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The layout of the Pyramid, first floor, showing locations of the stairs and some valuable loot.


The Pyramid is located north of Port Kapul.

The first floor consists of many tight passages with deadends that have treasures in them, along with the occasional doorless room. You cannot teleport yourself or any NPC in the pyramid ("Magical field prevents teleportation."), even with the Dimensional Move feat, so you must walk the maze or dig its walls. The second floor of the pyramid is a single room with the boss fight, consisting of twelve enemies - four iron maidens, four greater mummies, two king scorpions and two ancient coffins, as well as <Tuwen> the Master of the Pyramid. The master of the pyramid is capable of casting a hex that will kill the target when the hex naturally expires. This can be dealt with giving scrolls of holy light or holy rain to the ones that are affected. Again, teleportation will not work, so "whisking away" Tuwen to avoid melee hits or jumping lich-style are not options here.

The pyramids are filled with mummies who drain stats, scorpions who poison, and ancient coffins who curse you and your pets' equipments. Having items that maintains your stats and protects you against poison and curse words is recommended. Also because of the large number of narrow tunnels in the pyramids many of your pets are likely to get lost and killed. Players will need lockpicking skills to unlock the chest at the end of the dungeon.

Think twice about using a rod/scroll/spell of magic mapping; you will know the full layout of the dungeon if you use them, but you will find it hard to remember where you have already traversed.

The layout of the Pyramid, second floor. The boss, <Tuwen> master of the pyramid, is heavily guarded.

A good strategy for the second floor: Stand on the stairs. Do not leave the stairs. Kill the scorpions first and leave up the stairs to regain HP and get rid of bleeds/poison. Go back downstairs and kill some of the Maidens, then go back up the stairs to heal. On your next trip, finish off the Maidens and leave to heal. The next trip should have the coffins rushing the stairs, so kill them before they get a chance to curse you and leave. The mummies come last. If you're lucky, you'll have killed all the mummies before Tuwen gets there. If not, kill the one or two remaining mummies, then leave. Tuwen himself is not a particularly difficult fight - he's slow and has only a melee attack. Use scrolls to get rid of his instant-death curse. Take note- he can also use Death Word on your pets as well, so pay attention to the text messages, and give out scrolls of holy light as necessary. Note that like all mummies, Tuwen's corpse is rotten and will hurt your stats if you don't have to ability to eat rotten food.

The pyramid is guaranteed to contain a speed ring and a unicorn horn.