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<Regulus> the altered
773-Regulus the altered.png P85-Regulus-E+1.38.png
Level 162 Male Zanan Warrior
Str: 431(Hopeless) Con: 319(Hopeless) Dex: 300(Hopeless)
Per: 233(Hopeless) Lea: 233(Hopeless) Wil: 223(Hopeless)
Mag: 233(Hopeless) Cha: 262(Hopeless)
Life: 100 Mana: 100 Speed: 339
Skills Weapon Proficiencies

Tactics: 179 (2%)
Two Hand: 120 (1%)
Weight Lifting: 115 (1%)
Healing: 577 (4%)
Shield: 187 (2%)
Heavy Armor: 184 (2%)
Medium Armor: 184 (2%)
Light Armor: 109 (1%)
Evasion: 190 (2%)
Stealth: 109 (1%)
Faith: 109 (1%)
Meditation: 109 (1%)
Performer: 109 (1%)

Long Sword: 195 (2%)
Axe: 195 (2%)
Martial Arts: 174 (2%)
Scythe: 190 (2%)
Blunt: 195 (2%)
Polearm: 184 (2%)
Stave: 109 (1%)
Short Sword: 184 (2%)
Bow: 109 (1%)
Crossbow: 109 (1%)
Throwing: 109 (1%)
Firearm: 109 (1%)


Fire: Superb
Cold: Superb
Lightning: Superb
Darkness: Superb
Mind: Superb
Poison: Superb

Nether: Superb
Sound: Superb
Nerve: Superb
Chaos: Superb
Magic: Little

AI Routine
Reaction to Player: Friendly
Preferred Distance: 1
Movement Chance: 10%
When Below 25% HP: Super Regene
Basic Secondary (3%)
Distant Attack (x3) Boost
Touch of Fear

<Regulus> the altered is a friendly unique NPC in that appears exclusively in Elona+. He makes his appearance after accepting the second bunch of quests given by <Erystia> the scholar of history in the main quest, in the inn inside of the North Tyris South Border town. He has a sister called <Renai> the over meshera.

He uses the Distant Attack special action the most frequently, followed by Touch of Fear. Occasionally he will buff himself with Boost, or go berserk with cTemper. Upon low health, he'll use Super Regene. He is innately immune to Fear, but all his elemental resistances are lost upon recruitment.


<Regulus> the altered cannot be evolved.



  • cardegul creates a card of <Regulus> the altered.
  • figuregul creates a figurine of <Regulus> the altered.


The sprite number for <Regulus> the altered is 773. His portrait is located at 85 in the face2.bmp portrait sheet.