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Main Quest[]

See Main Quest and Main Quest (Elona+)


From the town board in towns. These will all give a fame penalty for failure, and certain types also give a karma penalty.

The time limit appears to be the number of midnight-to-midnight days, including the current one, so it's a bad idea to take speed quests just before midnight.


Bring the job giver a specific cooked item.


Bring the supplied item to a specific person in another location. 20-30 karma penalty for failure. Using a Scroll of return or escape during such a quest will incur a karma penalty, but the quest will not fail. The recipient for the delivery will be marked with an exclamation point above his or her head.


Bring the job giver a specific item.


Kill all the creatures in the area.


Pick up crops and put them in the delivery bin.


Bring the escorted person to a specific location without getting them killed. 10 karma penalty for failure. Using a scroll of return or escape during such a quest will incur a karma penalty, but the quest will not fail.


Trap disarming[]

Added in E+1.84. Clean area from hidden traps.

Guild Quests[]

Warning: Spoilers

Sub Quests[]

Quest Level NPC Location
Mia's dream 1 Mia the cat freak Palmia
Thieves' hideout 2 Shena the draw Vernis
Womanizer 3 Raphael the womanizer Port Kapul
Puppy's Cave 4 Rilian the dog lover Vernis
Ambitious Scientist 5 Icolle the biologist Port Kapul
Putit Infestation
(Putit attacks)
6 Miches the apprentice Vernis
Novice Knight 8 Ainc the novice knight Yowyn
Rare Books 12 Renton the suffering wizard Lumiest
Kamikaze Attack 14 Arnord the injured soldier Port Kapul
Red Blossom in Palmia 14 Noel the bomber Derphy
Pyramid Invitation 16 Marks the great thief Derphy
Defense Line 17 Gilbert the carnel Yowyn
Mother's Illness
(Pael and her mom)
20 Lonely Pael Noyel
Sewer Sweepage 23 Balzak the janiator Lumiest
Major General
(Minotaur King)
24 Conery Palmian major general Palmia
Cat House 25 Tam the cat hater Yowyn
Little Sister 30 Strange scientist Cyber Dome
Nightmare! 50 Loyter crimson of Zanan Vernis

Subquests in Elona+[]

North Tyris[]

Quest Level NPC Location
Guild Quest 40 Fray the fighter guildmaster Port Kapul
Sin the thief guildmaster Derphy
Revlus the mage guildmaster Lumiest
Live in this world 50 Ssil the undead witch Abode of Witch

South Tyris[]

Quest Level NPC Location
Companion of princess 1 Leiki Valm
Outrageous Revenge
(Delivery in Black and White)
2 Kuron the white cloth Ludus
Resentment of remuneration 2 Mefan the bard Arcbelc
Lost Kitty 5 Dog cop Eirel
Struggle against insanity 30 Lonely Kyle Melkawn
Revenge mountain 40 Bamboo sprout Ruoza
Control of underground passage 50 Orville the soldier Melugas
Demonstration 60 Milis the soldier Eirel
Maid and house 70 Lune the maid chief Melkawn
Fallen Princess 80 Silvia the princess The Smoke and Pipe
Removal of sister 80 Older sister Ludus
Piratte Hunting 100 Zernard the capable mercenary Port Kurualm
Rule of Ninja 110 Eila the fugitive Kunoichi Port Kurualm
Dog Tail 150 Alchemist Naplus Eirel

Lost Irva[]

Quest Level NPC Location
Item fusion quest (Journal lists as Guild quest Lv20) 40 Thalia the star viewer Rust Plaza
Insect curse (untranslated) 40 Mary the insect master Sacred Library of Irva
The Abyss of Magic 130 Nein the flying witch Eulderna blimp
From the sea of stars 140 Jin the machine rebel Mirage Tower
Mission from Urcaguary 150 Urcaguary Ol-dran
Mission from Sophia 150 Sophia Sacred Library of Irva
Mission from Arasiel 150 Arasiel Mirage Tower
Mission from Karavika 150 Karavika Ol-dran
Mission from Garziem 150 Garziem Dock
Mission from Amurdad 150 Amurdad Amur-Cage
Ancient fire dragon 160 Spipha the dragon hunter Ulm-Leson


Quest Level NPC Location
Researcher crisis 180 Allen the researcher Zaile

Omake Overhaul[]

Omake Overhaul makes some changes to quests:

  • Regardless of PC's level, reward received increases the more difficult ($ rating) a quest is upon completion.
  • Monsters spawning in hunting quests will all be of similar type.
    • As only single monster type now appears, quest description will display the type of "monster" that will show up in the area.

Additionally, Omake Overhaul adds some quest-like events:

Event Location
Knights of the Little Girls World Map
Smiling Witch World Map
Trying Young Lady Arena
Innocent Younger Cat Sister Town, Player Dungeon, or Nefia
Black angel, the hustler Nefia
Putit Arena Pet Arena Master

Elona Mobile[]

There are many new side quests in mobile. See the Quests (mobile) or NPCs (mobile) page.

There are new town Jobs in Mobile. See Jobs (mobile).