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Pet Evolution is one of what can be called the biggest new features in Elona+.

It does exactly what it sounds like; it allows you to evolve your pets into species with better speed and very often new abilities and/or resistances.

From version 1.49 on, evolution also increases the gauge limit of said pet to 200%. At 200%, the gauge release attacks will also ignore any damage reduction from armor skills and grant 1 turn of time stop.

The gauge works similarly to 0-100%; from 101-199%, the gauge decreases by 1% per turn, and stops decreasing if it hits 200%. Taking damage can fill your gauge up to 96% or 196%. Pets can still use 100% gauge release attacks.

Evolution Requirements[]

  1. Relationship: 'Fellow' or better;
  2. One of six Heart type items.

Evolution Chart[]

Pre-Evolution Heart Needed Result Statistics Changes Ability Changes Appearance Changes


Living armor
Steel mass
<Evolution Heart> Durahan +20 Str, +30 Speed 341-LivingArmor(EvolutionHeart).png
<Wynan> the lord of the Ancient Castle sprite, black tint
Durahan (from evolution above) <King Heart> Lord armor +50 Life, +10 Speed C942-LivingArmor(EvolutionHeart)(KingHeart).png


asura <King Heart> asura king +30 Str, +20 Speed, +20 Life Killing Dance special action C954-asura-king(KingHeart).png
Sprite No.954 with base form's tint
mitra <Another Heart> misra +20 Str, +20 Per, +15 Speed Tag Force special action
Varuna <Evolution Heart> Suiten +20 Str, +10 Dex, +10 Speed Silent Ocean special action


Brown bear
<Evolution Heart> Demon bear +30 Str, +20 Speed Arktouros.png
Arktouros sprite
<God Heart> Nanook +30 Str, +30 Life, +30 Speed Cold resistance changed to Normal 568-Bear(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 568
Demon bear (from above Evolution Heart) <Another Heart> Thunder Bearga +20 Str, +5 Speed Magic resistance changed to Normal, +10 Tactics skill C778-Bear (Evolution-AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 778, red tint
Nanook(from above God Heart) +20 Str, +5 Speed


Gryffon child <Evolution Heart> Griffon +20 Str, +30 Speed Float bit 604-GryffonChild(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite No.604


Beetle <God Heart> Kabuterion +70 Str, +30 Speed Super Armor special action 563-Beetle(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 563
Kabuto <Evolution Heart> Hyper Beetle +40 Speed No change in sprite or tint
Murder cockroach <King Heart> King Cockroach +20 Dex, +40 Speed 547-KingCockroach.png
King Cockroach sprite
caterpillar sniper <God Heart> God Moth +15 Str, +15 Dex, +30 Speed, +20 Life Draw Shadow, Punishment special actions C1004-Caterpillar sniper(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 1004, glow effect


Xeren auto tank <Machine Heart> Xeren humanoid tank +20 Str, +20 Con, +20 Per, +20 Speed Fire a Volley special action C349-Xeren-humanoid-tank.png
Utima the destroyer of Xeren sprite, green tint
Yerles conbat plane Melugas production model +40 Per, +50 Speed 580-YerlesConbatPlane(MachineHeart).png
Sprite no. 580
Large bike machine storm +75 Speed Hyper Dash special action


Cub <Another Heart> Cub Toraizu +10 Dex, +20 Life, +20 Speed


Sprite no. 890 (green tint)


Chicken <Another Heart> Ultimate chick +10 Wil, +10 Cha, +10 Dex, +30 Speed 614-Chicken(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 614
Wandering penguin <King Heart> King Penguin +20 Wil, +20 Str, +10 Life, +10 Speed Browbeat Special Action. Kingpenguin.png
Sprite No.833


Silver cat
<Evolution Heart> Twintail +10 Dex, +20 Speed Twintail.gif
Same sprite as Twintail NPC
(Only evolved from above)
<God Heart> White Tiger +20 Str, +5 Dex, +20 Wil, +50 Speed 481-WhiteTiger.png
Same sprite as <Lityou>
<Another Heart> Manticore +10 Str, +10 Dex, +20 Speed Float bit 369-CacyTheCatTamer.png
<Cacy> the cat tamer sprite


