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Main Quest[]

  1. ?
  2. The first mission is to go to the dungeon of Lesimas, and find <?> located on the third floor.
  3. Talk to <Erystia> the scholar, who will give you a quest to find <?> who was last known to be on the sixteenth floor of Lesimas and a key that unlocks the stairs to the fourth floor.
  4. ?
  5. <Erystia> will then tell you to find the three magic stones needed to open the door located on the seventeenth floor. The three stones are located in the Tower of Fire, the Crypt of the Damned & the Ancient Castle
  6. ?
  7. Defeat the boss, <Zeome> the false prophet, on the 45th floor of Lesimas dungeon.
  8. <Erystia> the scholar will send you to the Burning Forest dungeon , to rescue <?>. To get there go through a portal that is now open in the Embassy.
  9. Return to <Erystia> The scholar to claim your reward.

Side Quests[]

Quest NPC Location
Ask about the Prophet Derphy
Send love letter to Noel Derphy
Help <Renton> the suffering wizard collect storybooks Lumiest
Win the "Winter Combat" (Eleanor story) <Eleanor> Mayne Lord Mayne
Hebe piano (Hebe story) <Hebe> Musician Mayne
Win the "Reindeer race" (Hilde story) <Hilde> Rookie Scout Mayne
Send the love Letter to Lily Noyel
Theresa send gift to Queeen Noyel
Graveyard theft <Conery> Palmian Major General Palmia
Investigate Port Kapul Palmia
Philanthropist's revenge <Tylor> the Philanthropist Palmia
Three stones (main quest line) <Erystia> the scholar of history Palmia
Bonus story Palmia
What's a Computer <Mengmeng> the hobo Palmia
Little Girl's Ghost Palmia
Abandoned Arena <Jaidee> the nobleman Palmia
Mia's Dream/ Silver cat Coy <Mia> the cat freak Palmia
Minotaur king <Conery> Palmian major general Palmia
Ambitious Scientist <Icolle> the Biologist Port Kapul
Flowers for Raphael Port Kapul
Love Letter to Shena <Raphael> the Womanizer Port Kapul
Save Fredo <Arnord> the Injured Soldier Port Kapul
Secret Mission <Maya> the mysterious figure Port Kapul
Retrieve Rai the maid Vernis
Rescue <Laura> the Agriculture Expert <Will> the Elder Yowyn
Genetic Modification Plan <Laura> Agriculture Expert Yowyn
Ask Degas <Gamish> the beggar Yowyn
Ask Gwen <Gamish> the beggar Yowyn
Novice Knight <Ainc> the Novice Knight Yowyn
Tam's House <Tam> the cat hater Yowyn
Superhero <Aix> the mask Yowyn


  • Quest “Ask about the Prophet”
  • Quest “Send love letter to Noel”


Quest “Defeat Morticy” (Storyline #1)[]

  • Note: quest should be called “Defeat Timothy”
  • Required: Talk with Timothy first. He is near the north exit.
    1. Talk to Dana and offer to help water plants.
    2. Dana will ask you to report your sighting to Queen Leia.
    3. Talk with Queen Leia. Watch cutscene.
    4. Go to Dana (aka Tonna) for a check up and learn about Lanka. She will give you fruit.
    5. Talk to Philip. If the quest cue doesn’t show up, select “Let’s chat”.
    6. Bring Philip 1 bottle of Whiskey. Learn more of Lanka’s backstory.
    7. Talk to Dana.
    8. Deliver painkiller to Reed (aka Rend).
    9. Talk to the witch Adeline.
    10. Bring her the herb.
    11. Deliver medicine to Reed.
    12. Talk to Dana. Watch cutscene.
    13. Lead the queen to Timothy. Watch cutscene.
    14. Rescue Mamie from Marsh Passage dungeon.
    15. Talk to Queen Leia
    16. Deliver invitation to: Queen of Palmia, Yowyn Village Chief, and Loyter in Vernis
    17. Return to Queen Leia. Watch cutscene.
    18. Talk to Dana (Tonna) for supplies (sweetmeat, ?, ?)
    19. Return to Queen Leia to receive “A Gift to the warrior” - Crown of Thorns
    20. Defeat Dark Devil Timothy, the boss of Marsh Passage dungeon (Lv 55-57).
    21. Watch cutscene. Talk to Queen Leia.
    22. Quest Completed. Start quest: Lanka Storyline #2.

