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You have been cordially invited hero,

RSVP not required, but come prepared.

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<This has been written on papyrus>

You have gotten a bit of a name for yourself young one, and you are now growing stronger. Soon I, in my age beyong ages, might not be a match for you. And sensibly, I won't take that risk later. But I do so love a fresh challenge every now and then.

So hear this.

Seek my Pyramid! Challenge my maze!

Of course you should have a reason more than simply my word of challenge. How about treasure? Ah, I knew that would do it. Within my Labyrinth lies much treasure if you can find it. It lies within much risk, but any reward without risk is hollow and cold as is.

And there is what I carry as well, though I feel it fair to warn you that I have player this game for a long, long time and have yet to lose.

Oh and one more thing, should you not be properly entered within the great Book of the Dead before entering, those within shall ensure that you become so, promptly indeed.

Face me if you dare!