Younger cat sister <King Heart> Cat Princess +50 Life, +10 Speed Emergency Evasion Special Action 569-Catsister(KingHeart).png
Sprite no. 569
<God Heart> Catsister God +100 Speed 348-FrisiaTheCatQueen.png
<Frisia> the cat queen sprite
Older dog sister <Evolution Heart> Wolf Sister +30 Life, +10 Speed Charge Attack special action C884-Older-dog-sister(Evolution Heart).png
Sprite No.884
Wolf Sister <Machine Heart> Anubis +10 Per, +50 Speed Float bit, learned Feather spell 572-DogSister(EvolutionAndGodHeart).png
Sprite No.572
Fox brother <Another Heart> Fire Fox brother +20 Speed, +20 Life Fire resistance changed to Normal, Megid flame special action 621-FoxBrother(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.621
<Magic Heart> Nine-tailed Fox brother +25 Mag, +30 Life, +20 Speed 617-FoxBrother(MagicHeart).png
Sprite No.617


Cupid of love <King Heart> Lord Cupid +30 Per, +30 Speed Fire a volley special action C863-CupidofLove(KingHeart).png
Sprite #863
Apprentice angel <Magic Heart> Angel Astray(note) +30 Mag, +10 Con +10 Speed Over-Ray special action C862-ApprenticeAngel(MagicHeart).png
Sprite #862, tint #5


Alien <King Heart> no change
(Alien Queen)
+30 Str, +20 Con, +10 Speed C643-Alien-Queen(KingHeart).png
Sprite No.643 with base form's tint.
Tyrannosaurus <Magic Heart> no change +20 Str, +10 Life, +30 Speed Darkness resistance changed to Normal


<Machine Heart> no change +30 Con, +30 Life, +10 Speed Additional Fire resistance to Normal 652-Tyrannosaurus(MachineHeart).png


Dog <Another Heart> Silver Fang +20 Str, +10 Speed 260-Silver Wolf.png
Same as Silver wolf NPC
Silver wolf
(Only evolved from above)
<God Heart>

Siva Inu

("Shiba Inu" pun)

+50 Str, +50 Speed 325-Dog(AnotherAndGodHeart).png
<Siva> the Destruction, but with a red tint
<King Heart> Wolf Lord +30 Str, +20 Speed Temper bit flag and Flame of Rage special action. 576-EstorkTheDogGod.png
<Estork> the doggod


Fire dragon child <Evolution Heart> Adult dragon flame +10 Str, +10 Con, +10 Dex, +10 Speed Float bit 338-VesdaTheFireDragon.png
<Vesda> the fire dragon sprite
Adult dragon flame <Machine Heart> Machine Dragon flame +20 Str, +10 Con, +30 Speed Boost special action 489-MetalVesda.png
<Metal Vesda> sprite
Machine dragon flame <Magic Heart> Flaming Flower Dragon +20 Str, +20 Con, +10 Speed Megid flame special action, sprite changes to no. 647 while Boosted 579&647-Vansesda the ancient fire.png
<Vansesda> the ancient fire sprite


Wyvern <Evolution Heart> Spread Wyvern +20 Str, +20 Dex, +20 Speed SpreadWyvern.png
Sprite no. 640
Valiant Wyvern +20 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Speed


Warrior of Elea <Evolution Heart> Merciful Warrior of Elea (?) +20 Str, +20 Speed Emergency Evasion special action C729-Warrior of Elea(EvolutionHeart).png
C631-Warrior of Elea(EvolutionHeart).png
Wizard of Elea <Magic Heart> Magus of Elea +40 Mag, +10 Speed Magic Storm spell C728-Magus of Elea.png
C633-Magus of Elea.png


Fire ent <Another Heart> maple dragon tree +20 Str, +10 Con, +10 Wil, +20 Speed Float bit C928-Maple-dragon-tree.png
Sprite no. 928, red tint
Ice ent snow dragon tree +20 Str, +10 Dex, +10 Per, +20 Speed C928-Snow-dragon-tree.png
Sprite no. 928


Puppet <Magic Heart> Battle Puppet +15 Str, +15 Con, +20 Speed,

+10 Life

Continuous attacks special action C932-Puppet magicheart.png
Sprite no.937


deformed eye
impure eye
<Another Heart> many eyes +20 Per, +20 Speed, +30 Life Distant Attack 7 special action. C1040-many-eyes(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.1040 with base form's tint(?)
floating eye
chaos eye
mad gaze
death gaze
("female?" and "bisexual" also work)
<Magic Heart> evil eye girl +15 Str, +15 Dex, +20 Life, +20 Speed Dancing Wire special action. C1106-evil-eye-girl(MagicHeart).png
Sprite No.1106 with base form's tint(?)