"Read Leia's mind" (Storyline #2)[]

Quest 2, part A. “Coronation”.

  1. After completing storyline #1, talk to queen Leia. Watch cutscene.
  2. Talk to three guest: Sidney, Grace, Beata.
  3. Pay Beata 3000g to write your speech.
  4. Watch cutscene of coronation.

Quest 2, part B; "Find The secret of Dark Witchcraft"

  1. When you enter Lanka, you will trigger a cut scene of two npc who found a dark magic book.
  2. Find the book hidden somewhere in the town of Lanka. Read the book. (You can find the book southeast of the temple hidden behind a bonsai tree. [You can only pick up the book using pickpocket skill.)
  3. Give the book to Queen Leía.
  4. Return the book to Adeline the witch. Watch cut scene.
  5. Bring Adeline an herb.
  6. ? I’m not sure which action triggered the next step in the story. You may need to make soul soup, drink soup or just go find Beata.?
  7. Watch cut scene of Beata.
  8. Return to Adeline. She will send you cast the truth spell on three people. (It is unknown if your choices affect the story. )
  9. Talk to Vernon. Option: Give him money to fix his roof.
  10. Talk to Sidney. Option: Keep his secret.
  11. Talk to Reed.
  12. Talk to Angus.
  13. Return to Adeline.

Quest 2, part C. “Read Leía’s mind”.

  1. Talk to Queen Leía.
  2. Oops, you got caught practicing dark magic. Fight Angelina (Lv 80). (If you don’t want to fight her now, you can leave and she will stay neutral until you attack her.)
  3. Talk to Angelina. Option: Rat on Adeline or say you taught yourself.
  4. If you chose to "taught yourself"; Apologize to Sidney; Give Sidney a bottle of whiskey. After this talk to Adeline.
  5. Talk to Adeline. She will send you on two errands.
  6. Bring Adeline x1 sun stone.
  7. Bring Adeline x1 Easelia herb.
  8. Talk to Adeline and watch cut scene with Leía.
  9. Quest complete. Reward: Peacock statue.

Quest; "Peacock Statue" (Storyline #3)[]

  1. Talk to Adeline.
  2. Bring Adeline a snowman. ( Only works on a regular snowman. You can get snow in Noyel and use the Handcraft Table in Derphy to create a regular snowman.)
  3. Talk to Adeline. Decide if you want to dream about 1. Good and Evil or 2.wealth.
  4. If you choose Good and Evil...Talk to Adeline (dream witch) in the dream world. Pay attention to what she says here.
  5. Go to the city that the dream witch describes. In this dream you are reliving a side quest you may have already completed, but this time the ending in different.
  6. Fight Connie and Jim.
  7. “Choose your life path”. Talk to Slippery Jim.
  8. Note: There is a bug. If Jim’s dialogue keeps repeating, go into settings and switch the language to Japanese. Refresh the game. Open the game and switch the language to English again (do not Refresh the game). Talk to Jim again. Click through the dialogue. The top option leads leads to the ‘evil path’. I assume the bottom option lead down the “good path”. After the dialogue ends restart the game so that the game will now be in English.
  9. Watch cut scene (The cut scene will now be in English). Leave the dream and return to Dream Land.
  10. Talk to Adeline. She will offer you a chance to retry the same dream, but take a different life path. If you agree, you will be returned to dream-Palmia.
  11. Replay the scene with Connie and Slippery Jim. After they are arrested, go to the thrown room and talk to the <comedy> The major general.
  12. The test to be a guard is to fight <Conery> (Level 38).
  13. Talk to Conery. Find the owner of the missing wallet. A) Titus the legend lover B) Abby the elder C) Lilov the millionaire
  14. Return to Conery. Your second task is to beat up 2 loafers. They are by the north exit.
  15. Talk to Conery. Watch cutscene of your future.
  16. Adeline will enter and wake you up. You are back in Dream Land. Your Reward: “Law of the Mist” a black star axe.

