massive strength and defense.
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Ore & Socket Items.
Special Ability Opatos' Shell (10% Physical damage reduction)
Grace of God STR, CON, Shield, Barrier, Weightlifting & Mining
Pet Golden Knight - Melee fighting and carries heavy weight.
Gem Secret treasure of Opatos (Phys DMG taken reduction)
Weapon Gaia Hammer

Itzpalt Of Elements[]

Set shilian 5.png
Description Followers are protected from elemental damage and learn to absorb magic.
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Staff & Wands
Special Ability Absorb Magic (absorbs MP)
Grace of God Magic, Meditation, Fire RES, Cold RES, Electric RES & Element channel
Pet Banisher - Deals ranged magic damage.
Gem Secret treasure of Itzpalt (Increase Elemental Damage done)
Weapon Elemental staff

Lulwy Of Wind[]

Set shilian 2.png
Description The faithful can move swiftly
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Bows & Crossbows
Special Ability Lulwy's Trick (speed bonus)
Grace of God PERC, Speed, Bow, Crossbow & Stealth
Pet Vivian the Black Angel
Gem Lulwy's gem stone of god speed
Weapon Wind Bow

Ehekatl Of Luck[]

Set shilian 4.png
Description The faithful are lucky, really.
Hobby/ Offering Meat & Fish
Special Ability Ehekatl's school of magic (random mana cost)
Grace of God PERC, Luck, Greater evasion, Magic Capacity, Fishing & Lock Picking
Pet Black Cat - can "lick" equipment from monsters it kills.
Gem Secret Treasure of Ehekatl (Increases enchantments maximum value by +1)
Weapon Lucky Dagger

Jure Of Healing[]

Set shilian 6.png
Description The faithful can heal wounds
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Ore & Socket Items.
Special Ability Prayer of Jure (heal self)
Grace of God Will, Healing, Meditation, Anatomy, Cooking, Magic Capacity & Restoration
Pet Defender
Gem Jure treasure (Increases Sanity Regen)
Weapon Holy Lance

Kumiromi Of Harvest[]

Set shilian 3.png
Description The faithful receive the blessing of nature
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Vegetables & Seeds
Special Ability Kumiromi's Recycle (seeds from rotten food)
Grace of God PERC, DEX, Magic, Gardening, Alchemy, Tailoring, Literacy & Nature Lore
Pet Elle the cute fairy
Gem Kumiromi's gem stone of rejuvenation (can resurrect crops or push them to the next growth stage)
Weapon Kumiromi scythe

Mani of Machinery[]

Set shilian 7.png
Description The faithful gain knowledge of machines
Hobby/ Offering Meat, Firearms & Metal Furniture
Special Ability Mani's Precise Attack (Phys DMG +5%)
Grace of God DEX, PERC, Healing, Firearm, Detection. Lock Picking, Carpentry & Jeweler
Pet Machine 11
Gem Gem stone of Mani (Does area damage, currently extremely weak)
Weapon Winchester Premium

Cornelia Of Wealth[]

Description Cornelia is the Godess of Wealth. Her worshipers can toss gold to attack enemies.
Offerings Necklace, Rings and Meat.
Special Ability Attacks with Gold Coins
Grace of God PERC, CON, Negotiation, Sense Quality, Traveling, Alchemy, Investing & Short Sword
Pet Lucky Cat
Gem Cornelia's Mystery Gem (Halves the gold loss on death)
Weapon Horn of the Harvest

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