Fairy <God Heart> Magna fairy +20 Con, +30 Mag, +30 Life, +30 Speed Magic Equip special action C867-Fairy Godheart.png


Flying frog <Another Heart> Frognrolla +20 Per, +20 Chr, +35 Speed Platinum Song C859-flying frog anotherheart.png
Sprite no. 859
Poison arrow frog +20 Per, +20 Chr, +10 Speed
Ambystoma <Evolution Heart> Salamander +30 Str, +30 Life, +10 Speed C860-Ambystoma evolutionheart.png
Sprite no. 860


Lesser phantom <Another Heart> Black Phantom +20 Str, +10 Mag, +20 Speed 226-LesserPhantom(AnotherHeart).png
Same sprite, black tint
Black Phantom <Magic Heart> Darkness +20 Str, +20 Life, +20 Speed Gravity Sphere 648-LesserPhantom(MagicHeart).png
Sprite#648, black tint
Hungry demon <Another Heart> "Halloween Night Head" +30 Con, +10 Life Greater potion throwing bit
(includes Disaster and Aqua Sanctio)
Sprite no. 732, green tint
Grudge 732-Grudge(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 732, red tint
Ghost <King Heart> Ghost Princess +20 Chr, +30 Speed, +20 Life Cheer C825-Ghost kingheart.png
Sprite no. 825
Nymph <Magic Heart> Loreley +10 Chr, +20 Speed, +30 Mag Platinum Song C825-Nymph magicheart.png
Sprite no. 825, red tint


Cyclops <Another Heart> Frozen gas giant +30 Con, +20 Speed Ice Breath special action 351-Cyclops(AnotherHeart).png
<Ebon> the fire giant sprite, blue tint
Titan Frozen gas giant +30 Con, +10 Speed


Small wooden golem
Small stone golem
<King Heart> Castle Golem +20 Str, +20 Con, +10 Life, +5 Speed C651-castle golem.png
Sprite No.651
Small wooden golem
Small stone golem
evolved from above
<Evolution Heart> +10 Life, +10 Speed Shining wave special action 691-Small Golem (King and Evolution Heart.png
Sprite No.651 (blue tint)
bisque doll <Another Heart> bisque dolls +20 Mag, +20 Speed Shadow Rush special action C1099-bisque-dolls.png
Sprite No.1099


hand of the dead <Another Heart> hands of the winner +15 Str, +15 Con, +15 Per, +20 Speed BakuretuKen special action. C1042-janken-king.png
Sprite No.1042 with base form's tint.
hand of the chaos +15 Str, +15 Con, +15 Per, +15 Speed
hand of the murderer +15 Str, +15 Con, +15 Per, +10 Speed
hand of the dead <Magic Heart> hime ooteguchi +10 Str, +25 Con, +25 Cha, +20 Speed Melt Clinch special action. C1110-ooteguchi.png
Sprite No.1110 with base form's tint.
hand of the chaos +10 Str, +25 Con, +25 Cha, +15 Speed
hand of the murderer +10 Str, +25 Con, +25 Cha, +10 Speed


Harpy <Another Heart> Flare chick +10 Con, +10 Life, +20 Speed Super Regene upon low health C872-Harpy(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.872
Flare chick (evolved from above) <Magic Heart> Phoenixian +20 Str, +25 Life, +30 Speed Fire resistance C871-Harpy(AnotherMagicHeart).png
Sprite No.871


Lame horse
Wild horse (either)
Noyel horse
Yowyn horse
<Another Heart> Unicorn +20 Wil, +20 Speed Float bit, Hyper Dash special action 485-Horse(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 485
Giraffe <God Heart> Kirin +25 Str, +10 Dex, +10 Per, +20 Wil, +35 Speed Punishment special action. 458-Kirin.png
Kirin sprite
Kentaurs <Evolution Heart> Silver Kentaurs +20 Str, +20 Speed Gains Boost special action S846-silverkentaurs.png


imp <King Heart> great imp +20 Dex, +20 Mag, +10 Life, +35 Speed Magic Equip special action C212-great-imp.gif
Sprite No.212 with light yellow tint (tint 5) and glows.
nether imp +20 Dex, +20 Mag, +10 Life, +25 Speed
chaos imp +20 Dex, +20 Mag, +10 Life, +20 Speed


Juere infantry <Magic Heart> Juere "Mayoroi" warrior +20 Con, +20 Life, +20 Speed C740-Juere infantry(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no.740
Juere swordman C740-Juere swordman(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 740 (blue tint)
Thief <Another Heart> Gizoku (note) +20 Dex, +10 Will, +10 Speed Golden Storm special action, +10 Pickpocket skill C335-Thief anotherheart.png
Sprite no.335
Robber +20 Dex, +10 Will, +15 Speed C335-Robber anotherheart.png
Sprite no.335, red tint


little boy <Evolution Heart> scout boy +10 Con, +10 Speed, +10 Cooking, +10 Carpentry C1096-Scout boy.png
Sprite No. 1096
scout boy <Another Heart> battle boy +15 Str, +15 Dex, +15 Speed Killing Dance special action C1097-Battle boy.png
Sprite No. 1097