Dream #3: wealth

  1. Talk Adeline to start the next dream.
  2. go to Yowyn. You can now replay a quest with Gamish the beggar.
  3. Gamish will approach to as you enter.
  4. Fight Gamish (level 4). [You will lose -2 karma]
  5. Talk to Gamish (He has returned to his spot in the SE corner of town)
  6. Help Gamish collect debts A) Degas the Horse-coupe B) Tam the cat hater
  7. Return to Gamish
  8. Option: Is begging a profession?
  9. If you say no...
  10. Make a bet with Gamish
  11. Talk to Will the Elder
  12. Talk to Innkeeper
  13. Talk to Trader
  14. Pay 10.000g
  15. Get supplies; A) x5 stick bread. B) x5 carrots
  16. C) Get x5 Bitterling fish. (Bitterling is a Lv 1 Carnivore.)
  17. Watch cutscene. Adeline will come in and wake you up.
  18. When you go back to Dream World, talk to Adeline.

Dream #4 “Begging is a profession”

  1. Adeline give you the option to return to Yowyn and play a different life path.
  2. You will return to Yowyn and you will automatically tell Gamish that you agree that begging is a profession.
  3. Beg from 5 NPCs. Option: Act pitiful or say nothing.
  4. Return to Gamish and make a bet. Watch cutscene.
  5. If you choose the “say nothing” option to all 5, you will end up losing the bet and dying of starvation. Adeline will wake you up.
  6. Talk to Adeline in the Dream World to get your reward.
  7. Quest Completed. To leave the Dream Land, use a scroll or spell of return.

Quest: “Take Tamara her lunch”

Note: Lari is Larry. Donna is Dana. Tonna is Tamara

  1. Talk to Aviva
  2. Talk to Tamara
  3. Buy peafowl food from Beata.
  4. Option: Pay or Bargin?
  5. Talk to Tamara
  6. Feed 4 peacocks
  7. Talk to Tamara. Option: which food should she eat? Strawberry Crepe or Eel Sausage> (Strawberry can be grown on your farm, stolen from Palmia or Mayne, or harvest and cooked while in a Harvest Time job. Eel is a Lv 1, Carnivorous fish.)
  8. Bring Tamara the food you chose.
  9. Return to Aviva. She will ask your opinion of Angus.
  10. Option: Angus is Good or Suspicious?
  11. If you chose Good, Aviva will ask you to deliver food to Angus.
  12. Talk to Angus. Watch cutscene.
  13. Talk to Tamara.
  14. Bring Dana x1 minor healing potion. You can always buy it from <Miches> in Vernis.
  15. As you leave, Aviva will intercept you and ask you to find Tamara.
  16. Talk to Vernon and Philip.
  17. Rescue Tamara from Misty Forest Dungeon (Lv 60-65).
  18. Return to Lanka and watch cutscene.
  19. Talk to angus.
  20. Talk to Tamara.
  21. Talk to Aviva.
  22. Listen in on Tamara and Angus and watch cutscene.
  23. Return to Aviva. End of Quest.

Quest: Mind reading

When talking to some NPCs in Lanka you will get the option to mind read .

  • Tamara - she will ask for an Apple salad.
  • Angelina - Fights you.
  • Angus - ?
  • Queen Leia - ?


  • Quest: “Help <Renton> the suffering wizard collect storybooks”

  • Quest: “Ryan has gone mad” - Given by <Balzak> the janitor
  1. Finish “Sewer” quest
  2. Talk to <Balzak>
  3. Talk to <Ryan> the Mage Apprentice
  4. Watch cutscene
  5. Go to Larna/Samuel and talk to <David>
  6. Watch cutscene
  7. Get 2 Hemostalias herb to <David> (harvest in Vernis/Yowyn, your farm, sometimes jobs and food vendors)
  8. Talk to <Tria> The fortune Teller
  9. Bring <Tria> a carrot-based dish
  10. Defeat boss of Valley of Wind dungeon (Difficulty 60)
  11. ...


