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Help! Our town is being seized by several subspecies of [monster] which are expected to be around [###] level. Eliminate them all and I'll reward you with [###] gold pieces and ores on behalf of all the citizen.


This quest only shows up when you have 30000 fame or higher. You must defeat all the monsters. No NPCs that normally show up in town will be there; it is only you, your pets, and the monsters. This quest is usually time consuming to attempt as there is always one monster left hiding somewhere and since it is constantly moving, it is difficult to track it down*(1), especially in large areas like Palmia. Safes, wells, fruit trees, and edible furniture can be used, but nothing can be stolen (even mobs cannot be robbed) in these unique maps (safes can still be unlocked.)

An interesting note is that all safes will reset for the duration of the quest*(2); this is especially profitable for a person with Lock Picking in Lumiest, as they can loot the 4 safes there during each Panic quest undertaken. Food and fruit trees will also reset as well. Altars, such as the ones in Palmia and Noyel, also become unaligned during the quest. This is useful because converting an altar grants much more favor than offering does.

Panic quests always award at least two Platinum Coins as a reward.

  • *(2)As of 1.16, this no longer occurs. Looted safes and dry wells stay as they are. Altars still become unaligned, however.


  • *(1)As of Elona+ version 1.54, with the introduction of Dimension Fishing, it is easy to get any hiding stragglers, or even simply use the skill to bring all the monsters to you one at a time.