Kobold <Another Heart> Toon Kobold +15 Str, +20 Con, +10 Life, +15 Speed Pet arena master.png
Pet arena master
<King Heart> King Kobold +20 Str, +10 Life, +30 Speed Browbeat special action C951-KingKobold.png
Sprite no. 951


Child boar <Another Heart> Pig Boar +20 Str, +10 Life, +20 Speed
Sprite 847, brown tint
Pig Boar Big Pig +15 Con, +15 Dex, +10 Life, +20 Speed
Sprite 847, no tint


<Magic Heart> Necro Chimera +20 Con, +20 Mag, +20 Speed C840-Lich(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 840
Master Lich
Demi lich
Orugashizuru +40 Mag, +30 Speed 339-Lich(MagicHeart).png
<Issizzle> the dark abomination


Lizard man <Another Heart> Fierce dragonewt +20 Per, +20 Speed

Lightning breath special action, 50% chance of using a ranged attack

Super-Dragonewt sprite, green tint
Lizard man <King Heart> Lizard majesty +20 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Speed Shadow rush C869-Lizard mage(kingheart).png
draco eques sprite, tint #25
Lizard mage +20 Str, +20 Dex, +30 Speed


Blade <Machine Heart> Blade of the Blade +30 Str, +20 Speed Shadow Step special action 618-Blade(AnotherHeart)(new).png

Sprite no. 618

Blade alpha 618-BladeAlpha(AnotherHeart)(new).png

Sprite no. 618 (blue tint)


Man eater flower
Chaos flower
<Another Heart> Fang Plant +20 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Speed Squeeze special action 565-Chaos ManEaterFlower(AnotherHeart).png
giant eater flower sprite, black tint
mandrake <Another Heart> swordmandrake +20 Str, +20 Mana, +30 Speed Shining wave special action C894-swordmandrake(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.894 with light purple tint (8)
Puppy <King Heart> Jack-King +20 Con, +20 Dex, +35 Speed, +30 Life Bind special action C896-Puppy(KingHeart).png
Sprite #896, tint #5
Pumpkin +20 Con, +20 Dex, +30 Speed, +30 Life C896-Pumpkin(KingHeart).png
As above, no tint
Greater pumpkin +20 Con, +20 Dex, +20 Speed, +30 Life C896-GreaterPumpkin(KingHeart).png
As above, tint #4
Halloween nightmare +20 Con, +20 Dex, +10 Speed, +30 Life C896-HalloweenNightmare(KingHeart).png
As above, tint #3


Butler <Magic Heart> Sheep Butler +20 Mag, +20 Speed, +10 Life Group Hypnosis special action C1098-SheepButler.png
Sprite no. 1098


Medusa <Evolution Heart> Uncursed(?) +30 Cha, +30 Speed 599-Medusa(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite no. 599
Euryale +30 Cha, +20 Speed 599-Euryale(EvolutionHeart).png
As above, keeps tint
Stheno +30 Cha, +10 Speed 599-Stheno(EvolutionHeart).png
As above, keeps tint


Any humanoid Minotaur except a Minotaur King <King Heart> Minotaur King +30 Str, +10 Wil, +10 Speed Temper bit 398-Minotaur(KingHeart).png
Same sprite, reddish tint
Minotaur king (including evolved from above) <God Heart> Aldebaran (Star that forms the "eye" in the constellation Taurus) +50 Str, +20 Speed Boost Special Action 398-Minotaur(KingHeart GodHeart).png
Same sprite, yellowish tint
Cattle <God Heart> Bull God +20 Str, +20 Wil, +10 Life, +20 Speed Punishment and Hyper Dash special action C848-cattle godheart.png
Same sprite, dark tint


Spore mushroom
Chaos mushroom
<Evolution Heart> "Mash Luhmann" +20 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Speed 737-SporeMushroom(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite no. 737


Little Sister <Evolution Heart> Big Sister +60 Speed Shadow Step Special Action Big sister.png
Big Sister sprite