  • Quest: Win the "Winter Combat" in Mayne (Eleanor story)
  • Quest: "Hebe piano" (Hebe story)
  • Quest: Win the "Reindeer race" in Mayne (Hilde story)


  • “Send the love Letter to Lily”
  • “Theresa send gift to Queen”


  • Quest “Investigate Port Kapul”
  • Quest “Philanthropist's revenge”
  • Quest “Three stones”
  • Quest “Bonus story”
  • "Graveyard Theft" quest
    1. Talk to <Conery> Palmian major general
    2. Talk to graveyard watchman
    3. Option: Bribe or Fight
    4. Confront Slippery Jimmy
    5. Talk to <Erystia> the historian
    6. Remove the curse
    7. Feed fish to the Black cat
    8. Option: Pay Sister or claim blackmail
    9. Talk to historian again
    10. Go to Secret Lab dungeon (Lv 7-12)
    11. Kill boss <Evil Scientist>
    12. Talk to historian
    13. Talk to <Conery> the major general
    14. Option: Rat on Amanda or not
    15. Start new quest line: "Investigate Port Kapul"

Port Kapul[]

  • Quest “Mysterious Scientist”
  • Quest “Flowers for Raphael”
  • Quest “Love Letter to Shena”
  • Quest: "Kidnapping Mastermind: part 1 "Save Fredo"
    1. Talk to <Arnold> the injured Soldier
    2. Rescue <Fredo> the Merchant Guildmaster from the Grand Market dungeon
    3. Return to Port Kapul and talk to <Fredo> at the bar
    4. Buy tree cargo in Noyel
    5. Return to <Fredo> in Port Kapul
    6. Talk to <Arnold> in Port Kapul
    7. Talk to Mayor/elder <Ewing Moore>
    8. Collect supplies x3 (Sleeping bags, rations, Minor Healing Potions) for Mayor
    9. Talk to <Arnold>
    10. Defeat boss of Battlefield dungeon
    11. ?
    12. Go to the west dock near <Danvers>
    13. Option: who gets supplies; 1. foreigner or 2. locals
    14. If you chose 1, talk to <Canter> the foreigner
    15. Talk to <Nate>
    16. Go to jail. If your karma is high just wait to be released. If not try and escape.
    17. Go back to Port Kapul and talk to elder <Ewing Moore>
  • Quest: "Kidnapping Mastermind" Part 2: "Agent No. 8"
    1. Talk to mysterious person (Agent No.8) in Port Kapul
    2. Bring Agent 8 hemostalias herb x2
    3. Gather notes in the Trade Path dungeon and defeat boss
    4. Talk to <Agent No.8>
    5. Talk to <Mudo> the fighter
    6. Talk to <Raphael> the womanizer
    7. Talk to <Mudo> again
    8. Pay 10,000g to open Arena
    9. Defeat Arena dungeon boss
    10. Talk to <Agent No.8>
    11. Talk to <Fredo>
    12. Option: 1. Believe him. 2. Don't believe him.
    13. If you chose 1, ?
    14. If you chose 2, fight <Fredo>. <Agent No.8> is gone so talk to Elder <Ewing Moore>
    15. Talk to Captain Olga
    16. Talk to <Jessie> the Guide
    17. Option 1. Fight <Jessie>. 2. Say goodbye
    18. If you chose 1. Fight then talk to <Jessie>
    19. Talk to <Fredo> (You can also talk to Captain Olga who will ask for the sailor's money)
    20. Talk to <Arnold>
    21. Go to Derphy to tart new quest, "Terry the Merchant".
  • Quest: "Kidnapping Mastermind" Part 3: "Terry the Merchant"
    1. Finish the Port Kapul quests "Find Fredo/ Agent No.8" quest lines by talking to <Arnold>
    2. Go to Derphy and talk to <Terry> the Merchant
    3. Return to <Fredo> in Port Kapul
    4. Option: 1. Side with Terry. 2. Side with Fredo
    5. If you chose 1. "Understanding", Talk to <Terry> in Derphy - If you chose 2 :?
    6. Get 1g and start working for <Terry>
    7. Collect goods for <Terry> (Disguise sets x5, lockpicks x 10)
    8. Talk to Thieves' Guild watchman
    9. Defeat Mage and Fighter Guild watchmen
    10. Talk to Thieves' Guild watchman
    11. Talk to <Terry>
    12. Complete Dark Streets dungeon
    13. Talk to <Brndon> the Prophet
    14. Defeat boss of Temporary Camp dungeon
    15. Return to <Brandon>
    16. Defeat 15 Elite Yerles Machine Infantry (Battlefield, Frontline or Tempory Camp)
    17. Return to <Brandon>
    18. Talk to <Arnold> in Port Kapul
    19. Talk to <Brandon> in Derphy (Completes Derphy Town Achievement)
    20. Talk to <Arnold> in Port Kapul again
    21. Talk to <Terry> the merchant in Derphy
    22. Catch 5 monsters in balls
    23. Return to <Terry>. Warning: you don't get to chose which 5 balls she takes.
    24. Talk to <Brandon> the prophet
    25. Bring <Brandon> 2 Flying Frogs and 2 Sheep
    26. Go to the Mages' Guild in Lumiest and kill 10 mages
    27. ....
  • Quest: "Secret Mission"
    1. Talk to <Maya> the mysterious figure
    2. Buy a bomb in Derphy from <Noel>
    3. Return to <Maya>
    4. Be prepared to run or fight...
    5. Go back to Port Kapul the next day and talk to <Maya> again
    6. <Maya> will ask you to start collecting "Chaos Essence"
    7. Return to <Maya> when you have enough essence and he will open a portal to Light/Dark Domains.
    8. Talk to <Maya> after defeating Light and Dark bosses.
    9. <Maya> will leave but you can reenter Light/Dark domains from the campfire.
  • Quest: Sponsor Captain Olga
    1. Talk with Captain Olga
    2. Give the captain 3,000,000g to buy a boat.
    3. ...?
    4. ... Gain access to Zanan Islands


