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Reasonable reason.
I should have purchased the mine reasonable, but in reality it was a landmine area.In order to make use of the land somehow, I want to reduce mines little by little.I will give you a platinum coin if you remove mines at [###] places.


As of Elona+ v1.85, this job appears only if you have 15,000+ fame.

On taking this quest, you will be transported to a large area with some trees and (a lot of) hidden mines scattered around. You have 60 in-game minutes to find and defuse your quota of traps. Triggering them by yourself, pets/zombies or even summoned monsters, walking on them with Disarm Trap skill, "searching" on top of exposed trap - all of it counts as defusing. Failing this quest will result in fame loss.

Unlike it pitfall counterpart mines are dangerous to toy with - they deal high damage, so throwing yourself on them is ill-advised. Better get off ground ("It floats you" equipment, Feather potions/spell) and carefully check your surroundings. Stack of "detect objects" scrolls (or spell) will make search a lot easier. High level necromancy summons tend to be tanky enough to not be bothered much by mines and will help you to cover more ground per turn. Success will reward you with platinum coin and some dark/devil fragments. Exceeding quota more than 1.5 times will also award you a bronze coin.