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Elona+ includes many quality-of-life modifications aimed at making the upkeep and training of powerful pets more straightforward and enjoyable. This page is meant to be a comprehensive resource of up-to-date information on the mechanics and subtleties of raising pets in the Elona+ mod for Elona.

Raising Attribute and Skill potentials[]

In town[]

  • While inside any town, every time your pet moves there is a 5% chance it will use the gold in their inventory to visit a mythical trainer somewhere and raise their potentials. When this happens, the phrase "[Pet name] visits a trainer and develops his/her potential!" will appear in the event log.
  • This event will raise all of the pet's Attribute potentials by 15 and all Skill potentials by 20 each time it happens. All of the pet's Attributes and Skills are affected, and the potential increases for Attributes and Skills are roughly equal. This is a change from the base Elona game, where the potential increases were slanted towards Attributes, and only a fixed number of randomly selected Skills would receive potential increases.
  • The amount of gold consumed by this event is 8 times the pet's attribute INI plus 10 times the pet's speed INI, and caps out at a base maximum of 20,000gp. However, the pet will receive a discount equal to 5 times its Icon-charisma Plus.gifCharisma; this discount maxes out at a 50% price reduction.
  • There are several ways to place gold into your pets' inventories:
    • If you haven't toggled it off via a Tamer's Whip, pets will automatically pick up gold pieces, ores and certain junk items on the ground.
    • You can Give ores to your pets.
    • While in town, pets will automatically sell off ores and junk items in their inventories, typically for much more gold than you could get for them yourself. If you don't have any use for them, it's helpful to just dump all of the ores and gold bars that you pick up onto your pets. The gemstones that can be created using raw ores and a Pot for Fusion will also be sold by your pets.
    • Kitty banks allow you to transfer gold onto your pets. Simply load it up with as much money as you want to transfer, and then Throw the kitty bank at the pet. There is a respawning Kitty Bank in the General Vendor's shop in Noyel. This Kitty Bank's input gold number will be randomized each time it spawns; break it and wait for it to respawn if you get something unusable like 500M.
  • If you're significantly faster than the pet that you want to train, slow yourself down by loading yourself up to Burden! and using [a]bilities until your stamina reaches -100. This will speed up the process by allowing the pet to get more turns in for each one of your own.

The Dojo and the Discarded Ranch[]

  • You may leave pets at the Dojo near the southern border of North Tyris. These pets will no longer be part of your pet list, allowing you to add more to it (or just unclutter it). This is done by talking to Nazuna and selecting the second option (untranslated in English, "仲間の入門" -- "admit an ally" in Japanese). The first pet you leave there will not cost anything, but any subsequent pet will run you 10,000gp.
  • Pets left at the Dojo will slowly train Skill experience proportional to the distance traveled by the player in a way similar to the Traveling skill. The Discarded ranch has the same effect, but can't be used until Chapter 2 in the main story. The rate at which those pets earn skill experience, however, is insignificantly small.
  • You may select the third option after talking to Nazuna (untranslated in English, "特別訓練" -- "special training" in Japanese) in order to spend (10,000 + 30,000/ally)gp in order to slightly train the Skill potentials of every pet left in the Dojo. However, this is gold-inefficient compared to using Kitty Banks in order to transfer gold into your pets' inventories and having them train in town.


  • Once a pet reaches the "Fellow" friendship level, it might randomly trigger the "Breakfast" event after the player sleeps if the player woke up in between 4AM and 9AM.
  • This event, if you choose "Eat", will train the Attribute potentials of the player and every pet in the current party by a value that is proportional to the pet's Cooking skill level. The pet who cooked the breakfast will receive a large amount of experience to its Cooking skill level.
  • The easiest way to get the Cooking skill onto any pet is to recruit Rogue Wizards at the Slave Trader in Derphy and use Gene Engineering to their their Cooking skill onto your pet.

AP and Pets[]

The AP system introduced in Elona+ works somewhat differently with pets compared to the player. For the various uses of AP on pets, consult the page on Leold.

Obtaining AP[]

The framework for gaining AP for both the player and pets was radically modified in Elona+ ver. 1.37, and even the Japanese wiki seems to have very outdated information on the topic. Here are some observations from translating the patch notes for v1.37. Feel free to correct the translation if it's incorrect -- my (Neuts) Japanese is far from perfect:

  • 主能力を気兼ねなく上げられるように、APの獲得は互いの初期生成時の能力を基準にするように。一度に獲得できる量を今までの約2倍にし、獲得条件を今までより厳しめに。乗馬している場合は、馬側と初期速度の高いほうで計算。初期能力値は「INIT」としてキャラクターシートに記載。すでに生成されているキャラは現在値で設定。
    • In order to remove concerns about earning less AP when raising attributes, AP gain is now partly based on the attributes at character generation of the PC/pet and those of the slain enemy.
    • A character's attributes at generation are written under the "INIT" moniker on the character's information page. The value on the left is the sum of all initial attributes except speed and luck, whereas the value on the right is initial speed
    • Although the maximum amount of AP that can be stored was roughly doubled (the new maximum amount is 5000, up from 3000), the conditions for earning AP have been made stricter.
      • Neuts' observation having raised a character generated on 1.37 to level ~60: This is pretty much false and it's a hell of a lot easier to build AP -- raising my base speed from an initial ~85 to ~330 using Leold after stacking 5000 AP seemed to barely have an effect on my AP gains. A lot of testing on the new framework for AP gains will be needed.
    • While riding, the higher value between speed while riding and initial speed is considered.
    • For characters generated before 1.37, INIT values are set to current values (Neuts' note: That seems overwhelmingly disadvantageous for older characters. If you ever needed a reason to create a new character, this would be it.)

This next bit is relevant for pets. Again, feel free to correct:

  • 討伐目標の変異種、襲撃してきた盗賊団は支配できないように。また、能力値がかなり高いカスタムNPCは、仲間にした際に弱体化するように。弱体化した場合はINIT値が再計算されるのでAPは取りやすくなる。
    • Panic!, Challenge, and world map Rogue encounter NPCs can no longer be dominated.
    • Also, unique NPCs with high stats will now be weakened when made into allies.
    • This will re-calculate their INIT stats, and make it easier for them to gain AP.

So, what does this all mean? Well, now that initial stats are factored into AP gains, you no longer have to be neurotic about raising your pets' speed via AP, since apparently that will have either less of an effect or no effect on their AP gains (Ano Inu gives no more information than what I translated in the patch notes). Also, this would seem to greatly reward raising and evolving pets that start out extremely weak, as they'll retain an extremely high inflow of AP even as they become monstrously powerful. Feel free to experiment with monster evolutions like the new spiders or the Wild Sheep into Baphomet evolution or any other monster that starts out with extremely low speed and report your findings on AP inflow!

Using AP[]

Pets' AP can be used to strengthen your pets by visiting Black gauntlet Leold in the Refugee Camp in South Tyris after finishing the first chapter of the main story and talking to Leold at the Cyber Dome. Consult Leold's page for all the possible options.

  • It's impossible to mess with a pet's AI in such a way that it will use new abilities under certain conditions, e.g. using Healing Rain when it's near death, or using Variable Storm when it will hit more than one enemy.
  • In accordance with the 1.37 changes, you shouldn't worry about the effect that raising speed will have on your pets' AP gain -- go wild.

Gene Engineering[]

While a good amount of information can be found on the Gene Engineering page, it is very tough to put into practice. Elona+ has put several changes in that makes it easier to get good stat gains on a pet without having to rely on the very slow gain of statistics normally. Unfortunately, while pet stats do grow at 4x the rate of the player, there is still no quick way to improve those other than actually using the pet.

The wiki is very useful when getting ready to do some serious engineering, as you can take advantage of sorting the Bestiary and the Elona+ Bestiary by level in order to find NPCs that are near your pet's level. It's useful to plan a bit in advance with these, but because it can be really tedious, it isn't really necessary to be planning more than a couple of levels in advance at a time. Very low level pets might end up needing whatever you can catch easily, but your current pet list fills up very fast, so it's usually best to capture what you think won't show up again first.

The biggest advantages compared to normal Elona when gene engineering are that spell stocks are consumed much more slowly, and that the number of NPCs has been doubled. The spell stock change lets you level up the Domination spell much more quickly once you can read the spellbooks consistently, which admittedly are very tough to read. Once you read one the first time, they will be available from the Mages' Guild's spell writer, or from the much more expensive spell writer crow at the Sacred Library of Irva on Lost Irva very late in the game. Serious gene engineering can start afterwards, since while rods are not bad, they don't have many uses and cannot be recharged. And while there is a Monster ball shop in Melkawn, using monster balls can be a very slow process and can be very frustrating with low level NPCs.

If you are lower level and still want to improve your pet, the Slave master helps greatly. The horse master does have a few extra options, but often at the cost of adding an extra Leg slot, which usually has less desirable equipment options than something like a Ring or a Hand.

Gene engineering is simple at it's core as long as you remember 3 things:

  1. You can get a stat increase from a NPC when it is at least 1 level higher than your pet's level.
  2. There is a limit to how many parts can go onto a single pet (normally).
  3. Even when adding a NPC to your pet, you might not get a stat increase unless the NPC's stats that it tries to add are higher than your own pet's.

To be continued and separated into something readable when I get a little extra time. Feel free to add to the section if there's something I might not get around to after this point.