Quest "Rescue Hot Springs Enthusiast"

  1. Talk to <Anthony> the deputy.
  2. Go to Valley of Wind dungeon (Lv 60-65).
  3. Rescues <Phil Spadd> The hot springs enthusiast. You don’t have fight the dungeon boss, just clear the monsters around the cage and release Spadd.
  4. Return to Samuel and watch cutscene.
  5. Pick up and Deliver “Void repot” to the scholar in Palmia.
  6. When you enter Palmia a cutscene will start.
  7. Return to Anthony in Samuel.
  8. Buy a souvenir.
  9. Deliver the souvenir to the scholar in Palmia.


Quest: <Ronch> the detective

  1. When you enter Tormat for the first time, you will see a cutscene of a argument between two NPCs. Lady Peggy has hired a detective to spy on the other one.
  2. After the cutscene, go to the lower-right part of town where the ship is. This will trigger a second cutscene, with two thugs harrasing the detective.
  3. Option: Help the detective or stay out of it?
  4. If you chose to help... You must fight two Revolver Gang thugs (Lv 70).
  5. If you win, they will flee The detective will leave, but he can be found at the bar.
  6. Find the Detective at the bar and ask him about Tormat. He will tell you about the competed crime families in Tormat.
  7. If you chose not to help ... ?


  • Quest "Retrieve Rai the maid"


  • Quest “Retrieve Laura”
  • Quest "Superhero" from <Aix> the mask
  • Quest "Genetic Modification Plan":
    1. Talk to <Laura> agricultue expert in Yowyn.
    2. Talk to <Icolle> the biologist in Port Kapul.
    3. Fund research for 80,000G. Doing so gives <Icolle> permission to experiment on your ranch allies.
    4. Talk to <Laura>, she will give you a Ranch deed.
    5. Bring <Laura> 5 junk stones for Drystones.
  • Quest:“Ask Degas”
  1. Talk to Gamish the beggar
  2. Talk to degas the horse couper
  3. Bring x2 crimberry wine to gray horse
  4. Option: 1. “follow your dreams” or 2. “play it safe”?
  • Quest: “Ask Gwen”
  1. Talk to Gamish the beggar
  2. Talk to Gwen
  3. Option: 1. find Gamish (lie) or 2. “Not your family” (truth)
  4. If 1. then rescue Gwen from Haven of Crime dungeon

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