Fallen soldier <King Heart> Indomitable General +25 Life, +15 Speed, +20 Will Super Armor Special Action C970-Fallen solider kingheart.png
Sprite no.970


porc <Another Heart> burning pork +20 Str, +20 Speed, +10 Riding skill Boost and Hyper Dash special actions S847-bigpig.png
Sprite No.847
orc <King Heart> king orc +20 Str, +30 Life, +15 Speed Cheer special action C953-king-orc(KingHeart).png
Sprite No.953 with base form's tint
orc warrior +20 Str, +30 Life, +10 Speed


Any except <Grandmaster> types <Evolution Heart> Checkmate +20 Str, +20 Mag, +10 Speed 561-Grandmaster.png
<Grandmaster> sprite


Giant squirrel
Killer squirrel
<Evolution Heart> Ratatosk +30 Speed Insult special action 204-Squirrel(EvolutionHeart).png
Same sprite, black tint
Rabbit <Magic Heart> Red-eyes w.rabbit +10 Str, +20 Life, +20 Speed Time Stop special action. C852-Rabbit(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 852.
Rabbit <Another Heart> Sylbunny +10 Cha, +30 Speed Cheer special action C791-Rabbit(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 791


Rat <Another Heart> Electrical mouse +30 Mag, +20 Speed

Lightning Breath special action

(Replaces Lightning Bolt in Elona+ 1.15)

Same sprite, yellow tint
<Evolution Heart> Fire rat +20 Con, +20 Speed Fire resistance changed to Normal 733-Rat(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite No. 733
Hamster <Another Heart> Morningstar +10 Speed Swarm special action, +20 Blunt skill No change


Bomb rock <Magic Heart> Black crystal bomb +40 Con, +30 Speed Shadow Step special action 557-BombRock(MagicHeart).png
<Ether Generator> sprite, black tint
Moai <Machine Heart> Cross Moai +15 Con, +20 Per, +15 Speed 5% chance to use Fire a Volley when Gauge > 50 S841-crossmoai2.png
Sprite No.841


Younger sister <Evolution Heart> Yandere Sister +10 Str, +10 Speed Temper bit flag and Flame of Rage special action. 567-LittleSister(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite no. 567
<Another Heart> Sister cat? +50 Speed 307-YoungerSister(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 307
Older Sister <Evolution Heart> Summer Older Sister +40 Cha, +20 Speed 519-BigSister(EvolutionHeart).png
Sprite no. 519
<Another Heart> Small Older sister +20 Speed Temper bit flag and Flame of Rage special action. 553-BigSister(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 553
Little girl <Evolution Heart> Valkyrie +10 Str, +10 Life, +10 Speed Cheer special action,

Float bit

Sprite no. 609
<Another Heart> Littler girl (can only be evolved into a Witch) +10 Cha Cheer special action 573-LittleGirl(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 573
Littler girl <Magic Heart> Witch +60 Mag, +10 Speed

Rain of Sanity special action, Crystal Spear spell, Control Magic skill

Sprite no. 575
Young lady <Evolution Heart> White princess +20 Mag, +20 Speed

Feather spell, Throw potion upgraded to Greater

Sprite no. 93
White princess <Magic Heart> Miss Vampire +20 Str, +20 Mag, +20 Speed Cure bleeding, Drain Blood special action 574-YoungLady(EvolutionAndMagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 574
Gwen the innocent (Astral pen recruit only) <Evolution Heart> <Gwen> the innocent warrior +10 Str, +10 Con, +10 Life, +10 Speed 513-GwenThePitiless.png
<Gwen> the pitiless sprite


gunfish <Machine Heart> zap gunfish +30 Speed, +30 Per, +20 Dex Fire a volley

special action

Sprite no. 902, tint color 9


Goose <God Heart> Golden Goose +10 Con, +20 Per, +10 Lea, +10 Mag, +50 Speed Platinum Song special action 533-Goose(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 533
Exile Dark Demon Dragon +20 Con, +30 Mag, +50 Speed Eclipse spell, Control Magic skill 560-ExileMale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 560
Exile Permanent exile +10 Dex, +40 Mag, +50 Speed 536-ExileFemale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 536
Golden knight Golden Holy Knight +40 Str, +10 Con, +50 Speed

Super Armor special action

(Formerly Clear Mind special action)

Sprite no. 537
Defender Absolute Defender +40 Con, +10 Mag, +50 Speed

Absolute protect special action (As of 1.10)

Formerly gained the Provoke special action

Sprite no. 532
Cute fairy Deathscythe +20 Dex, +10 Wil, +20 Mag, +50 Speed Bind special action 556-FairyMale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 556
Cute fairy Dryas +10 Con, +20 Per, +10 Lea, +20 Mag, +50 Speed 541-FairyFemale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 541
Android Gun Laser +20 Str, +10 Dex, +20 Per, +50 Speed

