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Port Kapul
ポート・カプール Pōto Kapūru
You see Port Kapul. The port is crowded with merchants.
Region North Tyris
Location (3,15)
Music mcTown2
Filename kapul.map

Port Kapul as it appears in the map editor.

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Port Kapul is a port town on the western edge of North Tyris, to the north. In addition to its wide variety of shops, it features the Fighters' Guild and the only Pet Arena in North Tyris.


  • Trader
  • Blacksmith
  • Goods Vendor
  • General Vendor
  • Magic Vendor
  • Food Vendor
  • Blackmarket Vendor


  • Identifier
  • Informer
  • Trainer
  • Bartender
  • Inn
  • Casino
  • Arena Master
  • Master of Pet Arena
  • Healer
  • Treasure Machines

What's unique?[]

  • Fighters' Guild
  • Pet Arena
  • The Food Vendor: While most of the other towns have Bakers, who only sell bread and noodle type foods, the food vendor can sell any kind of food - including herbs like stomafillia and curaria, seeds, and eggs.

Notable NPC's[]

Elona Mobile[]

What's unique in Mobile?[]

  • Harvest lemons
  • Dungeon: undersea cave (Level ?) - requires coral key
  • Fishing Association
  • See also Town Achievements for town specific quests.

Usable Equipment[]

Mobile NPC's[]

  • Captain <Olga> - West dock near <Danvers>. Gives a quest. Gives Coral Key which unlocks Undersea Cave dungeon. Help them buy a boat and they give access to Tormat and south Tyris locations.
  • <Denver> of the fishing association - Gives Fishing Association quest. (Note: The quest is listed as "Future Palmia" but should be Port Kapul.)
  • <Canter> the foreigner - Gives quest.
  • <Maya> the mysterious figure - Gives "Secret Mission" quest if your Karma is over 20.
  • <Jessie> the guide - Gives quest.
  • <Icolle> the Biologist - Gives the Ambitious Scientist quest and "Genetic Biologist Plan" quest. Allows you to preform 'Reborn', 'Gene Recombination' and 'Potential Swap' options.
  • <Luke> the reaper - Luke may appear when you die (may require you to die as a criminal), on his third appearance he can be recruited as an ally. Recruiting Luke is a Town Achievement.
  • <Muto> the fight lover - Gives access to Arena dungeon after completing quest.

Side Quests in Mobile[]

See Quests (mobile) page for details.

  • Quest “Mysterious Scientist”
  • Quest “Flowers for Raphael”
  • Quest “Love Letter to Shena”
  • Quest “Fighters' guildmaster's quest”
  • Quest: "Save Fredo"
  • Quest: "Secret Mission"
  • Quest: Sponsor Captain Olga - Give Captain Olga 3,000,000g to buy a boat and opens access to Zanan Islands, Tormat and south Tyris locations.