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Equipment and Items can be categorized by Rarity. The Rarity is a general indicator of an item's price, strength and rarity, but there are many exceptions, So don't judge an item or piece of equipment until you read the description.

Rarity is shown as a color background on the item

Color Rarity
Red Special / Black Star
Orange Artifact (Godly)
Purple Miracle
Blue Great
Green Good
White Inferior

Equipment Rarity doesn't correlates to quality. Red items are unique but very often worse than a player made purple or orange. With some reds being worse than having a empty slot (Corgon Ring).

Black Star equipment are 'Unique' red items; you can only own one of each. Blue to Red equipment always have additional enchantments with extra effects. Garok's Hammer can change blue gear to purple (sometimes orange), giving it new enchantments.

Item Quality[]

The Quality rank of an item affects its value. The Quality of an item can't be changed. The Quality of furniture impacts its price and how much of a bonus to your house rank it provides. Items with a Quality modifier will have a prefix before the name.

Quality Price Multiplier
Unrivalled 3
Holy 2.8
Artistic 2.6
Royal 2.4
Magnificent 2.2
Custom 2
Entrancing 1.8
Noble 1.6
Quality 1.4
Eye-catching 1.2
Shabby 1

Item material[]

Items also have a Material modifiers that effects its weight and base characteristics, including weight, damage/hit and defense/evasion. Use scrolls (inferior material, change material or superior material) to change or improve material type. (You can't change the material of Red quality items.) All Materials have innate characteristics, for example Lead items are always acidproof, Mica equipment has a Luck bonus, etc.

Material Type also affects weight. Total weight of equipped armor determines your Defense Mode. Different character builds work best with different armor modes (ie. Magic users should use light armor). If your preferred equipment is too light or heavy, you can change the materials to change its weight, but the other stats will also be changed. You can also use a rare Scroll of Flying to lessen equipment weight.

The weight of weapons determines how it can be used. Heavier weapons have a greater base attack DMG while also having lower +hit, while lighter weapons have higher max CRIT chance.

Armor Class Weapons
Heavy Armor if over 35s

Medium Armor if between 15s- 35s

Light Armor if under 15s

Two hand if over 4s

Main hand if between 1.4s - 4s

Second Hand if under 1.5s

While Elona PC uses the same list of materials, many of the stats and bonuses are different in Mobile. See this spreadsheet for details on how Material determines an item's stats (DMG, HIT, Defense, Evasion, Weight).

Material Type Weight Bonus Notes
Bone Inferior 1.2x 50 Nether Res Fireproof
Bronze Inferior 2x 25 Lightning Res
Cloth Inferior 0.2x 12 Cold Res
Coral Inferior 1.8x 50 Electric Res
Iron Inferior 2.8x 12 Fire Res Fireproof
Lead Inferior 3x - Acidproof
Leather Inferior 1x -
Mica Inferior 0.4x Luck +3
Paper Inferior 0.1x Greater Evasion +2 Natural Spawn or Equipment Only
Raw Inferior 1x Edible
Silk Inferior 0.4x 25 Nerve Res
Wood Inferior 2.5x - Furniture only
Chain Normal 2x 25 Dark Res Fireproof
Glass Normal 1.8x Speed +4 Fireproof
Gold Normal 3x Strength +3 Fireproof
Obsidian Normal 1.6x Quality Drop +15%
Pearl Normal 2.4x Perception +3
Scale Normal 1.8x 25 Fire Res
Silver Normal 2.3x 25 Nether Res Fireproof
Steel Normal 2.7x Will +3 Fireproof
Zylon Normal 0.5x 12 Nature Res
Adamantium Superior 3.6x Constitution +3 Fireproof


Chrome Superior 3.2x 50 Nature Res
Crystal Superior 2x Magic +3
Dawn Cloth Superior 0.45x MP Growth +5 Fireproof
Diamond Superior 3.3x 50 Electric Res
Dragon Scale Superior 2.2x 25 Fire Res / 25 Cold Res Fireproof


Emerald Superior 2.4x 50 Nerve Res
Ether Superior 0.8x Speed +5 Fireproof


Griffon Scale Superior 0.7x Greater Evasion +2
Mithril Superior 2.4x Magic Practice +2 Acidproof
Platinum Superior 2.6x 50 Dark Res
Rubynus Superior 2.5x HP Growth +3 Acidproof
Spirit Cloth Superior 0.4x Speed +5 Acidproof
Titanium Superior 2x Strength +3 Fireproof

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