Fire a Volley special action

(Rampage replaced in 1.10)

Sprite no. 558

Android Grang Griph +15 Str, +10 Con, +25 Per, +50 Speed 559-AndroidFemale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 559
Black Angel Black Seraph +30 Dex, +10 Per, +10 Wil, +50 Speed Lulwy's Trick special action 538-BlackAngel(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 538
Black cat Big Black Cat +20 Str, +10 Per, +10 Wil, +50 Speed Browbeat special action 554-BlackCatMale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 554
BigBlackCatPlus1 13.png
(as of 1.13)
Black cat Black Catsister +10 Str, +10 Per, +10 Wil, +20 Mag, +50 Speed Browbeat special action 534-BlackCatFemale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 534
Talon soldier god talon soldier +20 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Wil, +50 Speed +2 to gauge every time damage taken C1041-god-talon-soldier(GodHeart).png
Sprite No.1041
Fin crocodile cipiltontli +30 Str, +10 Con, +10 Life, +50 Speed Bound in Blood special action when at 50% or less HP and not buffed by Contingency C1107-cipiltontli(GodHeart).png
Sprite No.1107


Wild sheep <Magic Heart> Baphomet +20 Str, +20 Con, +20 Speed Grasp of curse words 624-Sheep(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 624
Electric sheep <Another Heart> Electric Drake +30 Mag, +10 Speed Thunder vortex spell, normal attack is electric 233-ElectricSheep(MagicHeart).png
Drake sprite, yellow tint


Hermit crab <Another Heart> Yadonashi (homeless crab) +20 Str, +30 Dex, +10 Speed Yadonashi.png
Sprite no. 638, red tint
homeless crab <Another Heart> landlord crab +20 Str, +20 Con, +20 Speed cArmour bit flag C256-landlord-crab(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.256 with light yellow tint (5)
Fire crab <King Heart> Duel Crab +50 Dex, +10 Speed Synchro Hearts special action 237-FireCrab(KingHeart).png
Same sprite, dark blue tint


Skeleton warrior
Skeleton berserker
<Another Heart> Skull Beast +30 Str, +20 Speed 448-Skeleton(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 448
Skull Beast <Magic Heart> 'Dragon Skeleton of death eye' +40 Str, +10 Dex, +30 Speed 482-Skeleton(AnotherAndMagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 482


Putit <King Heart> Royal Putit +30 Cha, +30 Speed Cheer special action 549-Putit(KingHeart).png
Sprite no. 549
Red putit 549-RedPutit(KingHeart).png
Sprite no. 549 (Red tint)
Military putit <Evolution Heart> Putit command +50 Per 299-MilitaryPutit(EvolutionHeart).png
Gains reddish tint
Putit command <Machine Heart> Putit tank +20 Con, +20 Life, +20 Speed PutitTankSprite.png
Sprite no. 726
Slime <Another Heart> Roper +10 Con, +30 Dex, +20 Speed Melt Clinch special action 613-SlimeMale(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 613
Acid slime <Another Heart> Roper +10 Con, +30 Dex, +10 Speed Melt Clinch special action 613-AcidSlimeMale(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 613, green tint
Slime <Another Heart> Slime girl +10 Lea, +30 Wil, +20 Speed Melt Clinch special action 611-SlimeFemale(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 611
Acid slime <Another Heart> Slime girl 10 Lea, +30 Wil, +10 Speed Melt Clinch special action 611-AcidSlimeFemale(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite no. 611, green tint
bubble <Another Heart> bobble bubble +20 Life, +20 Speed, +10 Casting and Control Magic skills Bubble Storm spell C336-bobble-bubble(AnotherHeart).png
Sprite No.336
blue bubble +20 Life, +10 Speed, +10 Casting and Control Magic skills C336-bobble-bubble(AnotherHeart)(BlueBubble).png
Sprite No.336, tint color 4


snail <Another Heart> slug +5 Speed Chara 6837.png
Sprite no. 837 (tint 6)

(evolved from above)

<Machine Heart> metalslug +10 Str, +20 Con, +20 Per, +10 Speed Armour bit (75% damage reduction), Emergency Evasion Special action Chara 838.png
Sprite no. 838


King cobra
<God Heart> Kukulkan +20 Str, +20 Dex, +20 Wil, +30 Speed Float bit, Punishment special action, Cure Bleeding bit 555-Cobra(GodHeart).png
Sprite no. 555 (as of 1.09)
King cobra
<Another Heart> Lamia +10 Str, +30 Dex, +20 Speed Float bit, Cure Bleeding bit 738-CobraFemale(GodHeart).png
Sprite no.738


