The article contains details about which types of equipment (both weapons and armors) can be made from which using the equip update recipes of the pot for fusion.

By recipe[edit | edit source]

Note that while for some classes of items the cycle of changes will complete within the same recipe, for others the recipe that an item type will go into will change over the course of the cycle. When the latter happens, the last item in a sequence will have after it, in square brackets and bolded, the type of recipe the product is used in. When the cycle completes within a single recipe, the last item type listed will be the same as the first.

Note: Changed weapons only keep the intrinsic attributes from the original weapon, not the one it updates to.

Soft equip update[edit | edit source]

  • fairy hat ­čí║ feather hat ­čí║ magic hat ­čí║ fairy hat
  • vindale cloak ­čí║ light cloak ­čí║ cloak ­čí║ armored cloak ­čí║ wing ­čí║ feather [sharp]
  • coat ­čí║composite mail ­čí║ breast plate ­čí║ bulletproof jacket ­čí║ pope robe ­čí║ robe ­čí║ light mail ­čí║ coat
  • girdle ­čí║ composite girdle ­čí║ plate girdle [hard]
  • gloves ­čí║ decorated gloves ­čí║ light gloves ­čí║ gloves
  • large shield ­čí║ claw [sharp]
  • seven league boots ­čí║ shoes ­čí║ boots ­čí║ heavy boots ­čí║ composite boots ­čí║ tight boots ­čí║ armored boots [hard]
  • charm ­čí║ talisman ­čí║ decorative amulet ­čí║ charm
  • decorative ring ­čí║ engagement ring [hard]
  • panty ­čí║ stone [hard]
  • sox ­čí║ club [sharp] (NOTE: you can't make sox using any equip update recipes, so sox aren't actually part of any cycle)
  • whip ­čí║ staff [hard]

Hard equip update[edit | edit source]

  • stone ­čí║ rock ­čí║ grenade ­čí║ shuriken [sharp]
  • hammer ­čí║ club [sharp]
  • staff ­čí║ long staff ­čí║ whip [soft]
  • laser gun ­čí║ pistol ­čí║ machine gun ­čí║ shot gun ­čí║ sniper rifle ­čí║ laser gun
  • engagement ring ­čí║ ring ­čí║ armored ring ­čí║ composite ring ­čí║ aurora ring ­čí║ speed ring ­čí║ decorative ring [soft]
  • bejeweled amulet ­čí║ neck guard ­čí║ peridot ­čí║ engagement amulet ­čí║ bejeweled amulet
  • armored boots ­čí║ seven league boots [soft]
  • plate girdle ­čí║ girdle [soft]
  • banded mail ­čí║ ring mail ­čí║ chain mail ­čí║ plate mail ­čí║ breastplate ­čí║ banded mail
  • helm ­čí║ knight helm ­čí║ heavy helm ­čí║ composite helm ­čí║ helm
  • kite shield ­čí║ tower shield ­čí║ small shield ­čí║ round shield ­čí║ shield ­čí║ knight shield ­čí║ large shield

Sharp equip update[edit | edit source]

  • claymore ­čí║ katana ­čí║ lightsabre longsword ­čí║ claymore
  • dagger ­čí║ scimitar ­čí║ kunai ­čí║ wakizashi ­čí║ kitchen knife ­čí║ dagger
  • bardish ­čí║ hand axe ­čí║ battle axe ­čí║ bardish
  • chainsickle ­čí║ sickle ­čí║ scythe ­čí║ chainsickle
  • club ­čí║ hammer [hard]
  • halberd ­čí║ spear ­čí║ trident ­čí║ halberd
  • long bow ­čí║ skull bow ­čí║ short bow ­čí║ long bow
  • ballista ­čí║ repeating bow ­čí║ crossbow ­čí║ ballista
  • arrow ­čí║ bolt ­čí║ arrow
  • bullet ­čí║ magnum ­čí║ energy cell ­čí║ bullet
  • shuriken ­čí║ panty [soft]
  • claw ­čí║ kite shield [hard]
  • feather -> vindale cloak [soft]
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