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Protection value (PV) reduces the amount of physical damage a character takes. It is derived primarily from equipment, but is also influenced by dexterity and certain feats.

Damage is reduced both by a percentage and by a random number of points. The percentage and dice are displayed on the character sheet under "Prot"; higher PV raises both of these values.

10 dexterity, or 1 point in light, medium, or heavy armor skill is the equivalent of 1 PV.

Defense values[]

TotalPV = PV + Dexterity/10 + Armor Skill

In the below formulas, TotalPV is shortened to PV and divisions are integer divisions.

The percentage portion of damage reduction is 100 - 10000/(100+PV). Comparatively, each point in PV is worth at least 1% Max HP against reducible damage.

The random dice portion of damage reduction is (PV/40 +1)d(PV/(PV/10 + 4) + 2) with a minimum of 1d1 if PV is negative.

Total PV Damage Reduction
7 7% + 1d3
10 10% + 1d4
15 14% + 1d5
24 20% + 1d8
39 29% + 1d11
70 42% + 2d10
90 48% + 3d9
110 53% + 3d11
133 58% + 4d10
163 62% + 5d10
203 67% + 6d10
270 74% + 7d11
288 75% + 8d11
390 80% + 10d11

Technical details and pierce (Elona+)[]

In Elona+, the PV contribution from armor skill is capped at 300. PV factors into the damage calculation as follows:

  1. Damage is multiplied by 100 / (100 + PV * (150 - pierce) / 150) where pierce is the attacker's pierce in percentage points.
  2. The defender's damage dice are rolled and the result is subtracted from the remaining damage, with an upper limit of (100-pierce)% of the remaining damage.

For example, if an attacker has 100% pierce (possibly from a Lightsabre or an absolute pierce attack), the defender's PV for percentage damage protection is reduced by 2/3 and the damage reduction dice won't have any effect at all.

Omake Overhaul[]

In Omake overhaul, attacks deal damage proportional to half of their pierce before calculating for damage reduction.

All characters gain PV and DV based on their race when wearing no armor. This bonus scales with level.

Shields count as armor.

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