Spider <Evolution Heart> +20 Con, +35 Speed Browbeat special action


Black widow +20 Con, +25 Speed
Tarantula +20 Con, +20 Speed
Paralyzer +20 Con, +15 Speed
Blood spider +20 Con, +10 Speed
Spider <Magic Heart> after above evolution +10 Str, +10 Dex, +20 Cha, +30 Mana 790-Spider(Evolution MagicHeart).png
Black widow
Blood spider
Scorpion <Evolution Heart> +20 Str, +35 Speed Browbeat Special Action C629-Scorpion(EvolutionHeart).png
King scorpion +20 Str, +10 Speed
Scorpion <Magic Heart> after above evolution +30 Str, +20 Dex, +10 Cha, +20 Mana C790-Scorpion(Evolution MagicHeart).png
King scorpion


Chaos seed <Evolution Heart> chaos sprout +15 Str, +10 Con, +20 Speed 517-518 chaos spirit.png
Sprite no. 517 (male) and 518 (female)
Chaos sprout <God Heart> chaos plant +15 Str, +15 Con, +15 Dex, +20 Speed Extermination Breath special action C930-Chaos-serpent.png
Sprite no. 930
War spirit
Magic spirit
Gun spirit
<Evolution Heart> High Spirit +10 Life, +20 Speed Magic resistance changed to Normal 303 304-WarSpirit(EvolutionHeart).png
305 306-MagicSpirit(EvolutionHeart).png
96 97-GunSpirit(EvolutionHeart).png
Darker tint
Pudding spirit <Another Heart> Spirit of the coffee pudding +20 Life, +20 Speed Magic resistance changed to Normal 467-PuddingSpirit(AnotherHeart).png
Gains brownish tint


Wasp <Magic Heart> Queen Bee
+20 Str, +20 Dex, +20 Speed Magic resistance changed to Normal 736-Wasp(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no.736
Red wasp +20 Str, +20 Dex, +15 Speed 736-Red wasp(MagicHeart).png
Sprite no. 736 (red tint)


Wisp <Magic Heart> Dark soul +30 Mag, +30 Speed Darkness resistance changed to Normal, Darkness Bolt spell Demon's soul.png
Demon's soul sprite and tint
Electric cloud +30 Mag, +20 Speed Darkness resistance changed to Normal, Darkness Bolt spell
Chaos cloud +30 Mag, +10 Speed Darkness resistance changed to Normal, Darkness Bolt spell
Dark Soul (Must have been evolved from Wisp) <Magic Heart> Will-Ogre (ウィルオーガ) +30 Mag, +15 Speed Gains Nether Wave spell Willoga.png
Sprite No. 843, purple tint
Dark Soul (Must have been evolved from either Electric cloud or Chaos cloud) <Another Heart> Chaos Stormcloud Dragon +20 Mag, +25 Speed Gains Healing Rain spell. 1/15 chance of using it or 100% when under half health.
Sprite No.654, black tint.


Fire centipede
<Evolution Heart> Golden Dragon Centipede +30 Str, +20 Speed 562-DragonCentipede(EvolutionHeart).png
Dragon centipede sprite, yellow tint


Yeek <King Heart> Yeek (boss) +10 Dex, +30 Life, +30 Speed Keeps abilities of original used, Cheer special action. 381-Yeek(KingHeart).png
Boss Yeek sprite, yellow tint
Yeek archer +10 Dex, +30 Per, +30 Speed
Kamikaze yeek +30 Con, +10 Dex, +30 Speed
Yeek warrior +30 Str, +10 Dex, +30 Speed
Master yeek +10 Dex, +30 Mag, +30 Speed


Yerles machine infantry
Yerles elite machine infantry
<Evolution Heart> Yerles latest outfit soldier +10 Per, +10 Wil, +20 Speed Float bit Yerles latest outfit soldier.png
Yerles latest outfit soldier, no tint
Yerles latest outfit soldier
(Only evolved from above)
<Machine Heart> Yerles cyborg soldier +10 Con, +10 Dex, +30 Per, +10 Ler, +20 Speed 566-YerlesCyborgSoldier.png
Yerles Cyborg soldier, no tint
Infected yerles soldier <Evolution Heart> Meshera Soldado +20 Per, +20 Life, +10 Speed 493-Meshera(EvolutionHeart).png
Meshera appearance, black tint. They scream during the evolution


cthulhick <King Heart> cthulhime +20 Ler, +25 Mag, +10 Speed, +10 Swimming skill Alchemical Rain special action. C1105-cthulhime(KingHeart).png
Sprite No.1105


Nurse <Evolution Heart> Red Cross +15 Wil, +15 Mag, +10 Life, +10 Speed Rain of sanity special action, for self only. C182-Nurse(EvolutionHeart).png


Dragon zombie <Magic Heart> Black Dragon +30 Str, +10 Con, +30 Speed 343-CorgonTheSteelDragon.png
<Corgon> the steel dragon sprite
Zombie girl <Another Heart> Stacy +15 Life, +15 Speed

Regeneration spell, Absolute Protect special action

Gothic sprite, yellow (?) tint
<Machine Heart> Romanesque +20 Dex, +20 Speed

Bewitch, Killing Dance (since 1.84), and Emergency Evasion special actions

835 Gothic.png
Gothic sprite
<Magic Heart> Thanatos +30 Str, +10 Speed

Swarm special action, Nether Wave spell (rarely uses it)

Gothic sprite, red tint
Zombie <Magic Heart> Necro Chimera +25 Str, +20 Con, +20 Speed C840-Lich(MagicHeart).png
Sprite No.840
Lesser mummy +25 Wil, +20 Con, +20 Speed
Mummy +20 Wil, +20 Con, +20 Speed
Greater mummy +15 Wil, +20 Con, +20 Speed
Ancient coffin +20 Dex, +20 Con, +20 Speed

Heart Items[]


Heart items are special jewels that can be used for the evolution process above. They are used from the use menu (t), then can be targeted at the pet next to the user. The heart will ask for confirmation before being consumed. If the conditions are not met, or if something else is targeted, the heart will not be consumed.

They are not considered to be precious, and can thus be given to an heir when a gene is created. Note that heart items cannot be wished for, even using wizard mode.

Evolution Heart[]

The <Evolution Heart> has a 1/2000 chance of dropping from any mob whose level is higher than 29. This heart can also be bought from souvenir vendors for 1,500,000 gold (before negotiation price reduction).

God Heart[]

The recommended method of getting one of these is to win in pet arena 100 times. Below are alternative methods of obtaining them.

One of these is dropped by <Estork> the doggod in his Forest of Doggod in South Tyris, located in the extreme southwest of South Tyris. Another can be obtained from <Siva> the destruction in the Fort of Chaos <Destruction>, which is located on an island connected to a bridge south of Arcbelc. They are both very strong, with Siva usually considered the strongest boss in the South Tyris expansion. Another one will be given by Saimef the doggod on the 16th floor of the Cradle of Chaos. It can also drop from gods, such as Ehekatl, that are summoned with a wish. The gods are very strong, and since they summon even stronger versions when killed, this is not a recommended method of obtaining one. Finally, there is a small chance that random God race enemies (Atlas, Element Dragon, Five head god, and Stag god) can drop these. They are extremely rare drops.

King Heart[]

One of these is dropped by <Frisia> the Cat Queen at the Fort of Chaos <Beast> in North Tyris. Another can be obtained from the King Cockroach in the basement of the Maid Mansion in South Tyris, which can be entered when it is bought during a quest. It is dropped from random <King> type chess pieces, Blade kings, and Kirins, but this is fairly rare (~0.125%).

Another Heart[]

Another Hearts can be created using an pot of alchemist or a Pot for fusion using the Recipe for Another Evolution option. This requires any other heart, a spellbook of mutation, and an alchemy score of 30. The alchemy score can be reached using equipment bonuses. Also dropped by the following creatures: Tyrannobreaker, Shadow (1/100 chance); Cockatrice, Big Sister, Chupacabura, Camouflaged imp (1/200 chance); Valiant wyvern, Gagu, Sky golem, Dragon Bat, Giraffe (1/300 chance).

Machine Heart[]

These are dropped by <Utima> the destroyer of Xeren at his Fort of Chaos <Machine> in North Tyris. Another drops from <Yerleswood> the savage machine the at the Fort of Chaos <Weapons>, which is south of Arcbelc in South Tyris. Repeatedly killing <Yerleswood> in The Void nets additional Machine Hearts. This heart may also be dropped by other mechanical monsters randomly at a low rate.

Magic Heart[]

Dropped by <Azzrssil> the impure and <Ulzassil> the dead emperor. The latter can also be repeatedly slayed in The Void for guaranteed magic hearts. The heart is also found as a very rare drop from Black Baptist and Demon type enemies (Demon, Demon's Lord, Demon's Ruler).